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At Coffee Hour on January 25th, representatives from MIT Community Wellness spoke to Sidney-Pacific residents about relationships.
After brainstorming warning signs of abusive relationships, Sidney Pacific residents started coming up with components of healthy relationships.
The Network Marketing Relationship details the similarities between Network Marketing and a Love Relationship.
WHY ?… Because you stopped communicating and stopped taking into account what your partner may want or feel is important. Well a Network Marketing Relationship really isn’t much different than a Love Relationship. Now, if all you do is bombard your list with offers from Diets to Alternative Energy without ever getting to know your list. The Secret To A Healthy Network Marketing Relationship isn’t much different than that of a Love Relationship now is it.
1.Provide an environment for exploring the role and presence of conflict in the lives of the participants. You may need to create your own scenarios depending on the realities of the community you work in. Other types of scenarios that focus more on relationships with parents, friends, brothers or sisters, etc. You may want to consider having an external facilitator come do the workshop if you feel that you are not equipped for any reason.
Have resources on hand to share with the group: information about the school counsellor, local health clinics, or pamphlets on healthy relationships, abuse, rights in relationships, etc.
With younger groups, use the Reference Sheets as a facilitator guide to lead discussions and provide input during the activity.
You may want to take note of the themes that arise in the conversation in order to follow-up with another workshop that responds more directly to the needs that emerge.
You may need to bring in additional information to respond to themes or questions raised in the group. Ask each group to read over the Scenarios and using the list of attributes for a healthy or unhealthy love, ask them to identify what attributes are represented in the scenario. Would anyone like to share examples of conflict that can happen in a relationship (with a friend, partner, parent, etc.)?
Healthy relationship: The girl feels as though her feelings are supported and her decision is respected.
I was 17 and it was two weeks into the semester, when some friends invited me to a dorm party. Source: Scenarios taken from the Inuvik Youth Centre Society, Developing Healthy Relationships Workshop.
Abuse is any attempt to gain power or control over another person using physical, emotional, or sexual tactics.

Physical abuse is any behaviour that is meant to control or cause harm to another person’s physical freedom, using physical force or physical presence to intimidate. Emotional abuse is the intentional manipulation of another person’s feelings or thoughts in order to gain power over them. Assertiveness is standing up and expressing oneself in a way that does not violate or discount the basic rights of another person. Understand what boundaries you need in a given situation and understand the boundaries of the other person(s) involved.
Try to ensure that your non-verbal communication is assertive but not attacking, blaming or self-depreciating. Be direct and clear with your message without hinting, making excuses or beating around the bush: mean what you say. ARIZONA FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN and ARIZONA COALITION TO END SEXUAL AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE announce groundbreaking “Coaching Up”  violence prevention program and host summit. Arizona Foundation for Women and Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence are proud to announce an innovative pilot program- Coaching UP.
Coaching UP focuses primarily on addressing the roles that high school athletics coaches play in the lives of their student-athletes and will give them the skills to teach student-athletes the values of respect, integrity and teamwork. Allie Bones, CEO of the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence comments: “We are thrilled to be in partnership with the Foundation for Women on this very important youth development initiative. If you need help, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224. The discussion started off with a sobering statistic: 1 in 3 American women will be victims of relationship abuse during their lifetime (American Psychological Association). I will give the First 100 Commenters a Bonus SEO Suite of 5 SEO and Traffic Generation products and techniques to take your business to the next level. This Suite is everything you need to get your website to rank on the first page of Google and Make 6+ Figures A Year ! With older groups, the Reference Sheets can be used as hand-outs during Part 1 to inform their discussion and analysis of relationship scenarios. These themes are important in facilitating the next steps in healthy relationships and helping the group decide how they want to take action.
An alternative way of sharing the results of their discussion could be through drawing, acting, miming, etc.
Positive experiences can be supported through good communication, knowing one’s boundaries, active listening, etc. Unhealthy Relationships & Conflict Management: Reference Sheet ask if anyone wants to talk about the differences between assertiveness, passivity, and aggression? It was made possible by the generous support of Green Shield Canada Foundation and NWT Community Justice: Victims Assistance Fund. It is the direct, honest expression of one’s own feelings or opinions without undue anxiety, guilt, or anger.

Respecting yourself and your right to voice your opinion is crucial to coming across assertively.
For example, your tone of voice, facial and body expression need to be consistent with your words: be aware. Participating schools include Central, North Canyon, Skyline, McClintock, Sequoia, Blue Ridge, Sequoia Pathway, Betty Fairfax, Salt River and Monument Valley High Schools. In a collaborative effort, residents came up with verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships. But as time goes on, the excitement dulls, things aren’t going as they once were, and you begin to wonder if you are doing something wrong.
Just leave a comment stating your struggles in life, or with Network Marketing, or your biggest complaint about marketing online.
For example, if you are working with participants who have survived abuse, consider the scenarios in advance and be aware of what might trigger difficult emotional reactions. Some of the characteristics of unhealthy or abusive relationships seemed obvious, such as physical violence. We have also included alternative options within the scenario to help relate to the experiences of different groups.
Each school will be provided a $1000 grant to produce a community service project that relates to the discussed issues.  Coaching UP is a pilot program in funding collaboration with Arizona Foundation for Women, the McCain Institute, and the NFL Foundation through a Legacy Grant.
Even if there has only been one incident, it is not appropriate to contextualize physical violence: it is a warning sign of probable escalation that must be taken seriously. You have become more worried about your own feelings and less about your partners feelings.
A partner can be verbally or emotionally abusive, and this should be taken no less seriously.
So this month, with Valentine’s Day just passed, let’s take a moment to celebrate healthy relationships! Indeed, this type of abuse can precede physical violence, and should be seen as a red flag.
Verbal abuse is expressed through the way one partner communicates with the other, such as in a threatening, disrespectful, or humiliating manner.
The abuser may blame their actions on alcohol, or their temper: remember, there is never any excuse for abuse. In all types of abusive relationships, one partner employs a pattern of controlling behavior used to gain power over the other person in the relationship.
Be there for them, and refer them to MIT Medical’s 24-hour confidential Violence Prevention and Response hotline: 617-253-2300.

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