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Das lang erwartete Nachfolge-Album zu der Bestseller-CD "Heart Chakra Meditation" von Karunesh ist da!
Die unvergleichliche Musik von Karunesh fordert Ihr inneres Gleichgewicht und Wohlbefinden. Karunesh, dessen Name im Sanskrit 'Mitgefuhl' bedeutet, wurde 1956 in Koln geboren und ist mit seiner zeitlosen Musik einer der bekanntesten New-Age-Musiker.
Through the week with the seven chohans of the rays is a way of life for Brothers of the Golden Robe, for Sisters of the Wisdom Flame, who come to receive the instruction that is given in the etheric retreat of the Tibetan Master.
For many centuries now, I have sponsored the tutoring of souls who have desired to enter in to a direct relationship with one or more masters of the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood.
And thus the decrees of the devotees ring forth not as a murmuring or as a mumbling, but with the determined shout of warriors bold, of sons and daughters of God rejoicing in the fold! And the fold is a new level of awareness where the chela meets the master face to face and the energies of meditation become the fullness of the expression of the Christ mind, the Christ heart, and the Christ soul. You who would become the Christ, you who would kneel at his feet, be prepared then to roar as lions over the hillsides of the world—not as the devil seeking whom he may devour, but as king and queen, as lion and lioness going forth to claim dominion in the kingdom of God that is within.
If you would attain and retain the consciousness of the chohans, you must then be willing to exercise the throat chakra whereby you take the energies garnered in the chamber of the heart, the fruits of the Spirit and the fragrance of the Spirit, and allow these gifts of the chohans to mesh in Mater through the peaceful thrust and the all-commanding power of the fiats of the Word.
Hence, as you develop the heart chakra and become a just steward of the heart, you must learn to release the resources of the Spirit through the spoken Word and to give decrees in time and space that are for the transmutation of that place into the dominion and the domain of the kingdom of God.
I am leading you gently yet firmly by the hand to that Promised Land where ascended masters yet walk and talk with unascended man. To enter into the garden of the heart is to enter a chamber that exists in the mind of God which can come into being as the kingdom of God within you through meditation and through visualization. This chamber is the place where the planes of Mater are consecrated by the fires of the heart to the very point of perfection.
Emeralds, diamonds, rubies compose the island in the midst of the nectar sea; and the essence of the Spirit Most Holy is the fragrance from flowering trees. That you might attain the Christ consciousness of the seven rays, I give to you the exercise of visualizing each of the seven chohans (lords) of the rays.
The eight petals of the secondary heart chamber symbolize the mastery of the seven rays through the flame of the Christ (called the threefold flame) and the integration of that mastery in the eighth ray.
Then see yourself walking from the shores of the sea through the tropical trees and vegetation to the center and highest promontory of the island.
And by and by you hear the songs of the birds as they sing the song celestial and key the soul to the frequencies of that plane where the ascending triangle of Mater meets the descending triangle of Spirit.
When you come to the center of your island in the sun, visualize specifically the platform and the throne that are consecrated for the image and the sacred presence of the master.
You may wish to examine historical works showing the most beautiful thrones that have been built for the kings and queens of this world. There will be a cushion for each of the colors of the seven rays upon which the chohans will sit on the seven days of the week and receive you in the name of the Christ. O just stewards of the heart, understand how your aura can be enflamed with the presence of your Lord. And give this meditation as you renew your visualization of the chohans of the seven rays on the days of the week consecrated to those rays by the impartations of Helios and Vesta, Father-Mother Presence of Life in the heart of this solar system where you make your home. Receive blessed Paul the Venetian and be tutored in the intuition and the mandates of love as he imparts creative fires and creativity of soul desire seated in the throne of the heart. Let your Christ Self lead you to the altar where you kneel before Lord Morya El, where you commune in silent meditation with the will of the flame and imbibe the Personal Personality of the one who has consecrated his mind as the diamond shining mind of God.
As you contemplate the action of the emerald ray with joy and anticipation, you await the coming of Hilarion, who occupies the throne as the master philosopher, the master scientist.

The queen of the chohans, the Lady Master Nada, who practices law before the bar of heaven, comes to portray the law of justice and the noble way of ministration and service.
On the sabbath of the seventh ray, you greet the Master of the Aquarian age: “Saint Germain, friend of old, I am honored at thy presence here!
Rise to greet the dawn of illumination through Lord Lanto, who holds in his hands the book of the law of life for your soul—for the soul of a planet and a universe. What most often causes us to pull away is fear – a fear of getting hurt, and of making ourselves vulnerable to pain. When our heart is open and strong, we feel balanced and accepting – both of ourselves and others.
Difficulty with True Intimacy: Heart intimacy is about give and take, sharing and receiving, and opening to the flow of interactions.
Inability to Accept Help and Support: When we block others from seeing the real us, we often also block help and support – both within this world, and from the divine.
Lack of Empathy: When our heart is really closed, which happens to all of us at times when our fears or insecurities are triggered, we are unable to feel empathy. Taking On Others’ Problems or Pain: The above three tendencies are all related to our heart chakra being blocked. Constant Feelings of Being Burdened or Imbalanced: Closely related to the above issue is a feeling of being overburdened or imbalanced, Our lives may feel out of control, or simply heavy. In energy medicine, the heart chakra is linked to the physical heart and lungs, so problems can manifest physically in these parts of our body as well.
The following guided meditation will help open your heart chakra on many levels, including the back of your heart chakra to support and guidance, the center for balance and integration, and the front for selfless emanation of lovingkindness. QR-код — это двухмерный штрихкод (бар-код),предоставляющий информацию для быстрого распознавания её камерой на мобильном телефоне.
Die Meditation von "Heart Chakra Meditation II" kann Ihnen helfen, Ihr Herz zu offnen und Korper, Herz und Seele zu erneuern. Nach einem Grafik-Design-Studium fuhrte ein schwerer Motorradunfall und eine Reise nach Indien dazu, dass er sich auf seine spirituelle Reise begab und seinem Herzen und damit seiner Liebe zur Musik folgte. Lieferzeiten fur andere Lander und Informationen zur Berechnung des Liefertermins siehe hier.
And for those who have for several lifetimes practiced the way of silence, I come to break the silence with a shout of acclamation, with that joyful noise that is the true fiat of the Word! You should also use your imagination to create this royal scene befitting your own Christ Self and your ascended-master guru. And thus we will proceed step by step to expand the aura according to the masterful consciousness of these ascended-master gurus. Therefore, draw a specific outline in your mind of this bejeweled island suspended in a glistening sea. Select a design that is richly carved, gold leafed, and inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones, and visualize upon it a velvet cushion.
I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM—Threefold action of threefold flame of threefold law. And from his forehead to your own, as the two of you are alone in Christ, there is a transfer of the divine gnosis; and the geometry of Mater integrating spirals of Spirit becomes clear. Marching to the sound of victory, of trumpets sounding the sound of your natal day, of the soul’s rebirth—being born anew first in Mater and then in the glorious array of the ascension flame—you are born into Spirit for eternity. It may sound cliche these days to say that in order to love others, and receive love from them, we must first love ourselves, but when we explore deeply what this really means, we are walking the path of the heart chakra. This fear is often rooted in feelings of unworthiness – that we are not worthy of being loved, are bound to be rejected, and therefore it is safer to just avoid all that by keeping our guard up.

We feel in alignment with spirit, and organically appreciative of what we have, with no need to conjure feelings of gratitude.
It is not about oversharing, or letting it all hang out just for the sake of it, but it is about being willing to show our vulnerable parts, and holding space for others to show theirs as well.
In the energy body model that I work with, the back of our heart chakra is particularly linked to receiving help, especially spiritual help and guidance. We cannot relate to how others are feeling, or even acknowledge that their feelings are valid. We may feel that we can never meet the demands of everyone in our lives, or ever balance work and family, self-care and family responsibilities.
Karunesh hat mit Musikern der ganzen Welt gespielt und eine Fahigkeit entwickelt, verschiedene Musikstile miteinander zu lebendigen Melodien und Rhythmen zu vebinden, die vom Herzen kommen. You hear the strains of Panis Angelicus, and you know that your soul is fed the holy bread of angels.
And in the profound understanding of the Lord of the Second Ray, lo, your sins are washed away!
In our daily lives, our heart chakra is the energy center most closely involved in this social nature, and in our ability to feel empathy, compassion and love for others. Sometimes this fear also turns to anger – the injured part of ourselves wants to hurt others as we have been hurt, and then we fall into patterns of judgment, of separation, even of hate.
We see the light of spirit (whatever words we may use for this) shining through the eyes of others, and experience this as a reflection of the spirit within us. When part of our heart chakra is blocked, out of fear or feelings of unworthiness, it’s very difficult for us to do this. Practicing opening here, and feeling loving support flowing in to us, can build our ability to accept help in all parts of our lives. When this happens, we often swing between some of the problems listed above and the extreme opposite – taking on others’ pain as our own, with no filtering. It is through our heart energy that we relate, either by creating connections or by shutting them out.
We are naturally compassionate, not out of a moral obligation, but because of the inner connectivity we feel with everyone we meet. As we work on the issues of self-esteem and self-care, we are able to open more, and experience deeper connections to everyone in our lives.
When we work through this blocking, we can find empathy – the root of both compromise and compassion. Sometimes this stems from a desire to martyr ourselves, out of a desire to ‘make up’ for what we feel is our essential unworthiness. But come before the presence of the chohans prepared to voice the soundless sound and to direct atoms and molecules of being by the authority and the grace of the law. As we do this, we are also always in relationship with the divine – either acknowledging the common Source from which we all spring, or pulling away into ourselves, into isolation and separation. Sometimes it stems from a true desire to help others, but we have neglected the self-love and associated self-care component. When we find equanimity within ourselves, and rediscover our essential lightness and humor, we are better able to deal with the stresses of daily living.
As we open our hearts, we must remember to strike the right balance between meeting our own needs and meeting the needs of others.

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