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Abhaya hridaya mudra, “Courageous Heart.” With your hands in front of your heart, release any fear or doubt by feeling the awakened presence emanating from your heart. Hridaya mudra, “Heart Consciousness.” After getting your fingers in position, lower your hands to your thighs, and feel the calming, heart-generating energy.
Surya mudra, “Solar Radiance.” Experience the activating energy of the sun in this simple hand mudra. By the way, I bought some tanks in super pretty colors-some plain some halter neck, cutie ankle length socks and round neck gym tees. Touch the tip of your first finger at the base of the thumb and touch the tips of second and third finger with the tip of the thumb.
It provides relief in throat diseases such as tonsils, thyroid and even throat irritation or cough.
The practice of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breath) restores, equalizes and balances the flow of prana in the body.
We can live without eating for some weeks, without drinking for some days, but without breathing only for a few minutes. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission.
FacebookTwitterKatherine has been practicing massage therapy since 1998 in Washington County, Maine. Lotus Mudra drains out misunderstanding, helps releasing tension , practised to enhance fire element in the body.
Lotus Mudra is practised by placing both hands in front of the chest so that only the edges of the hands and pads of one's fingers touch each other.
It’s named after the Hindu god ganesha – one who removes the obstacles from your life. Please keep your left arm at the level of your chest (closer to heart) with palm facing outside. Gyan Mudra is used for the treatment of mental disorders, insomnia, high blood pressure and depression.
It helps people who suffer from chronic insomnia by relaxing the body and fighting mental stress. If you have an emotional outburst due to some bad experience or if you feel you have no energy or if life seems unfair to you – practice Ksepana Mudra for two minutes and charge your body with positive energy.
This mudra is useful for changing the character traits and eliminates the dependence on addictions or bad habits.
The excess of the sky (space) element in the body can cause problems such as ear pain (sense of emptiness in the ears) or motion sickness. It helps to get rid of nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness and pain in the ears. It is useful in the treatment of heart diseases and related disorders (such as blood pressure), dizziness and pain in the joints. Akash Mudra helps in case of deficiency of energy inside the body, which weakens the heart and causes problems in body areas associated with the space like ears and joints.

It helps to control your anger by stimulating your body temperature and increases the level of patience. Join the tips of the thumb and the ring finger and extend the other three fingers as shown in the figure. This Mudra resembles conch shells that are traditionally used in Hindu temples for worship. There is betterment in arthritis, gout and cervical spondilytis too with its regular practice. People who become apprehensive very often, those with high and low blood pressure,  those who pant while in a crowd or in a fight or while doing any strenuous work, those who generally experience pain in the heart or those who have even had a stroke should practice this regularly. Urination and stool related problems, constipation, piles, menstrual flow irregularities etc are healed by this mudra.
How to perform: Sit comfortably, keep the eyes gently closed and relax the whole body. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. Ganesha mudra strengthens the heart by opening  the bronchial tubes, improving blood circulation and by opening the heart chakra (Anahata chakra).
If you are living in a state of depression and in the absence of trust and openness, please practice it regularly.
It also relieves tension in the pelvic area, prevents spasms in the intestines and helps women during their menstrual discomfort. Our bodies naturally react to negative emotions such as anger, frustration, irritation and constant fear, by causing us to squeeze our fingers into a fist, thereby helping us to get rid of the accumulated negative emotions.
The sky element increases inside the body when you are travelling in car or train and during the flight take-off and landing.
This is especially good for middle aged people with hard lifestyle and for those who are experiencing excessive stress in life. While practising it, meditate with your closed eyes and think of your desire or the object that you want.
When these three elements are combined in Kubera Mudra, the resulting energy begins to pass in the universe. It increases the element of earth in the body, thus providing power to all the organs in deficit of any kind.
Raise the tongue against the palate during inhalation and during exhalation lower the tongue. I will do them when I go back home tonight :)) Already tried shakhasana And you share piccys of your new soess and kapde with us!!
How to perform: In bhairava mudra, place the back of the right hand on the palm of the left hand. We should keep our heart pure and make it unconditional as love, goodwill, affection, and communication reside together in here. Open the hands, but maintain the contact between the tips of the little fingers and the outer edges of the thumbs.

Whenever in stress and anger, fold your hands in the shape of Mushti mudra, you will feel the difference in just five minutes after practicing it. Rudra Mudra increases the element of earth and treats problems such as lethargy, restlessness, butterflies in the stomach and anxiety. The daily practice of this will help you in attracting the desired material objects, in one form or another. AND my colleague is out sick (am sorry abt that of course) but I got his work on top of mine. In addition to that it is believed that Lotus Mudra is synonymous to opening towards the Sun, the divine principle.
Practice it for around twenty minutes and focus on the change that you want in your life with closed eyes.
Right now my father is unwell and the apan mudra will be helpful to him as he is suffering from hemorrhoids.
Moreover this mudra is practised when one feels drained out, exploited, misunderstood, or lonely. By connecting the hands we harmonize coordination of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and unite all opposites.
The only solution of all the problems in life is to open oneself to the divine force and receive whatever one needs and this can be done with the help of Lotus Mudra. It’s beneficial for any heart problems, and can be used safely and easily as first aid during an emergency situation. Regular practice of this mudra helps to release accumulated irritation and suppressed anger therefore improves health of the liver, lowers high blood pressure and reduces heart complaints.
It also promotes digestion, activates the stomach and relieves constipation.       Hasta mudras can be done at any time and in any place, while seated, lying down, standing or walking. However, it’s important that your posture is symmetrical, your spine is comfortably long, and that you are as relaxed as possible.
Applying a mudra we are sending a particular message to the brain and we don’t want the flow of energy to be diverted, disturbed or interrupted by some tension in the body.If mudras are practiced in a centered meditative mood when you are present and focused on your hands, the practice will be much more effective.
The effect of a mudra may be perceived in some seconds or only after several weeks or months. You will notice that your hands and fingers get more sensitive and respond to the mudras much more quickly after some training. So practice regularly, patiently and persistently and remain completely serene and confident while doing so.

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