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Do you ever have negative thoughts that you allow in your mind about yourself such as: "I can't do this," "I am not strong enough," or "everything I do is wrong?" Take a few minutes and think about what kind of messages you allow in your mind that are negative about yourself and write them down. We all have a picture in our mind of who we are, how we look, what we are good at and what our weaknesses might be. Just because we might have a low self-esteem now, does not mean we will always feel that way.
It is also important to remember that we might have unrealistic expectations of who we should be or how we should look. Here are some ways you can improve your self esteem, which in turn will make you feel more valued, loved and accepted. Examples: Instead of dreaming of being a "star" football player, set your sights on improving your game in specific ways.
It’s also helpful after any special event or circumstance like meeting a new person, a job interview, a presentation, or doing anything that is challenging, to take a few minutes to acknowledge what went well. Getting accurate feedback will help low self esteem by debunking all the imagined negative thoughts you think others are thinking about you and discovering what they really think. The other thing that is tricky about getting accurate feedback is that others have their own distortions and filters that they’re looking at you through which will color their experience of you.
Ask people to provide specifics – coach them in how to give you feedback in a way that is helpful.
If you think you have to be perfect, then every time you make a mistake you can end up feeling bad about yourself. When you’re feeling judged by others, remember that most people are more busy thinking about themselves and worrying about their lives than spending time thinking about you. At a level outside of personality, this learning has done more to release me from low self esteem than any of the other techniques. This entry was posted in Motivational, Personal Growth, Self-help and tagged help low self esteem, low self esteem help, self confidence help, self esteem self help, self help.
From Mastermind Coaching And Consulting we’ve already learned that coaches do not teach how to do something, consultants do. To guide people, to help them find answers to questions like the one about low self esteem and lost self esteem and to give them advice on how to regain self esteem, well, that’s where coach-consultants are needed, able to do both, coaching and consulting. You see, each one of us has an image of him- or herself in mind, a picture of who we are and what we are.

For sure, you can think of other examples, all coming from influences, interactions or experiences out of your childhood which created that picture about yourself in your head, which still influences you in how you look at yourself and more importantly, how you feel about yourself now. Some people with low self esteem search aka reward in becoming extremely successful in their job or in business. Other people with low self esteem suffer their whole life because they never get to experience success, they’re stuck in a daily rat race and in everything they have to accomplish, trapped in a life they feel like someone else imposed on them. This entry was posted in Self-Improvement Articles and tagged adults, childhood, coach-consultants, Coaching, consequences, consulting, Esteem, lose, lost, low, Of, regain, Self, self image. This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had [5] approved comments. Teenage girls with low self esteem are more common than those with high self esteem, but why? How you feel about yourself effects everything you think, say, and do as well as the choices you make. Low self esteem comes when the perception you have of yourself does not match what you think you should be or your a€?ideal selfa€?.
Comparing yourself to others is one of the most common and secretly destructive cause low self esteem. It is common to have a low self esteem when we are growing up, especially in our teens, when we are still trying to figure out who we are and where we fit in.
For example, most every young woman you see on television is thin and has absolutely flawless skin. If you have brown eyes and you want blue eyes, start working towards loving yourself the way you are. Instead of saying to yourself, "I am going to lose 20 lbs in 2 months," say to yourself "I am going to try and eat better and drink more water the next 5 days". Just got off a session with a client who asked me why do so many people deal with low self esteem. This image starts to develop in our childhood and is formed by influences and experiences out of the interaction with everyone and everything around us, first of all of course, our family and friends.
I’d love to hear from you what your thoughts are about low self esteem and lost self esteem and how you feel about yourself.
What is the cause of low self esteem? Good self esteem (to like and value yourself) seems simple but is can be a hard journey for many of us especially during female puberty.

Our self-image, the image in us about us, gets clearer as we grow and become adults, and it gets stronger, sometimes even dominant, as we age. And they try lots of things to change that image: self help, self improvement, personal development. And that makes them vulnerable to a lot of destructive emotions such as depression, self-harming, alcohol, etc. And as the practical part: write down all those things you like about yourself, and also everything you do not like about yourself. Actually, we probably do have those positive qualities, we just don't allow ourselves to see those qualities because of the way our self image has been trained.
If you catch yourself saying or thinking something critical, counter it by saying something positive.
This self-image affects our self esteem and determines whether we have a high or low self esteem and even more, whether we gain or lose it. And, even if you’re good looking, slim and smart now, you still remember it and, you still carry it with you, right?
This list will help you to get a first clear impression on how you really see and feel about yourself. You can take back control over that inner voice that puts you down or tells you that you can't do anything.
Next, you should find out what you would like to change, what you could change, what you can change now and how do you think you can do that. A lot of happiness is a choice, even during female puberty when you feel like your emotions and hormones are taking over. Plus, your looks are constantly changing when you are developing into a woman, so how you look as a teen may not be the final product of how you look when you grow up. It also limits you ability to make friends and to be kind and loving to others because you see everyone you meet as your competition. In some cases, it may even take getting outside help or counseling as a support in overcoming this cause low self esteem.

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