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With three #1 World albums and hundreds of appearances each year, MC YOGI’s music is moving yoga to large, mainstream audiences.
Between launching his Kickstarter campaign and heading to Miami to attend Art Basel, the very gracious MC YOGI took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for All Access Music writer, Nicole DeRosa.
You just launched your Kickstarter campaign in support of your new album, ONLY LOVE IS REAL.
I’m down in Miami right now at an event called Art Basel, it’s the one of the largest Art exhibits in the world.
While we’re down here I’m also teaching yoga with an organization called YOGART, which helps to connect yoga and street art.
For those of our readers that are not as familiar with you, how did your musical journey begin? Your music style characteristically contains themes with Hindu philosophy and many of your songs are bhajans (Hindu devotional songs).
Speaking of yoga, You have taught some of the largest yoga classes in America, and you are widely becoming known as yoga’s modern day ambassador to the West. As far as guilty pleasures there’s a gang of rap songs that I still really enjoy, The Humpty Dance, Can’t Touch This, Jump Around, I love old school rap music. Well today I taught yoga, painted a huge mural with my wife Amanda, enjoyed some amazing fresh local vegetarian food and organic juice.
Nicole blends her experience and skills which she has culled from her time working in New York as a photo researcher and editor at Entertainment Weekly and Harpers Bazaar Magazine.
Living near the notable Sherpards Bush Empire music venue one of her most favorite concerts to date was seeing Bjork. Nicole has also worked for Walt Disney World in Product Development and later went on to work at Disney's Feature Animation Archives in Florida.
An Interview With Up and Coming Boy Band, LOS 5 On Their Newest EP, Their EP Release Concert TONIGHT And More! One of our favourite things to do is get into the studio with heaps of yogis around, bend and flow, and enjoy loud beats.
Here is where you can play with standing balancing poses like dancers pose, eagle, or tree pose. Lil Jo was a fairly unknown rapper here in Chicago, trying to make his way behind the meteoric rise of fellow Chicago artists Chief Keef and his GBE movement. We’ve gotten pics of this girl before, but only now can we confirm her authentic Instagram link. Muse for Life promotes and encourages living more deeply connected to nature, life, and all relations. Blending his love & knowledge of yoga culture with hip hop, reggae, and electronic music, MC YOGI is recognized as a leading voice in the emerging genre of conscious global music. From headlining international music festivals to teaching some of the largest yoga classes in America, MC YOGI is widely becoming known as yoga’s modern day ambassador to the West. As an independent musician without a label it’s awesome to think that now I can create music and get it directly to my fans without all the trappings of a major label. My wife Amanda and I are in the process of painting a huge mural here next door to the Wynwood Walls, which is a famous graffiti and street art exhibit.

Growing up as a graffiti writer, and then becoming a yogi, it’s awesome to experience those two world coming together in such an inspiring atmosphere. I got arrested a bunch of times, got kicked out of three schools, and my parents shipped me off to a group home. I just love anything that draws me deeper into the present moment, into a feeling of peace, relaxation, and inspiration. I’ve been really lucky and have performed at some incredible festivals like Bonnaroo, Wanderlust etc. Blending your love & knowledge of yoga culture with hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music. Space is the place, breathing dropping the mind deep into the center of my Self, and allowing everything to open up so the Truth can be revealed.
Listened to some awesome music, performed with a world class beat boxer, met Shepard Fairey aka OBEY and Cope 2 legendary graffiti king from New York, wrote some new lyrics and had the opportunity to connect with fans.
I’m going in December to perform at a big electronic festival called VH1 Go Super Sonic! I’m really inspired by the growing interest in yoga and the work that so many of us are doing to empower people and make the world a better place. She loves the infectious energy and enthusiasm of the music industry and she feels right at home having music compliment her every day. After New York, Nicole moved to London for school and there she stood in line for hours on Oxford Street to hear Paul McCartney play an impromptu concert on a rooftop. Nicole has a passion for travel and adventure and has always wanted to live in California so she packed up and moved four years ago to the "left coast" and has been loving it ever since. Starting in standing, we inhale to reach the arms up, exhale to completely fold forward, inhale to halfway lift for a flat back, and exhale to fold and step back to high plank pose. From downward facing dog, inhale your right leg high, exhale to step it through for your crescent lunge. Or if you’re feeling strong and want to work into an arm balance, try your crow pose or even your side crow.
Right knee hugs to chest, left leg long, use the left hand to take the right knee across the body.
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Gang violence is obviously a serious issue and threat across teh country, especially in Chicago.
ONLY LOVE IS REAL is the name I chose after meditating on what would be a poignant message that sums up my 15 years of experience as a yogi so far. When high school came around I started free styling and performing at house parties and local hip hop events.
After high school around eighteen, I discovered yoga and meditation and it completely changed my life. You took the crowd on a magic carpet journey of beautiful rhymes and sounds that literally transport you to the happiest of places. Once he brought me as far as he could, he took me to his teacher in San Francisco, the late great Larry Schultz.

Later my wife Amanda and I traveled to India to study with Pattabhi Jois who was also Larry’s teacher.
Another notable experience while living in London was her first time ever calling into a radio station, she won an invite to a record release party with the Beastie Boys for their album 'Ill Communication'. Lower to low plank, inhale we open the chest with upward facing dog, exhale, we push back to downward facing dog.
I WILL SAY that in this case the music was CLEARLY a vessel and a catalyst used to escalate a situation that was already volitile.
These 29 selfies display her ample boobular region, and her booty which shows signs of lots of squats. Historically, community ceremony and daily ritual has played the role of TUNING people and communities into deeper more connected levels of awareness, experience, and living. That’s when I started experimenting with yoga based hip-hop music, and the rest is history. It blew my mind into another dimension, since then I feel like I’ve been on a spiritual pilgrimage, working to create more inspiring content, more yoga based music and art. And to answer the last question it just happened, I love yoga and hip-hop so much, they came together very naturally and people seem to enjoy it.
Our favourite option from here is to place the left hand down and reach the right arm high into a simple twist. Biopic, Straight Outta Compton New Video Corinne Bailey Rae - Green Aphrodisiac New Kandace Springs - Soul Eyes feat.
The music that represents the gang culture is definitely to blame, providing a mass communication method promoting the ideology of violence and no respect for our communities or history. Through Muse for Life's TUNING IN initiative, we offer Daily Water Honoring Ceremonies, & monthly we offer both New Moon and Full Moon Movement and Music Ceremonies. The whole place went into ecstasy and there were no drugs involved, just pure joy, pure love.
From here, interlace your hands behind your back, and then fold forward into your humble warrior. Our customer is risk-taking, sexy and confident, and Iggy is the perfect embodiment of that. Larry took me under his wing, let me live in the studio downtown South of Market in San Francisco. We don’t like to play it safe, and neither does Iggy,” said Michael Mente, Founder and Co-CEO. The blonde beauty rocks a colorful mix of designs including seasonal sunglasses, crop tops and floral prints photographed by Chris Shintani.

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