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Holistic life coaching is dedicated to helping people find optimal balance and harmony in all areas of their lives. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Holistic Learning Centers (HLC) is neither a church, nor a ministry, nor does HLC attest to any particular religious point of view. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
CONSCIENT about our Knowledge level and not trying to proliferate Ideas , Concept we maybe know very little about ..
I am very surprised and wondering how we are still looking in One Direction , still trying to Find Solutions for the EFFECT we get in stead of TREATING and Finding SOLUTIONS to the ROOT of the CAUSES ? It is my purpose in life to help those who want to be helped through diet and exercise lead healthier lifestyles.
One of the reasons I become a trainer was the fact that I loved the gym and working out, then in 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27 and suffered a major mental break down. Likewise, people who realize holistic life balance find wholeness and fullness in their lives. John Spencer Ellis, an international leader in wellness coaching, personal development and fitness, The Spencer Institute offers life coaching, holistic education, nutrition coaching, sports psychology and wellness training certification programs delivered in online and distance learning formats that are designed to provide a step-by-step blueprint to success. HLC is strictly a non-sectarian educational organization of higher learning that provides spiritual coaching and spiritual counseling courses, and educational products for spiritually awakened students.

The Kingston Pegasus U18 team has taken their own money to buy groceries and other items to help evacuees. For all who feel the need to become more Knowledgeable in any life wisdom , science or speciality it's very important to get back and start with the base before any other researches in more advance learning ! Dans ce cas l'Adulte d'aujourd'hui ne sait pas comment et par quels moyens avoir des réponses qui peuvent l'aider dans son cheminement comme Adulte Accomplie et part entière !
It was this event that made me realise that I needed to help myself and change the way I lived. The programs were developed to help people find the career of their dreams while helping others live better lives. HLC offers educational programs designed for basic and advanced students, holistic practitioners and people seeking Self-empowerment. HLC?s spiritually based philosophy is summarized in these abbreviated versions of our spiritual philosophy.
Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment that assists in distinguishing right from wrong.
I believe that we create everything in our immediate world through the thoughts we have, and how we feed our body. I believe in listening to your body and then guiding you so you get the most out of your sessions. Institut ANCA - EDUC PSYCHO KINE Creative Workshops Aromatherapy Wellness & Alternatives Medicine From a Holistic Perspective ( the only one I would like to share ) I may say that the simply fact we are so much concerned about how to treat and how much money people and medical resources need , so much talking about a negative energy ( as Cancer is !) and so much concentrate in Treating any Illness , it's not the way will help for being on the path of HEALING !

My intent is to support you in a nurturing way enabling you, to help yourself achieve your goals. It's Sad to say but We all know that Canada and in Quebec we have the highest percent of People using and believing more in drugs and Traditional Medicine System with a Very poor knowledge in Alternative Medicines and all Holistic Approaches for Healing ! I have invested in continuing education around holistic lifestyle in my quest for greater health, and now share this knowledge with my clients empowering them through teaching. As for any concerning I think we should all think how to discover , fight the CAUSES , Go to the ROOT of any Problem and first find out and fight the Causes and not starting with the Effect ! Since doctors have no training ( as in Europe ) in Alternative Medicine solutions and only recommending drugs and becoming as Drugs Sellers ..
Since we push the whole population to TREAT the EFFECT in stead of Working in PREVENTION and using first all the Alternatives Solutions .. Why not Doctors not serving and working in the Human Being interest in stead of working for Pharmaceutical Companies ? Wish ALL of YOU keep informed about the latest researches about CAUSES created by Human Being itself are the Main Issue today and main Cause of many various Illnesses of young generation and future one .. If we don't develop a New Consciousness and taking the responsibility in the way of a GLOBAL VIEW !

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