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For this article in my 10-day series of crochet health articles I want to focus on how crochet can help boost self-esteem. We take pride in our initial steps into learning something new but of course those first steps don’t usually result in stitchery masterpieces. You can take that productiveness you feel in caring for your family and go even further by making things for others in need. Being able to bring in a little bit of income even if you can’t work full time can help you feel a sense of pride and self-esteem. Upcycling materials with crochet, crocheting costumes and clothing and creating gifts by hand are all ways that you might be able to save money in the family budget. When you have low self-esteem you can feel like making decisions is impossible because you don’t trust yourself.
This article is part of a series celebrating the release of my new book, Crochet Saved My Life. And if you’re a parent and want to make sure your child grows up with high self-esteem, try getting them involved in artistic activities and focus on helping them solve problems on their own.
A Healthier Michigan is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, a nonprofit independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. That’s because low self-esteem is such a common factor or byproduct of so many health conditions.
Well, there are lots of reasons, of course, but a key reason is because being able to do something by hand, start to finish, all by yourself, creates a really satisfying feeling. It’s a boost to your self-esteem when you celebrate the small ways in which you are still able to help others despite your physical or mental health issues. But with crochet, there are lots of little decisions to make and if you can learn to make them there then you can learn to make bigger decisions again in your life.
By taking risks with your craft and using it to express your own sense of style you allow yourself the space to just be you. A minimum of $1 per month gives you access to my monthly newsletter; additional rewards at higher funding levels.

This book shares 100 creativity exercises for people who want to practice using crochet to improve their lives in myriad ways.
Swedish researchers found that the more time someone spends on Facebook, the lower his or her self-esteem. Volunteer at a local charity or help clean up your neighborhood and you’ll feel better about yourself. It can be tough to lift your spirits if you are around friends and family members who tear you down. Now a new EU study suggests exercise can help adolescents improve self-image and expand social connections.The new EU study is found in Clinical Psychological Science. Crafting them something by hand as a gift can make it feel like you’re still taking care of them and providing for them even if they need to help you with certain things. Choosing yarn and a project to make may seem small but it can be a big step towards decisions that are life-changing later on. The more ways in which you can embrace creative self-acceptance, the more accepting you will be of yourself in all areas of life.
A study that came out this year from Concordia University showed that keeping self-esteem high throughout your life can help reduce your risk for health problems as you get older. And an Australian study this year showed that you get another blow to your self-worth if you post something and nobody likes it or comments on it.
Sitting up straight in your chair makes you likelier to believe positive thoughts about yourself, according to research from Ohio State University. You’ll know you’ve made a difference and will feel a sense of accomplishment, two things that will give you some much-needed self-worth. People with other mental health issues sometimes feel stigmatized and develop resulting low self-esteem. One book I like on this topic is Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World by Mark Frauenfelder of MAKE (sister site to CRAFT). So if you share your crochet work with family members, friends or the blog world and get positive feedback then it can help get your self-esteem up a little bit.

It turns out that low self-esteem is connected to higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which can result in physical health issues.
To increase the pressure, half of the participants were told the negotiation was an accurate gauge of their negotiating skills.
Low self-esteem deflates your confidence and ability to fight any condition so it’s important to get it under control. Our findings indicate that physical activity may be one effective tool for the prevention of mental health problems in adolescence,” Monshouwer said.Monshouwer and her colleagues hope that future studies will be able to examine similar questions while following participants over time.
Participants in the low-pressure situation were told the exercise would teach them negotiation concepts and was not an accurate gauge of their negotiating abilities.Job candidates, who had a lower power role, performed significantly worse in the high-stakes negotiations than those in the low-pressure group. Recruiters, who held a more powerful role, actually performed better under pressure because their initial expectations for success were magnified, Kang said.In a second experiment, 60 male MBA students were paired together as the buyer or seller of a biotechnology plant. Rick Nauert has over 25 years experience in clinical, administrative and academic healthcare. He is currently an associate professor for Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals doctoral program in health promotion and wellness. Nauert began his career as a clinical physical therapist and served as a regional manager for a publicly traded multidisciplinary rehabilitation agency for 12 years. She has worked at a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites, covering everything from aviation to finance to healthcare. He has masters degrees in health-fitness management and healthcare administration and a doctoral degree from The University of Texas at Austin focused on health care informatics, health administration, health education and health policy. His research efforts included the area of telehealth with a specialty in disease management.

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