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They simply add the username and Twitter sends out an email to your email address with the password reset link. When I recently checked my email, I got many such emails as someone tried to attempt Twitter password recovery of our Twitter account.
If the hacker also had access to your email account, then he can easily reset the password and also control your Twitter account! To secure your Twitter password even better, first you need to change Twitter password reset options, so that it requires personal information to reset the password, and not simply your username. Now you activate Twitter text messaging in the Twitter settings by entering your mobile phone number, and the password recovery options change. Now you can choose from variety of phone option about notifications you want or don’t want to get.
Now when someone requests you password, the request does not go through immediately, but instead they are asked for your phone number which is difficult to guess (unless your dear friend is the hacker and he has access to your phone too!). And only after you can confirm your phone number, you get multiple options to password reset by email and phone. So activate your Mobile Phone number on Twitter, even if you don’t use it to tweet, or get notifications.

I wrote a post a while back titled Your Twitter security is an egg, not an onion, explaining how Twitter only has one front door, like your house, and if you let people in, you let them in - after which they have access to everything, including your Direct Messages. Twitter lets you authorise other applications via a secure authorisation mechanism called oAuth. If you change your password (or even username, together called credentials) in Twitter, authorisation in between Twitter and the other application is not modified.
Next to that there is also a menu item called Profile, one called Messages, and even one called Who To Follow. Now take the Facebook permission model, in essence the same: a layered authorisation model where multiple specific premissions have to be granted by the user, with only a very few basic permissions that don't need authorisation.
So, you couldn't have give them less access to your twitter account, yet they did all that.
Third, check who you follow: this spamware application will probably change the default follow now the account has been suspended. Twitter, this is just a little guy exploiting your sloppy permission architecture in an immature way. This blog reflects my opinions on various topics that concern ICT in general, and sometimes deals with my more spiritual contemplations as well.

This work by Martijn Linssen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Netherlands License. The great benefit is that you authorise that application from within your twitter application - no passwords exchanged. Bots will keep tweeting old and new URLs, and this will become very ugly very soon unless we all stay sharp. The current application is called "nice1 - just for fun" and it will only force you to tweet - not make you follow anyone, nor change your profile. Then I realized how easy it is to let anyone keep troubling you by sending password reset requests and how easy it is to lose your Twitter account if some also gained email access. Apparently, Twitter's new oAuth forces you to decide about access to Direct Messages but that's it.
They gained authorisation in the new way, where the application doesn't even have access to Direct Messages.

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