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Make Losing Weight A Game Of Your Mind And Win reaching your desire weight is not just about your food and exercise but it is about altering your whole lifestyle.
If you are like me, you would be finding as many tips and tricks as possible to make this journey painless. Meditation also reduces stress and can resolve many psychological concerns like overeating. Positive Lifestyle using natural resources while being Vibrantly Healthy and Radiantly Beautiful.
I too agree that our lifestyle changes can help us remain physically fit and meditation helps too. Thank you for the comment Alok ?? You said it right lifestyle changes are important for a healthy mind and body. Appreciate the way you have suggested specific things to do in practice to reap the benefits. Your Best Email for Freebies and UpdatesPls check the spam folder if mail does not appear in your inbox. Free eBook Download & Free UpdatesPls check the spam folder if mail does not appear in your inbox. While dieting and exercise are the foundations of any good weight loss plan they aren’t the only things that should be included in it. To develop a truly effective weight loss plan you need to keep in mind that a great deal of the weight loss battle is a mental one. When many people think of mediation they think of some kind sitting on the floor surrounded by candles.

So now that you know this you might be wondering exactly how meditation can help you lose weight. We live in a very stressful world, but the type of stress that we are under today is nothing like the type of stress our bodies evolved to cope with. In response to a physical threat our stress level would go up and our bodies would produce more of a hormone called cortisol. Remember that dieting and exercise are the foundation you should build your weight loss plan upon. Jim & Susan are health and wellness coaches dedicated to assisting you in living a happier, healthier life and discovering the many benefits of essential oils.
I believe that the power of my mind can reset the metabolic rate and hormones to make the weight loss as effortless as possible.
Many successful people have experience the rewarding benefits of meditation and encourage a daily practice.
I will write another post to highlighting most of them as in this article I want to concentrate on specifically mediation for weight loss. With meditation, we can focus on what exactly we want this attention will alter the rigid blueprints of our subconscious mind.
Meditation is an ancient proven method to achieve your desired life and the goal of a healthy body can be achieved with help of daily mediation ritual or practice. It is advisable to sit on the floor in crossed legs position but if you have difficulty in sitting down you can sit on a chair but sit up straight keep your spine erect. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Because of this we are constantly under stress so our bodies constantly produce elevated levels of cortisol.
The idea is to be comfortable enough that you would not get distracted while you are meditating. Either draw a picture of you or keep a photo of your when you were at your desired weight or write down the healthy weight goal that you need to achieve. Meditation is about finding inner peace and tranquility by controlling your negative emotions and lowering your stress. The problem with this is that today the things that cause us stress aren’t a predator or a physical confrontation of any type. By lowering your stress levels you can greatly increase the odds that you are going to reach your weight loss goals. Once you have lowered this stress related hormone your ability to shed excess body fat will be much greater.
Whatever makes you comfortable just keep it in your bedroom to keep you motivated about your goal.

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