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A compatible computer: Not every computer will work with Mac OS X, even with the help of tools like Unibeast and Multibeast. A separate hard drive: Mac OS X needs its own hard drive (a minimum of 10 GB of space is required, but at least 50 GB of space is recommended). Plug your USB drive into Mac OS X, and open Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder). Click through the pages in the Unibeast installer, until you reach the following selection page with two options: "Legacy USB Support" and "Laptop Support".
Though Unibeast is supposed to only take 10-15 minutes to run, it may take up to an hour, depending on how fast your USB drive is. Unplug all USB-connected devices from your computer before you begin the setup (except your keyboard and mouse). Open up your computer and unplug any extra internal hard drives that your computer has, besides the hard drive that you're installing OS X on. If your Hackintosh already has Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion installed, the only thing you'll need to change in the BIOS is the "Boot Device", so that USB drives have highest priority.
If your Hackintosh doesn't have Snow Leopard or Lion installed yet, you have to change a few extra BIOS settings. SATA Control Mode (your BIOS might call this a different name) - This will probably already be set to "SATA", "IDE", or "RAID". Keep in mind that the BIOS on most motherboards do not support using a mouse, so you'll probably have to navigate through the BIOS with the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you do not manage to reach the Unibeast menu, check your motherboard's BIOS settings to make sure that the changes you made in Step 4 were properly applied.
To enter boot flags, manually restart your computer by pressing your computer's power button. If you're installing Mountain Lion on an empty hard drive, the hard drive selection box will be blank.
Otherwise, select the hard drive you want to install OS X Mountain Lion on, and click "Install".
Multibeast is a collection of kext files that you'll need to install for your Hackintoshes to have sound, internet, a high resolution screen, and more. If you're just updating your Hackintosh from Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, you don't have to reinstall UserDSDT, Easybeast, or Chimera in Multibeast after installing OS X Mountain Lion. Once that's done with, you should be running a fully functional copy of OS X Mountain Lion on your PC. Restoring the factory settings is a process during which the content of the internal memory is cleared and the device is then recovered into the state as if it just came out of the box.
Stay aware and get our best content on health, celebrity, travel, living, career and the technologies that will change the world. Over the course of the past few months, I have had the opportunity to compare physical workloads directly against virtualized workloads. I checked this on my HP ProLiant blade servers and they were set to the default “Balanced Power and Performance.”  The label doesn’t sound all that bad, but on further searching, this setting enabled the dynamic power management within a server.
Changing the Power Management setting to “Maximum Performance” ensures that the CPU stays powered fully, however, it may take additional power to do so. In addition, VMware has a knowledgebase article (1018206) with troubleshooting steps for poor performance based on power settings.
And finally, there is one more place to check and that is the power profile settings within your Guest OS.
VMware has made some great online training available to all customers and the same courses are available to partners who seeking accredittation for virtualizing business critical apps (though Partner University). VMware unanimously makes the recommendation to the the Paravirtualized SCSI adapters within guest OSes when running business critical apps on vSphere in all the courses linked above. VMware recommends reserving the entire memory allotment for virtual machines running business critical apps. From my own experience, running vSphere thin-provisioning works great on array technology that does not have native thin provisioning capabilities, but if the storage has thin provisioning at the array level, use that and instead use the thick provisioning in vSphere, however which thick provisioning option to use varies by array. While moving an application onto vSphere in my environment, we had development setup on an array without thinning capabilities and production on an array with thin provisioning. Converting the production virtual machine to thick disks by performing a storage vMotion to a new LUN caused the build to complete in less time than on the development VM backed by the array without thin capabilities. Thin on thin also presents more challenges in estimating and accommodating growth in an array over time. Philip is a senior-level systems administrator for America’s largest telephone cooperative, Horry Telephone Cooperative, in Conway, SC.
Check out Philip's new book, PowerCLI Cookbook with more than 75 how-to recipes for using PowerCLI in real-world environments. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Does your computer boot up fine when you strike the F1 key? I would guess that if it boots up fine after hitting F1, you just have some settings in the BIOS set incorrectly.  Have you reset your BIOS recently or replaced your BIOS battery? If your BIOS reset, it would be required to set the BIOS correctly to stop looking for drives that don't exist.
At some point in time your BIOS was reset and only needed to be setup properly.  Like rohe said, if your BIOS resets itself again, replace the CMOS battery on your motherboard so you won't have to go through this BIOS setup again. We've previously covered how to install Mountain Lion on a PC using tonymacx86's Unibeast tool, which requires you to have an existing Mac OS X installation.

If your Hackintosh already has Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion installed, the only thing you'll need to change in the BIOS is the "Boot Device", so that the iAtkos installer has highest priority. Boot Device - If you're using an iAtkos USB drive, change the boot device of your computer so that "USB-HDD" is first. If you do not manage to reach the iAtkos menu, check your motherboard's BIOS settings to make sure that the changes you made in Step 3 were properly applied. If you're installing Mountain Lion on a computer that has never been turned into a Hackintosh before (i.e. Mac OS X cannot boot from a partition that's larger than 1 TB in size, so if you have a 2 TB hard drive, you will have to partition it. Unlike the default OS X Mountain Lion installer, the iAtkos version of the Mountain Lion installer works with MBR partitions by default. However, choosing the right options from this page can be really tricky, so unless you're absolutely certain about which drivers and kexts you need to install for your computer, I don't recommend installing too much stuff from here. If you're just updating your Hackintosh from Mac OS X Lion, you don't have to reinstall UserDSDT, Easybeast, or Chimera in Multibeast after installing OS X Mountain Lion.
When you removed the battery, did you also hold the power button in for about ten seconds before putting it back in? This is definitely one for the gurus--I would suggest PM'ing m3th0d1c4l or drBlahman (tell them Greg sent you), and seeing if they can provide some advice. Well, your attempts at trying to resolve the issue are the steps I would have taken, other than replacing the motherboard right away.However, when I saw this issue and the GPU you had, I immediately suspected that as the culprit, as those 9800 GX2s are notorious for problems overall.
I am no expert but it seems to me that if you have had some success with getting into the BIOS maybe it is a loose connection or a bad lead? Well, this is an interesting issue.I do have to agree that the boot sector or MBR on the boot drive is definitely messed up. Yeah, what chriskaz said--don't be surprised if you have Dell calling you on the phone with an offer of a job in customer service! Since Unibeast will erase all of the files on your USB drive, make sure to back up its contents first. Select the USB drive in the sidebar of Disk Utility, go to the "Partition" tab of Disk Utility, and create a new partition layout with 1 partition.
Make sure that the OS X Mountain Lion installation app from the Mac App Store is inside your "Applications" folder of Mac OS X. A faulty external USB hard drive can cause your Hackintosh bootloader to give you EBIOS errors on startup.
To enter the BIOS on my own computer's Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3 motherboard, I have to press the delete key when it boots (before the operating system starts). If things go well, your computer will boot from the USB drive instead of booting from your normal hard disk.
If they were, but you still cannot boot from the Unibeast USB drive, unplug your USB drive, and go back to Step 1. You'll have to erase that hard drive with Disk Utility first (check out Step 4 of our Snow Leopard installation guide for more details). If your Hackintosh already had Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion installed beforehand, you can unplug the Unibeast USB drive. Different Hackintosh builds require different Multibeast setups, though most setups are very similar.
If you plan on updating Mac OS X in the future, check out our guide to updating your Hackintosh.
Expectedly, all accounts, emails, photos and other personal stuff is gone, so please be aware of this and backup all your data before recovering to the factory defaults. He primarily focuses on Microsoft technologies, VMware virtualization, blade servers, storage and infrastructure for the co-op.
This usually means that you have to install Snow Leopard on your PC first, or find a real Mac.
You will need to erase all of the files on your USB drive beforehand, so make sure to back up its contents first. If you're using a Mac to set up iAtkos, you will also need Multibeast before the initial installation.
Then, start Carbon Copy Cloner, and set the iAtkos disk image as the "Source" and your USB drive as the "Destination".
Once TransMac finishes, you will have a fully bootable DVD version of the iAtkos Mountain Lion installer.
If they were, but you still cannot boot from iAtkos, go back to Step 1 of this guide and try again with a different USB drive or DVD.
You can also just erase the entire hard drive (this is the preferred solution if you don't plan to dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X from the same hard drive).
The default selection will enable Mac OS X to boot from the hard drive without any assistance; it may also enable sound and ethernet in OS X.
At the boot screen, you'll see an icon for the hard drive where you installed Mountain Lion. If you plan on updating Mac OS X in the future, check out our guide to updating your Hackintosh. I'll try removing the battery and again and doing that.If that fails, would a USB keyboard and mouse cause any issues?
I was ecstatic when it went beyond the first screen, but crushed when nothing else worked.Thanks Greg, I'll do that.

It's really strange that this has happened with two different motherboards, which makes me think it's a component outside of the mobo itself causing the problem (what though, I have no idea). I would see if you can borrow another GPU from a friend or get one from a store to test (and return in case it isnt the issue). You can try to repair it but I don't think it will work to be honest.What you can do though, is if you have another hard drive, install Windows on that and see if you can at least successfully boot into windows multiple times. But seriously, glad it seems to be working after all this time and effort--I trust it will keep running! Be sure to download the newest version 5 of Multibeast, not the older versions 3 or 4 (which are for Snow Leopard and Lion, respectively).
Also, after installing Mac OS X, you should also sync your clock on Windows with Mac OS X.
On Gigabyte motherboards, you can reset your BIOS settings to their default by selecting "Load Optimized Defaults" on the main page of the BIOS. After you finish installing Mac OS X, you should change this setting back to default, so that "Hard Disk" is the first boot device (this optional, but it will speed up your boot times). In most cases, you will be able to restore your device through the system settings which we also recommend - it is definitely the easiest way. He is a technical jack of all trades, but has become an expert in vSphere, Microsoft technologies, IT infrastructure and the Macintosh. If you don't have additional internal hard drives, run BIOS setup and turn off SATA 1 and SATA 2. In this guide, we'll show you how to install Mountain Lion on your PC with the iAtkos distro. If your computer already has Mac OS X Lion installed, iAtkos will just update Lion to Mountain Lion normally, without deleting any of your apps or files.However, not every computer will work with Mac OS X.
If things go well, your computer will boot into iAtkos instead of booting from your normal hard disk. To do this, start up Disk Utility, which is located under the Utilities menu in the top bar.
In the screenshot below, my hard drive partition is called "disk0s2", while my entire hard drive is called "21.47 GB VBOX HARDDRIVE". Maybe you could do some kind of deal with him so that you have spare items to try to get your problem resolved?
Then you can just connect your OS drive with your data on it back to the machine and back up any important data, and then do a clean installation on that drive.Also, your memory seems to be a bit buggy too. Then you can just connect your OS drive with your data on it back to the machine and back up any important data, and then do a clean installation on that drive.Yeah, I'll do that. For your sake I can only hope that your luck continues and that you have enough patience & resolve to conquer your problems.Good Luck!
As one last option, you could install Mountain Lion on a virtual machine, and run Unibeast on there instead. If neither of these options apply to you, you can simply skip this page by clicking "Continue". If you have a Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3 motherboard like me, check out my own Multibeast setup.
Layout of setting screens may differ for various Android devices, section names and terminology as well, because the graphical interface is usually modified by the manufacturer, but the basic procedure is always the same. If you only have 1 optical drive (PATA 0), turn off PATA 1; and disable the floppy drive controller to fix the 'floppy seek' error.Did you (accidentally) reset BIOS settings to factory defaults?
The "Customize" page essentially does the same thing as Multibeast, though the layout (and most of the names of the options) are different. Try running with only 1 stick with the new video card for a while.And have you had continuous success booting past the BIOS with the new card?
And the next thing I know, I'm looking at something I've not seen in over 6+ months!I was able to login and saw my desktop, checked a few folders and everything is still there!I've got to get sleep, but later I'll see what else I can do! In the instructions below we show you how to restore your phone or tablet to the factory settings.
If you don't have any qualms with the legal issues regarding distros, they're actually the most convenient way to set up a Hackintosh.
Also, OS X Mountain Lion takes up about 10 GB of space on its initial installation, so the computer where you install Mac OS X must have at least 10 GB of space in its hard drive. Otherwise, you can figure out the rest in Step 6, where you'll actually set up your Hackintosh with Multibeast.
If battery is more than ~2-3 yrs old, you probaby should replace it before making any changes. Try running with only 1 stick with the new video card for a while.I was surprised to see that happen. Almost feels like I'm never duplicating my success in repeatedly going beyond that darn 80% progress bar.

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