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I am a longtime user of Google’s services, but with the company’s increasing privacy concerns, I am going to migrate solely to iCloud. To clarify, this will not allow you to merge Apple IDs—merging addresses is something that Apple doesn’t appear to support (and, like many of you, I’d like it to be supported). And I will again emphasize that if you receive an error when attempting to do this (the MobileMe error that some have cited) you then turn to the iTunes Support link I provided earlier. I opted to follow Jeremy’s recommendation to do an encrypted backup of my old iPhone 6 and then restore to the new one.
The tiny difference in dimensions between the 6 and 6s is virtually undetectable, and made no difference to my Mujjo wallet case.
I was hoping we’d get the apple watch style folding charger in the UK from now on… First impressions of 3D touch?

I keep forgetting you are in Europe – but an reminded by the size of your wall charging brick! My 6s Plus is on the UPS Truck for delivery today (at the office) and I have my MacBook Air with the backup of my 6 Plus on it, just waiting to be restored to the new 6s Plus.
Yeah, some restored from iTunes, some (judging by speed) restored from iCloud, some I had to reinstall. If, for some reason, you need to disassociate your Apple ID from such an account (or you’re having a problem using the method I just described), you’ll need to contact Apple to arrange it.
Rather, you use this if you’re going to be abandoning an email address altogether and need to associate a different email address with your Apple ID. Oddly, this didn’t work perfectly, failing to install some apps, so I had to download those again.

When will people realize the best way to upgrade is when the phone you currently have is just a year old and worth more money for trade or sale? I had the top of the line 5S for two years and got an almost 50% refund for it, I consider that money well spent.

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