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If your email is completely under controla€”your Inbox is normally empty, filing new messages is a breeze, and you feel no anxiety at all about the number of messages you receive every day or the number youa€™ve stored over the years, you can stop reading this article now.
Most email clients, such as Applea€™s Mail and Microsoft Outlook, can handle as many accounts as you throw at them, and of course ita€™s often necessary to keep work and personal accounts separate.
Simplify your email by picking just one go-to account and setting up all the other services to forward email to that primary address.
That way, even if youa€™re checking your email in a Web browser, youa€™ll be able to see all your messages in the same place. Go to the iCloud Web site and look under the Mail app's preferences to find the option to forward all incoming messages to another address. Some people advocate using a single Archive mailbox as a dumping place for all messages youa€™ve read and want to remove from your Inbox. Your goal should be to have as few mailboxes as necessary to facilitate finding the information you need rapidly. A number of people recommend checking email less oftena€”say, once or twice a daya€”and leaving your email client closed the rest of the time to avoid distractions.
Some people recommend checking email less oftena€”say, once or twice a daya€”to avoid distractions. SpamSieve normally works behind the scenes to separate junk mail from legitimate messages, but it's worth checking out your statistics from time to time to see just how effective it's been.
My technique for handling incoming messages works exceptionally well for me (see "Empty your Inbox"). Use server-side filtering: Gmail, iCloud, and many other email providers let you set up rules or filters on the server that can file, delete, or even send canned responses to messages that match certain criteria.
Learn to love your Delete key: Ia€™ve long had the habit of saving almost all incoming messages, but those files do take up space, and they make operations like backups, disk repair, and migrating to a new Mac more time-consuming.
Leave the past in the past: Should you also prune the tens or hundreds of thousands of messages youa€™ve already saved? Archive locally: However, it is fair to ask whether all those messages need to stay in my email client and on my IMAP servers.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. If you just got your new iPad, you're going to want to set it up and get it working just as quickly and effectively as possible. For most people, most of the time, we recommend iCloud, but we'll walk you through both of them below. When you turn on your new iPad, you'll be greeted with a Lock screen that simply says "iPad". If this is the first time you've ever used an Apple product or service or just want a new one, you can create an Apple ID. Agree to the terms and conditions of service by tapping the blue Agree button on the bottom left. For the smoothest experience and longest battery life, we always recommend setting your new iPad up as new (see above).
A progress bar will show you an approximation of how long it will take to download your backup.

Once your iPad reboots, you'll be asked to re-enter all your passwords (as a security measure, iCloud will not restore passwords).
If a software update is available for your new iPad, a popup notification will let you know, and a red badge will appear at the top righthand corner of your Settings app. Just like setting up your new iPad, you can either do software updates directly on your device, over-the-air (OTA) or by plugging into iTunes on your PC.
OTA on-device updates are faster and more convenient since your iPad will only download the changes and update in place, so once it's done and rebooted, you're good to go.
With its latest update, Tweetbot has introduced Topics, a way to easily group a series of related tweets on a single topic. Clothing retailer True Religion is deploying the Apple Watch to retail staff in its stores in Los Angeles and New York City, hoping to improve customer interaction through the use of a specialized watch app. Your email client will have less work to do, which can make it more responsive, while mobile devices will use less battery power and possibly even a bit less network bandwidth. I dona€™t go quite that far, because I have certain categories of messages I can locate more easily if kept separate from the general population. For example, my few remaining mailboxes include one for Travel (so I can easily find things like flight itineraries and hotel information on my iPhone) and one for Money (so all my receipts and tax-related documents are in one place). For some temperaments, that might be exactly the right choice, and if you dona€™t get a lot of time-sensitive email, ita€™s worth a try. If I did it just one or twice a day, the pile of messages would be overwhelming, so I keep my email client open when Ia€™m at my desk and check my iPhone or iPad regularly when Ia€™m not, answering or otherwise processing most messages as they come in. However, thata€™s just one approach, and you may find that an entirely different method works better for you. Even though your Mac email client can do that too, relying on server-side rules means you benefit from that pre-filtering even when using a mobile device.
First tell Gmail what to look for (such as a sender or subject) and then specify what should happen to matching messages (for example, applying a label). Plus, even with great search tools, having a larger haystack makes the needle that much more elusive. For me, the answer is no, because having to think about each of them long enough to decide whether it should go or stay would chew up far more of my time than it would ever save.
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Your iPad will show you the most common languages for the area in which you bought it, but you can tap the downward arrow icon to see all the choices. Location Services use GPS, cell-tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi router mapping to determine the approximate location of your iPad. Even if you're on 3G or LTE, your iPad wants Wi-Fi because there may be a lot of data to move around and blasting through your data cap on setup is no fun. Also free, also incredibly useful to track down your iPad if you ever lose it or have it stolen. It's anonymous and helps make Apple make better products, but if you're uncomfortable with the idea, choose Don't send.

You still need to get apps and games, books, TV shows, and movies, set up your email, get iMessage and FaceTime up and running, and much much more.
We've got a special, dedicated thread set up in our forums to deal with any issues you may have. Amzer’s Shellster case offers a hard shell for the phone as well as a holster to keep it in for easy access.
You can simplify your email by picking just one as your go-to account and setting up all the other services to forward email to that primary address (so you dona€™t need to worry about sending everyone a change-of-address notice).
Although separate mailboxes (or, in Gmail, labels) sometimes serves a useful organizational function, the combination of searching and smart mailboxes (or saved searches) can often accomplish the same thing. A I no longer keep mailboxes for messages from individual friends or family members, because those are easy to find with a search or smart mailbox.
That way I almost never have more than a few messages in my Inbox, which improves my mental health. As Ia€™ve written elsewhere, the crucial first step is realizing that neither email in general nor your email client in particular is to blame if your email feels out of control. But none of these things can compose thoughtful message replies for you or eliminate the need to think about your incoming email entirelya€”some parts of inbox management will always require manual effort.
So, Ia€™m trying to train myself to spend half a second before performing that reflexive filing keystroke to consider whether I might ever refer to this particular email message again, and if not, delete it to improve my signal-to-noise ratio ever so slightly. If I can delete hundreds in one fell swoopa€”for example, if all the messages from a certain mailing list were also available in a Web archive somewherea€”thata€™s one thing. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. If you prefer the old-school approach, you can also set up your new iPad using iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. You have to look at the choices and tap one to check it before the Next button will even activate.
This feature is used for turn-by-turn navigation (like Navigon, check-in games (like FourSquare), social networks (like Facebook), geo-tagging (like in the Camera app), and utilities (like Find my iPad, etc. It keeps all your data safely backed up and let you restore or easily switch to a new or additional iOS devices later. Medium updates might add a few new features or support new devices (for example, iOS 5.1 released in March of 2012 with the new iPad). And, not having to think as hard about where to put a message, or where to look for a saved message, can save time and mental energy. Reflect on whata€™s not working well for you and experiment until you find a good technique. Unless you have a particular need to globally disable it, you'll want to turn on the Location Services feature at this point.

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