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Helen Parker: Is there a way of recording cyber crimes on your database to see the level of cybercrimes reported? Dwayne: Are downloading the latest episodes of Game of Thrones on Mondays from torrent sites illegal?
Guest: I have had a video of me uploaded onto snapchat and I was not aware I was being filmed, the video was sexual, what can I do about this? Our crime recording systems allow us to tag offences with markers and there is a specific tag for cybercrime.
There are complex laws around copyright and any one who is downloading material on such sites may attract the attention of our partner investigative agencies such as FACT. We do not currently have that level of detail on the force website however we are looking in to it. This is a really interesting question as one of things that many of us do either on holiday, in coffee shops or when we’re just out and about is to log on to free wifi.
Because of this, you don’t need to contact your local force, Action Fraud will do it for you. One of the challenges of cyber crime is that while we know where the victims are, it is often much harder to locate the offenders. This means making sure that your Facebook settings are set to a high security level, avoid posting any personal details such as your address and date of birth and never share a password with any one. Finally, use caution before clicking on unsolicited email attachments or hyperlinks as these are one of the most common ways to get your computer infected. If you don’t know who the provider of the wifi is and therefore can not 100% trust them, do not sign in. People often post information on social media inadvertently, using apps such as Runkeeper and Endomondo. You are not necessarily giving them all your passwords but you are allowing them access to your device.
Remember when you publish your route with your start and finish point, you are effectively telling people where you live.

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