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The confidence interval allows us to quantify how confident we can feel a group of data is from its mean value.
For example, let's say we have a sample size of 32, with a mean of 33.4 and a standard deviation of 42. A confidence of 50% will yield the shortest interval because it is the smallest and the least precise of all the confidence levels. The confidence interval of 99.9% will yield the largest range of all the confidence intervals. Calculating the confidence interval for a given group can be useful for any science, including electronics.
Since the sample size is small (below 30), we take the sample size and subtract 1 to get the degrees of freedom (df).

I want to plot some confidence interval graphs in MATLAB but I don't have any idea at all how to do it. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged matlab plot confidence-interval or ask your own question. Calculating the 95 percent confidence interval is very easy once you understand how to do it. The first step is gather the data you want to base the confidence calculation into an excel spread sheet.
ArrayTips & WarningsIn order to use some of the statistical functions in Excel, you may have to install the Analysis Tool Pack. It's really frustrating, when I work through the code line by line the variables created make sense but none of my tinkering has helped.
We calculate the lower estimate by the formula, lower estimate= mean - (standard deviation)(value of t?). Confidence statistics is an estimation method used to predict if a subsequent sampling of data will fall within a given interval given a level of confidence. Put them all in a column and use the "COUNT" function to determine the number of data points you want to base you calculation on.

The standard deviation is used to measure the variability of a data set and it is a key value of the confidence calculation. This is the interval from the mean that you would predict results of another sample based on a certain level of confidence. The minimum value for this range is the mean subtracted by the confidence interval and the maximum value is calculated by the mean added by the confidence interval. We will first ask for the predictions on the link scale, calculate 95% confidence intervals, and then transform them to the real scale for plotting.
Select all of the data points and use the "STDEV" function to calculate the standard deviation for the whole population. It requires the input of significant level which is 100% subtracted by the level of confidence we are interested in.
It also requires the standard deviation and count we had calculated in the previous two steps.

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