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There’s great debate in the meditation arena about how much time you should spend doing it. The state you’re looking for certainly is an immediate calm, but also a very regulated, stress proof brain throughout the day. When I sit down and take it past 15 minutes, moving into 20, and even 25 +, I achieve a much deeper, much more integrative, much more protective for the rest of the day kind of state. The Dalai Lama has been rumored to offer a lot of money to anyone in science that can help him replicate the gamma state, which is a state of high brain integration where cognitive performance is significantly powerful, in less than 4 hours (the time it takes him to get there). The longer I go in, the crazier and more powerful the state is, and the subsequent effects.
The mechanism at work here is simply the more complex integration, calming, cognitive control, and deep state regeneration as a result of more time in. About the author Ryan Ballow is a combat vet turned entrepreneur, Founder of iMobileRescue Inc, Surrogate Labs, and Cortex the Nootropic. As people grow up and become older their perspectives begin to shift, focusing more upon material things. When we balance the internal chakras we balance the aspects of our human consciousness - and therefore how we deal with everyday life.
And you move upward now as though moving through the central column of energy within your spine - moving up the energy lift into the 2nd chakra in your belly, into Svadhisthana - an orange swirling vortex of vibrancy in your belly. Your body begins to speak to you here, and you connect with your physical body with love and gratitude. As you tune into Svadhisthana you connect with your femininity or masculinity, and with your sexuality. As you move into this yellow you feel a sense of confidence and strength - letting go of self-doubt, of nervousness, of fear, letting go of self-blame - and as you let go of these a sense of freedom blossoms within the sunshine chakra, and your strength begins to radiate into your aura.
Your personal Heart centre, Anahata is the place from which you give and receive love in your close personal relationships. See how this spinning emerald green vortex is perfectly aligned above the yellow at the solar plexus, the orange in your belly and the red at your root. The rainbow within you is ignited now - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet igniting into WHITE LIGHT now. So here are three mini-meditations, moments to just stop and breathe and remember why you are here. Mini-meditations can be done at the doctor’s office, walking down the street, at an airport, standing at a bus stop, in an elevator, while sitting in the bathroom (often the only place you can be alone!). If you are at work, then use your lunch hour to find a quiet spot, perhaps in a park, or even in the office if everyone else has gone out.
As you walk down the street or ride in an elevator, practice a mini-loving kindness by silently wishing everyone be well, wishing that everyone be happy.
Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour series books, among other things, said recently in an interview that the effects of meditation are understood not necessarily immediately, but throughout the day in how your brain functions, which I agree with. Sometimes, for me, a solid meditation session allows me to undergo extremely stressful, super demanding and sometimes non stop situations throughout my day (which is mainly in building and running my iOS device repair company), without breaking down from stress, while maintaining a pretty optimal brain functionality throughout. First, the integration of the many systems of the brain, which is what happens during meditation, can be achieved faster in some than in others, which could explain a shorter induction period in meditation or shorter meditation times. I mean, the lights turn on, my calm prevails, verbal fluency kicks on full blast and cognitive speed and regulation throughout the day sticks around.

I think a lot of the elements of whether or not you have a good meditation session are extremely important here, and should be considered in formulating expectations about any meditation session. It is as important as ever to work with the internal chakras, despite our new  evolving 12-13 chakra system. This heals money issues, physical health, sexuality, emotions, insecurities, relationships, communication, intuition and finally our perception of and connection with the Divine. When we take the time to heal on the mundane level, we are able to integrate with our Higher Selves and multi-dimensional aspects more effectively. Stretch your body, feeling as though your head is lifted from an invisible hook at the back of your head, and then allow your chin to settle down, aligning your chakras – your head, neck and spine. Deep red roots moving from the root chakra through your hips, legs and feet, into the Earth.
Opening your heart to your body in compassion, love and acceptance, so that your body may speak to you clearly about what it needs.
This connection is joyful, and sensual - accepting your sexuality as part of the Sacred Magic of your physical being. As you melt into Anahata feel any hurts from past relationships dissolving, so that your heart centre is open and receptive. Feel the White Light of Creator pouring in through Sahasrara, cleansing all chakras within your body and filling you with light, so that your feet, legs, torso, arms, neck and head are now filled with White Light.
2008In reading some recent posts on here I'm getting the impression that many non-Christians think that meditation is something that Christians don't do, that meditation is something only done in eastern religions, that Christianity is rote prayer, sermons, and Bible reading only. Is it when things are not going your way or they look topsy-turvy and you just want to scream; when your life appears chaotic and you are not sure if you are coming or going; or when it feels like everything is piled on your shoulders? A moment to check yourself out, to look within, and to find what is really meaningful to you. Silently count your out- breath up to ten times, or walk with awareness of each step for up to ten steps. If you are traveling then use that time to consciously breathe, letting your awareness follow your breath from the nose tip to your belly and back out again.
In the office you can spend a few moments repeating the names of everyone you work with and wishing them happiness.
But he was also saying that short meditation sessions are his thing, and that time constraints make it hard to sit for a while and meditate. I’ve been able to, particularly with self directed internal programming (aka self hypnosis), get into really deep meditative and regenerative states within 5 minutes. I cannot achieve that state in less time, unless again, all the physiological elements are right and I do some self hypnosis, but generally, I need at least 15 + minutes to really integrate the brain. While there are other ways to do this, meditation can effectively be used as a focused reminder to help keep your vibration high when you are busy thinking about work, kids, and dinner. With your heart open, as you connect in this way with the Earth Mother, she feels your presence - and her nourishment floods into your body, just as it would do with the plant or a tree. This knowing of your free will dissolves control issues, power struggles -and you experience yourself as autonomous, free and powerful. Did you ever notice the small, everyday miracles, like the fact that you can breathe in and out?
On your way home from work reflect on your day and generate loving thoughts to all those you met.

As you walk become aware of your walking, of the movement of your body and the rise and fall of your feet. But I can’t always do that, and the elements of sleep, food, energy, etc all effect the situation. Still smiling, you move into the vibration of TRUST, and your consciousness is flooded now with the knowing that all you need is provided in the moment. Feel this blossoming within you - your Sacred Sexuality, connection and acceptance of your physical body, just as it is.
See this golden yellow ball of energy at your solar plexus directly aligned above the orange in your belly and the red at your root - building this rainbow within you now – of power, strength, trust and freedom.
As Vishuddha opens you are able to speak of your needs, your desires, your dreams openly without hesitation. When you send out relaxing and loving thoughts it relaxes the space around you and often any chaotic or disturbing energies will dissipate. Become aware of your breath and see if you can bring both your breathing and your walking together. And here you are, dear ones, instantly in a place of stillness and peace, on a journey within – a journey through the cosmic chakric wheels that spin within your physical body. You let go of anxiety around money, around the future, and in this moment you move into trust that what you need - all food, shelter, clothes is provided by the Earth Mother; that the Universe works in cooperation with you as you trust to bring those things into your life that you need to move forward on your path.
And watch as this orange vortex spins above the red vortex of Muladhara, directly aligned above each other. You speak words of integrity only, allowing this to be the place from which truth arises within you and is expressed through your words, written and spoken.
And although we may know that meditation chills us out, if we are feeling stressed or irritable then it just doesn’t seem so appealing.
2013Quote from ludlowlowell:In reading some recent posts on here I'm getting the impression that many non-Christians think that meditation is something that Christians don't do, that meditation is something only done in eastern religions, that Christianity is rote prayer, sermons, and Bible reading only. I wonder if being in that totally focused meditative state caused him to fly in this way . He did this in front if small crowds and large crowds . 2011Christian mediation is to cause a psychotic break in the mind from the real world, to obsess with fairy tale myths, fantasy and delusion.
Other mystical experiences could be a definite answer to prayer, an unexpected provision, or a season of spiritual renewal. 4. 181). b) Mysticism is the belief that spiritual reality is perceived apart from the human intellect and natural senses. It looks for truth internally, weighing feelings, intuition, and other internal sensations more heavily than objective, observable, external data.
Mysticism ultimately derives its authority from a self-actualized, self-authenticated light rising from within. Its source of truth is spontaneous feeling rather than objective fact (MacArthur, John Jr., Our Sufficiency in Christ, p. 2012The problem with the last post is that this fellow is an academic, he speaks of mysticism as a "belief".

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