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Hover over the log-in area at the top right of the page and click on the Forgotten password?
Please note: If you cannot locate an email from JacPLUS support in your inbox, try checking your junk mail folder. Note: If you do not receive your password reset, please check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. Reset Galaxy Tab with Hardware KeysIf Android OS is not loading then you can hard reset Galaxy Tab using hardware Keys combination. If you proceed for factory reset or hard reset it will delete your all the data.So,better to have back up. As you want to hard reset your tab,let me tell you, it will erase all the data on your tab , but won't erase anything available on your sd card until you to format that.Well you have two ways to do hard reset.
1) Make sure that factory reset will delete all the data so better take aback up of all the available data in the Device. 2) Do factory reset only in the Extreme if cases that if there is no other Option other than this. Check out the Steps to reset Samsung Galaxy Tab they are- Press the switch off button and switch off the device.
Remove your hand from the power button but continue to hold Volume Up until the recovery screen appears.
When I was recently writing about SkyDrive I had the same issue, actually, that I couldn’t remember my account password. You know the drill, enter your account email address and the letters represented by the captcha to prove you’re human, not a robot.
There are two main ways you can reset your account password, either by having a temporary one-use password emailed to the primary email address you’ve specified for your account or, if you have been smart enough to register your cellphone number with the Microsoft account management system in the past, have them send you a code to your phone.
Now Microsoft Account center will actually prompt you to update your personal information that’s on file.

Never miss a single tutorial, review or article here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for our weekly newsletter. Tina, what happens if you click on ‘forgot password’ and have a recovery link emailed to you? It’s a good idea ?? to let your past friends knows that you want to be with them again so let chat. I forgot my Windows Phone Microsoft account password,,so I can’t install any more apps.
I now have windows 10 I was going to start up cortana, it wants me to log into microsoft account but using the old password 1 more time, I don’t remember my old password, if I did I wouldn’t have change the one I had?
Can’t sign into MS support for any help because We keep being thrown into the loop above. For a Dell PC, you could also use the method in the link from Dell below for how to do a factory image restore of Windows 8 using Dell Backup and Recovery Manager. I reset my PC to factory settings today, by cleaning out the files through the update and recovery option.
Can't Reset to Factory SettingsHello, I have a HP Envy x2, which I purchased refurbished with Windows 8 pre-installed.
Restored laptop to factory settings and seems slow.I reset my pc to factory conditions using the Samsung recover tool, the pc seems slower fps wise in games for example. Once you perform a hard reset on the Galaxy tablet, all the data stored in the device will be deleted.
In a phone you obviously have your battery and if the phone hangs you can take out the battery or do a hard reset.
I never even knew I had a Microsoft account, actually, but my guess is that it’s based on my Hotmail account info or something. However you slice it, really the easiest way to deal with a lost password is to simply set up a new account and start over.

Thing is, Microsoft keeps track of all your old passwords (presumably in an encrypted manner, so they’re not all just sitting on a server somewhere in the clear, waiting to have some enterprising hacker extract everything!).
The replacement phone will not transfer all of my stuff without accessing my ancient microsoft account. I even used my fone number when i first opened my microsoft account in case this ever happened. When I try to create a new account, using the same email address as my ID, it says that there is already an account with that ID.
I can’t *recover* passwords for people, nor do I have a secret back channel into the security team at Microsoft. Eventually I successfully gain back to my laptop by replacing the Microsoft account login using PCUnlocker Live CD. I can only offer helpful tips and information, it’s up to YOU to do something with it. I then had a Microsoft tech hook up with my pc and he spent 2 hours and could not get it to work either. I don’t understand this request i thought the whole process was because you lost or forgot the old password?
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I can use my Outlook account but i can’t access some apps plus other new stuff on Wins 10.

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