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We have more options on the page for you to set your homepage to any of a number of popular search engines or simply reset it to show a blank page.
Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can easily change your homepage settings whenever you like. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective trademark owners.
Drag the link or logo of the site you would like to set as your homepage and drop it into the "home" icon as shown above. It's common for companies to set the homepage of the default web browser to the URL of their web sites.

By the way, as far as this article is concerned, the homepage is the page that is displayed when the web browser program is started. From the "Edit" menu, you have to select "Preferences" and then in the "General" section put the Google web site address in the homepage field. An important note for Internet Explorer users: I've come to know that some Internet Explorer users are unable to change the homepage.
And as you probably know the default web browser on the Windows operating system is Internet Explorer. To change the homepage in Internet Explorer you need to modify its settings - read that article for detailed instructions.

If you too cannot change the homepage in Internet Explorer, I suggest you read that post for troubleshooting and further help.
So, to make Google the homepage in the default browser, all you need to do it tinker a bit with the browser settings (the "Internet Options" section).

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