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I am trying to use Apache Spark to process my large (~230k entries) cassandra dataset, but I am constantly running into different kinds of errors. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java cassandra apache-spark apache-spark-sql spark-cassandra-connector or ask your own question.

However, the large dataset was indexed from a binary file that occupied only 22 MB, and doing nodetool status, I can see that only ~115 MB data is stored in both of my cassandra nodes. For now, it works for an input of 230782 records, with a standard program taking ~5 minutes with 3 partitions, while an equivalent spark SQL program made 7 partitions and finished in under 8 seconds !
I have a spark setup of 3 nodes with 1 master and 2 workers, and the 2 workers also have a cassandra cluster installed with data indexed with a replication factor of 2.
I have also tried to use Spark SQL on my dataset, but have got similar results with that too.

Where am I going wrong with my setup, and what should I do to successfully process my dataset, for both a Transformation-Action program and a program that uses Spark SQL.

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