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Del Vecho says the a€?Do You Want To Build a Snowman?a€? segment was taken out at one point and was in and out of the film a few times.
The Disney movie of the moment is Frozen, and if you’ve ever watched it, no doubt, as you read the title to this post you also sung do you want to build a snowman? You’ve now got the free printable label to make your Frozen Olaf party favor bags, but what goes inside the cellophane bags?
If I recall, I just snipped the ends of the marshmallows and the sticky edges then stuck together!

Pop all the snowman pieces into a cellophane bag and then fold it over, depending on the length of the bag.
Today I’m sharing a party favor idea that would be great to give out as thank yous at the end of a Frozen themed party. Making favor bags filled with treats is definitely one of my favourite party thank you gifts to give to my guests! I’ve designed a label that you can print off and fold over a plastic food bag which will hold the snowman elements inside!

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