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Luckily, there IS a workaround, if you’re willing to do a little work, and it doesn’t even require jailbreaking! Step 04: In the left-hand column of iExplorer, you should see a list of items on your iPhone. Unfoutunately after a ton of research, Minecraft v0.6+ will not allow allow you to modify minecraft right now. I tried doing it and it only left me with a green person for all those who come onto my game and making me look normal to everyone.
Actually if you want a skin go to the App Store get skin creator and send your made skin to the data base and wait until the next update. Imagine cutting the image out and wrapping it around a box, and you can start to see how it all hangs together. Click on that link to open an image called char.png (it will be the same 2D flattened character image at the start of the article).
Head back to your Minecraft profile, and halfway down the page just underneath the image download link you used earlier there's a Browse button. If that all sounds too hard, a much quicker way to edit your own skin is to use an online editor like the one at Nova Skin. SkinCraft is another example of an online editor, and it's even easier to use because you can add clothes and body parts that have already been designed for you. Once you're done, save your image as a .png file and upload it using your Minecraft profile page (as described above for the image editor option). There are tons of skin database websites where you can download a skin that's already been made for you, like Minecraft Skins and Nova Skin - just Google 'Minecraft skins' and you'll find plenty. The range of skins is a lot more limited than in the computer edition, but also much easier to change - simply go into Help & Options and choose Change Skin. The discussion of all things skins on the Minecraft Forum is a great place to find help and inspiration.

On the one hand you can play your favorite game anywhere you go… on the other, there are a ton of missing features. This almost always works on the first try for me, but I have had occasions where the file did not look like it copied over, but it did indeed. And now that you’ve done all that hard work, here are the things I should have mentioned at the top.
I was watching some videos and it found out that the videos were from iPhone 3’s and stuff. I have not been able to find a work around, so I would gather that the method described on this page is no longer valid. It's created by wrapping a simple 2D image file around a 3D player structure (which is why it's called a skin). So let's take a look at the different ways you can go about customizing your own player skin.
Save that file somewhere on your computer, then open it up in an image editing program like Paint, Photoshop or GIMP. Change the colour of each pixel until it looks just the way you want it - it's free and really fun to play around with. Skins are very small and simple .png files so the risk of downloading a virus is low, but always stick to safe practices like avoiding dodgy-looking sites and making sure that you're running good antivirus software. The standard game comes with just a handful of different Steve skins, but you can download additional skin packs for a few dollars (with the occasional free promotional pack).
Luckily, most of these features seem to be gradually making their way into the game via a series of updates, however one feature that is still not available is the ability to change the way your character looks via custom skins. What you want to do is drag that file from the iExplorer window to your desktop to make a copy.
First, unfortunately, this only changes the default skin on YOUR iPhone, so if you join a LAN game, your friends will still see you as Stevie, not your cool new Batman skin or whatever you downloaded.

Everyone starts off in Minecraft with the same skin, but most players want to put their own unique stamp on the game by customizing it.
Change the colours of the various body parts to make a new character (making sure to leave transparent bits transparent), then save the file with a different name (making sure it's still a .png).
First, you need to make sure that the old version of Minecraft is completely removed from your Mac. Software from MicroSim allows protocol "Activesync" of "up to 40%"; [39 this considerably ipad Online.
Likewise, since everyone in the game gets the Stevie skin by default, if you are playing a LAN game you will see everyone else as your new character, in addition to yourself. I drag the files to overwrite but the iphone rejects it and does’t allow it to overwrite.
The easiest way to do this is by installing and using a free app called AppCleaner which will remove all files but be careful. It’s always a good idea to have the original saved somewhere safe in case you miss the old skin. If not, quit it (and force quit it from the iPhone tray), and just keep dragging in your new char.png file until it does. But when i drag in the new one it asks if i want to overwrite, which is a sign that iExplorer isn’t actually deleting the file.
Key Maker Serial Key Generator USB to Serial Port Hyper Serial online tools that allow you to test allow for legacy code that needs to use the local file system to work. Still, it’s pretty funny to watch these characters run around, fly, and get eaten by Zombies, and there are literally thousands of skins to choose from, and you can even take these skins into Photoshop and make your own!

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