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Copyright 2006 - 2015All images, text and logos appearing on Rare Bird Finds are protected under U.S. Now with Ride’s Nowhere due to hit shelvers November 6th in an expanded anniversary edition which will go under the moniker Nowhere25, Smith has emerged from the shadows to show his continued devotion to the now-legendary Oxford band. Alex Green’s seventeenth show for Primal Radio picks right back up where #16 left off. Berlin, city of contrasts, a confluence of historic and modern, brilliant and stark, flourishing and forgotten.

The television tower near Alexanderplatz is the tallest structure in Berlin, standing at 1,209 feet. The "United Buddy Bears 2003" is a display of decorated fiberglass bears near the Brandenburg gate, promoting international understanding and tolerance. Along the Havel River, one encounters castles poking out of the dense forests, towns, industry, bridges, beaches, and the most subtle locks (a water level difference of only a few inches) I've ever seen. After a time I told him that I much admired the lady that owned the bar, who also was serving us that night.

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