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Leonardo DiCaprio took a break from his work corralling women in nightclubs to throw potential more-than-friend Rihanna a celebrity-infested birthday bash. Sometimes, as a single person, you just want to annoy those couples who seem to have it all together. Berlin, city of contrasts, a confluence of historic and modern, brilliant and stark, flourishing and forgotten.
The television tower near Alexanderplatz is the tallest structure in Berlin, standing at 1,209 feet.

The "United Buddy Bears 2003" is a display of decorated fiberglass bears near the Brandenburg gate, promoting international understanding and tolerance.
Along the Havel River, one encounters castles poking out of the dense forests, towns, industry, bridges, beaches, and the most subtle locks (a water level difference of only a few inches) I've ever seen.
After a time I told him that I much admired the lady that owned the bar, who also was serving us that night. From the looks of photos from the night-turned-early-morning, there were large balloons and a leopard printed cake.

Anyway, according to For Your Marriage, the divorce rate in the United States has doubled since the 1960s.

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