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Discover why stress and negative thinking are important causes of anxiety, depression, and addiction. DISCLAIMER: This site contains general medical information and is not tailored to the needs of a specific individual. I won the debt, divorce, drinking and drugs jackpot because I wanted to take back what I gave away, me. It all started when I was in a toxic relationship while living in the Southern United States.
We had every earthly possession that two people could want and a thriving real estate business, but it was never enough. I left the house with my children; the dog and the clothes on our backs got into my car and drove away without looking back.
We did have a small mobile home a 1973 12×50 that sat on its own land that we had paid cash for. I turned to my mother for assistance and after sleeping on my mother’s fold out sofa with the children and the dog for 8 weeks and detoxing, I moved in.
My ex-husband thought since I was an addict that I would lose custody or that I would come running back to him with open arms.
I had excellent credit at the time with absolutely no clue how I was going to pay all of that money back. We had no clothes, no food, no furniture, no Christmas presents, not even a Christmas tree. The bills kept piling up and I kept working as much as I could to make the money last until the end of the month. It seemed like I had more credit than I had cash coming in but it was the only way that I could think of at the time to keep my family together and all the bills paid with a roof over our heads and food on the table. It wasn’t always the best of food but it was food that was hot and would provide nourishment for me and the kids such as like tins of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy or chili macaroni. Once a month a lady at the church we belonged to bought us a basket from the food share program co-op.
Someone always wanted money from me and I never dreamed divorce would cost as much as it did for me.
I was merely living a life for my children and holding on to a string of hope dropped from heaven in hopes someone would hear or something magical would happen for us. We were scraping by day-to-day on my tips from the lunch truck,  I continued to use my credit cards to survive but kept optimistic that something would change for the good. I‘d like to consider myself quite crafty, so I started doing some painting and crafting with them on my own time. They asked me if I wanted to do some piece work on the side and I was so happy that I gladly accepted the offer. This was a dream come true for me yet I’d never forget those early days of detoxing on my mom’s couch. I continued the piece work on the side in addition to my 40 hours in order to bring in some extra income. Every bit of money helps and I was going to make sure there were no missed opportunities. In no time the late charges started to disappear from my bills, a feeling that is hard to describe to someone unless they’ve been in the same situation. We could afford to go to the grocery store and buy food, put gas in the tank and pay for all the medical bills. It was now 2010 and counselling was going well for me and I’ve come along way in my journey with my drug and alcohol addiction. The guilt over the amount of debt that I had accumulated was so overwhelming, even after I was able to stop charging the credit cards up. I would look at my balances and be so ashamed at myself that I didn’t want to think about it.
One night, playing around on the internet, I came across Dave Ramsey and his debt philosophy. I devoured all the information he provided late into the night. I spent the weekend reading and soaking up as much as the information as I could. I learned I had to let go of the emotion attached to my debt if I was ever going to pay it off. I had a yard sale when my children outgrew their clothes and sold the items to use that money to put down on my debts. I make my jewellery on my porch or at my kitchen table after work in the evenings or on weekends. Pricing my custom jewellery is always an ongoing challenge but I’m getting better at making sure that my time and efforts are being paid for in the price of my work.

If I really like it and it looks posh and expensive and the materials were pricier for me to make it then I can ask more money. I have worked hard to get where I am today and never dreamed that my perseverance would bring me the joys that I have been given in my life. I have such a sense of pride, knowing that I paid off what seemed an impossible amount of debt. I still have a very frugal lifestyle and we are budgeting our money so we know where it all goes.
I plan every meal down to the penny so I know what I need to buy when I go shopping with my list.
I used this money this past year to donate food to the church (I was pretty proud of that). I still sell my jewellery today and have wholesale accounts in 3 countries now the USA, Canada and England.
My boss is amazing and I have been able to use our business contacts to develop my little jewellery business.
Winning the debt, divorce, drugs and drinking jackpot simply means that I conquered some of life’s demon’s and won! Contribution Post: This was written by a Canadian Budget Binder fan named Cindy who wanted to share her story in hopes of motivating others. It is long but I really though sharing year by year how things improved was a great way to say, hey it doesn’t happen over night, but it can happen.
I am in an EXTREMELY similar situation that you are in now and my income is about the same as yours as well. If you follow the simple steps laid out in this book, you will change your life and be happier.
Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this site, however it is NOT complete and it may contain mistakes. My name is Cindy and in 2008, I decided to change my life and today I’m going to share with you my most compelling years in hopes of motivating others who believe there is no way out.
I quickly became addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs and driven into a life that seemed like it had no end in sight. My children’s father and I had been successful in developing real estate, but there was no money when I left.
The mobile home was in my name and that is where we were going to start our life over as a family.
During that time I found a job at a local fast food restaurant and started counselling for my addictions. My lawyer bills were $4000 for the first round to get the ball rolling with our divorce and custody hearings. The taxes had never been paid on my little trailer since we purchased it, so another $1200 went on the  Discover credit card to settle the score with the tax man. In no time my car blew it’s radiator so another $800 went on the Bank of America credit card. It made more sense because the food truck offered great hours which made it easier for picking the kids up from school. It also meant I didn’t have to work nights any longer and could spend time with my family. When my shift ended on the food truck if there was any food that was left over from the construction sites my boss let me take it home. It had usually a large roast or a turkey, some fresh vegetables such as  carrots or potatoes and some canned items along with pasta and rice. It was a great way to get my mind off my financial and emotional troubles doing something I love while enhancing my skills. I sat down with my boss a few afternoons and he taught me how to paint crafts as I had never painted before in my life. The hand painting and the felt cut-out with gluing are tedious at times, but I have freedom at home to listen to the radio or YouTube so I don’t mind. Minimum payments were made, lights were on and the family really was starting to come together now.
We received a hand me down computer from a friend and soon after hooked up to the world as we know, the internet.
I was now 2 years sober at this point and had no desire to ever pick up a drink let alone drugs. I put all that extra money towards my lowest credit card debt, the Bank of America, and paid it off.

I just love the phrase because I could see the lioness in the grass hunting her prey, fierce and hungry.
I scoured the second-hand thrift stores for my children’s back to school clothes and not only did I save a bundle I was able to give them what they deserved without feeling any guilt.
I stayed up all night working because I wanted this to be a success and to make some extra income. I love garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores where I look for broken bits of old necklaces. I have built up a supply of beads to use by shopping at my local craft store with their coupons or buying odd bead lots online.
Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to make my jewellery and sometimes longer up to an hour depending on the materials I’m using.
I still live in my little mobile home with my now teenage children, 3 dogs and wonderful fiancee. He pays the phone bill for both of us, his own car insurance and his own gas for his vehicle.
Libraries are free and the knowledge I found there unlocked the secrets to paying off my debt.
I am debt free and budget all our family expenses so I don’t have to go back to those dark times in my life when I didn’t know where or who I was going to turn to for help. I even sell some of my pieces for more than $5 now which means that my products are in demand. So the next time someone says you will never make it on your own because you have a drug or alcohol addiction, smile and show them what you’re made of. I am glad that you have worked your way out of debt and found a way to make some side income. I went from a single mom of 2 boys with a drug and alcohol addiction with no job and $10,000 in debt to debt free in less than 5 years. I was earning $130 per week as my wage plus $50 in tips which I normally used to fill up my gas tank.
I struck up a friendship with many of the workers and I started hanging out there after work on occasion. I tucked every cent  of extra income that I earned away for emergency saving and to give my kids a small Christmas, credit card free! We only ate out one time in two years at a restaurant an that was on my son’s birthday. I still hang my clothes out to dry to save money on electricity and to show my children the importance of money and how to manage it  so they can make their way into life understanding what I did not. I now have extra money for holiday spending in November and December since I don’t pay some of the bills.
You are an inspiration to many going through similar circumstances, but most importantly – to your own kids. You can support this site by linking to it in your website or blog so that search engines can better recognize it. The radiator in my car blew again (yes same car) and it was no problem thanks to the emergency fund. I’ve always been fascinated with personal finance, savings, learning to make money and watch it grow while combating debts along the way. The contents of this website may be reproduced for non-commercial use only, and the site must be referenced.
Neither the author nor the operator of this site shall be liable or responsible for any loss, injury, or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this site. Canadian Budget Binder is a place where I get to share my experiences with personal finance and learn about yours along the way. I hope you stick around and check me out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest where I am active on all social media sites.

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