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Blog home of master wordsmith Renee Pawlish, author of mystery novels, horror books, and the Writers Workshop. The first step to becoming a professional Facebook marketer is having a professional looking Fan Page. If you do not have capability or talent to create artistic masterpieces, then do not attempt to throw some clip art together in Microsoft Paint to create a cover photo.
Some of you may have no idea where to look for designers, so I’ll offer up two sources that have served me well in the past.
For smaller businesses that may not have a large budget for graphical design, I recommend a little site called Fiverr. The second site requires a larger budget around $100 to $300 per image, and is called 99 Designs. While your Facebook Fan Page may look great, cover photos alone won’t generate much engagement. Posts come in a variety of formats, and are able to display different types of media from photos to video.
Now that the groundwork is set to becoming a professional Facebook Marketer, it is time to adopt the mindset of a professional. It's been 19 years, six months and four days since the release of Quentin Tarantino's seminal film "Pulp Fiction," as of this writing. Below you'll find a curated selection of wise dialogue that will make you appreciate this masterpiece even more. Business process mapping is the procedure of description of exactly what a business entails and the activities carried out by the business.
Business process mapping ensures that the management of a business is effective and efficient. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. For nearly six months, I have been working on creating a cohesive body of work for my upcoming gallery exhibitions.
The comments started rolling in and before I knew it, my newest oil painting had become a BIG joke!
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Lori McNee is a professional artist who specializes in still life, and landscape oil paintings.
Funny, I didn’t see the crack the first time I viewed the painting, but this time when I first glanced at it, I too saw the crack with the tattoo.
Would you want to experience your child’s birthday in a more immersive fashion, or probably see how it’s like for them to ride a bike for the first time, just like you did way back in the day?  If everything goes according to plan, Facebook could make that possible through its Oculus Rift VR headset.
Yes, there was more virtual reality to be had at the Facebook F8 expo this week, as the company hopes to make the Oculus Rift VR device a more immersive one.  That should hopefully silence those critics who felt that Facebook may have been “boiling the ocean,” to borrow the business jargon, by purchasing Oculus but not yet releasing any virtual reality device for consumers. Among the new user experiences Facebook showed off at F8 included a birthday party, as well as a first-ever bicycle ride, both of which gave the feel that users were taking part in those milestones.  But how long will it be before the Oculus Rift becomes available to consumers?  According to Facebook, it will be out “before long,” though the company was cagey when it came to exact release dates, or even a general timeframe for the device’s release.

Marlins, Pirates express concern on Zika ahead of Puerto Rico seriesThe Miami Marlins and the Pittsburgh Pirates publicly aired out their concerns this week about a two-game series in Puerto Rico in May, due to the ongoing Zika outbreak. Creating Fantasy art is an ancient practice that has origins in Greek mythology, Chinese Folklore and even as far back as ancient cave people whose paintings depicted mythical creatures and strange Gods drawn on cave walls.  The human species has always been captivated by the unknown, dreamlike state of the unconscious. The Facebook Timeline Cover can showcase your love for Fantasy themes and beautiful digital artwork. You will find a nice variety of Fantasy themes and images such as fairies, Gods, mythology, women goddesses and warriors, elves, monsters, dragons, angels, demonic figures, unicorns, magic, death and mystical ethereal beings. I searched over 100 wesbites and found 7 sites that feature specific Fantasy Facebook Cover Photo categories. There are a ton of options, and if rushed a Fan Page is rushed through creation it usually turns out to look unprofessional and shoddy. This is generally true for Facebook Fan Pages as well, unless an experienced marketer is calling the shots or an effective Fan Page creation tool is being used. Our business revolves around helping people create Fan Pages, and using Facebook to attract customers and loyal fans. You have to physically post to your Fan Page or use tools like custom tabs to create an engaging Fan Page. The professional Facebook marketers use all of these types of posts to give everyone an opportunity to connect with their Fan Page. Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook.
A perfect time, we say, to reflect on the myriad life lessons his timeless crime flick bestowed upon us through a pair of hitmen, a gangster, a gangster's wife and assorted others.
The procedure involves defining who does what, who is responsible for what and the measures of success of the business process.
The illustration details the business process by defining the inputs, the outputs and the activities done to accomplish the outputs. Recently, I posted a new still life painting of an owl on a red vase and asked my fans to help name the piece. But (no pun intended), as soon as I posted it on Facebook the painting looked rather unusual – especially as a thumbnail. But, although I had a sense-of-humor about this thread I also took the Facebook comments seriously.
Stunning art reproductions handmade paintings & oil portraits handmade oil painting reproduction paintings. So far, it seems to be all systems go, as Major League Baseball, the Marlins, and the Pirates all expect the games to take place on May…New Surfing Technology on the HorizonWith millions of surfers around the world, the prospect of technology that enhances the surfing experience will attract interest.
Our imagination tends to blend the real and unreal together creating fanciful images of beauty, surrealism, mysticism, mythology, heroism, unworldly creatures and the macabre. The layout is fantastic for previewing these incredible high quality digital Fantasy Facebook Covers. Fantasy subjects and titles include astrology, horoscope signs, dragons, fantasy worlds, futuristic cities, apocalyptic Earth, unicorns, mythical creatures, monsters, and goddess warriors. There are some bright and colorful images of  mystical creatures and fantasy creations like the White Unicorn, Medusa, Dracula, Ghost Warrior, Goddess and Pink Dragon, Gothic Mermaid Skulls, White Lion in Blue Fire, Pegasus, and Dragon Fire. Here are some tips to create a Facebook Fan Page just like the professional Facebook marketers use.

I just want to warn you up front that developing a professional Facebook Fan Page takes time, money, and some trial and error. You can also use the cover photo to promote current events or sales your business is currently running. With 99 designs, you supply the criteria for graphic designers to follow, and are presented with a variety of designs to choose from created by different designers. Both of these tools, when used properly, can generate a loyal fan base and dramatically increase the sales for your business. Yes, some people have been extremely fortunate to tap into the virality of social media, but do not build your business with that expectation. Some successful strategies may work for some niches, but may have to be slightly altered for others.
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. As many runners, hikers and bikers embrace Fitbits and Apple Watches, it won’t come as much of a surprise that the tech niche for surfers is close behind. All images are free to download to your computer or upload straight to your Facebook account using special apps. Image do note have titles but include some of the more popular Fantasy images floating around out there in cyberspace. Facebook version 1.7 is a special app that will automatically upload your chosen image to your Timeline photos.
Search around through the various graphic designer posts, and you should be able to locate someone who will make a Facebook cover for you.
The designer you choose gets a majority of the money you spend, and you can submit requests for alterations that you would like to see until you have a final product.
As a social media influencer, Lori ranks as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and named a #TwitterPowerhouse by The Huffington Post.
Click on the Fantasy category and you will be treated to titles such as Pink and Purple Fairies, Purgatorium, Sweet Unicorns, Filled With Sadness, Mermaid, Magic Painting, God of the Machines, Fantasy Girl and Fairy Princess. A cover photo that changes dramatically can have a negative impact on your Fan Page if it disassociates itself from your brand. You may not get a masterpiece, but it will most likely be better than what you could have come up with!
She is a keynote speaker, has been a talk show host for Plum TV, writes for F+W Media publications including Artist’s Magazine, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, Photographer’s Market.

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