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Below are many of the animals featured in Zoobooks. Click on the Zoobooks with your favorite animal to find out more. Not far from the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz was a no mana€™s land during the Cold War. The sterility of the photos, especially the images of prisoner bedrooms, hints at the degree to which the Stasi kept a tight lid on dissenters.

In my spare time I go to many o' concerts at the Zoo Amp, hang with my friends, go to the lake, work out, go to basketball games, baseball games, watch OU Football, walk my dogs and sleep whenever possible.FAVORITE (CLASSIC ROCK) BAND: I can't name just one, I have too many favs! Then the Berlin Wall fell, and the German authorities made it a petting zoo for celebrity architecture. In prison culture (or at least prison culture as ita€™s portrayed in the movies), therea€™s a lot of graffiti: on the walls, in library books, between cells.

The corporate headquarters of Germanya€™s new global swagger.But the ambitions for Potsdamer Platz, like the hopes and fears about a united Germany, turned out differently.

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