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I am not one who believes in BMW’s prolonged oil change intervals, so for this 1M it’s going to get the oil changed with synthetic every 5,000 miles. Over the years, BMW has made simple things like an oil change harder and harder for the do it yourself’er. Remove the dirty oil filter and the two O rings – a large black one and a much smaller green one. The M2 may be getting all the attention these days, but the impressive and legendary BMW 1M is still alive and kicking well. Vossen Wheels gets their hands on of the most excited BMW of this last decade – The BMW 1M. BMW i3 owners have an interesting competition amongst themselves and that’s to see who gets the most flat tires. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? The oil filter’s job in your Toyota Corolla is to make sure no impurities in the engine oil get to ruin parts that are rubbing on each other.
This is a DIY guide and, as such, you must be aware the procedures described here involve some risks. I prefer to do oil changes with the engine slightly warm (not flaming hot), so drive the car for about 5-10 minutes (not just idle).  Drive the car on ramps or jack up and place on jack stands to give sufficient access to the front undercarriage.
Once the oil has completely drained, replace the 19mm drain bolt with the new bolt supplied in the kit.
Screw oil cap back on, double-check for leaks under the car, reattach the splash guard, clean up your tools and you’re done.
This would be a terrible time to get distracted and go do something else, because your engine needs oil even more than it needs gasoline.
I threw away my funnel last week, so I had to use a bottle of diet Coke with the bottom cut off. After a quart or so, stop and take a look under the car to see if any oil is dripping onto the ground.
You should also keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge, because if there isn't oil, or there isn't enough oil, the engine is going to get really hot really quickly. If everything sounds and looks ok, turn off the engine, wait a minute and check the oil level with the oil dipstick. If you ended up with too much oil in the engine, this too will probably be ok, unless white smoke starts bellowing out on the freeway.
These instructions probably sound frightfully complicated and laced with warnings of doom, but after the first time changing your oil, everything goes a lot smoother and your time will be cut down to about 20 minutes or so. March 25, 2009 By Mike Bumbeck Early horseless carriages had no oil containment system whatsoever. Of all the fluids contained in an automobile, oil is absolutely crucial to the survival of your engine. Every vehicle has a dipstick for checking oil that lives up to its name and dips into the oil pan itself. The ongoing argument is whether to check your oil when the engine is hot, or when the engine is cold. Reinsert the clean dipstick into the engine until the handle is fully seated in the dipstick tube. Hey there Clunkbucketeers, good on ya from New Zealand, where even the sheep know how to check their oil. Tool of the Week: Heat GunThe heat gun is one of those tools like the five pound sledgehammer which reveals its many uses as time passes. Mazda GLC GoneFrom our rear-wheel drive hatchback division of junkyards past comes the Mazda GLC, or great little car. June 24, 2015 by Mellisa Swigart 1 Comment This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. And since my vehicle has more than 75,000 miles on it I prefer to use the Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle which is specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles.
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The break in service was done by the local dealer at 1,200 miles and another 5k has gone by. On E36’s like my old S52 M3 you can use 13mm socket found in any tool box to remove the oil filter.
Get a large screw driver and rotate the lock 180 degrees and the the door will just swing down.
Not getting oil all over your hand – which you’ll see in the video I didn’t do a very good job of. Once the oil has stopped draining, you can install the drain plug back in but make sure you’ve put the new copper crush ring first.
If the oil is staying in the engine, pour in the remaining oil, to the total quantity specified in your owner's manual.
Actually, you have to pull the dipstick out and wipe it off first, so there isn't any oil on it when you use it to measure.
And you probably want to know how to stop the maintanence light from telling you to change your oil! These contraptions deposited used oil directly onto the ground as drivers twirled handlebar mustaches.
The oil dipstick extends down into the engine oil pan, so it cannot give a correct reading if the oil is gathered at the back, front, or side of the pan. The cold crowd will argue that when the engine is cold and at rest, all the oil is in the pan, and therefore the dipstick will tell the truth.
The idea is simple if not slightly … Continue ReadingHorn Switch RepairDaily driving classic cars and trucks comes with benefits and pitfalls.
How much oil do I need?’ That’s a frequent question we all ask ourselves when we’re changing our engine oil. It’s absolutely gorgeous, a blast to drive and has every option including the 6NR BMW apps. I realize there is much debate about how often to change the oil in new BMW’s and which oil to use, a debate I’ll skip but you can see what I believe for this family heirloom. This trap door is pretty cool and will hopefully stand up to repeated use unlike some of the earlier generations where parts were easy to loose or break leaving a lot of shops to simply remove your panel and not tell you. I usually like to use a socket with a short extension, but that combo doesn’t fit in area BMW provides inside the trap door. You’ll only need a special filter wrench (which you can usually buy from where you get the fresh oil) and a catch pan for the used oil. Now, I know Audi says you can go 10,000 miles, but that  idea dates back to the time when Audi had to pay for maintenance, and most agree synthetic oil is on its last legs after 5,000 miles, especially in a twin turbo motor.
Place a funnel in the filler hole.  SLOWLY pour oil in, being very careful not to spill or splatter. Most major chains take it at no charge.  After driving around for a few minutes, double-check the oil level on even ground. Use a funnel if you can't manuouver the spout close enough to the opening to the oil reservior. Modern automobiles boast completely self-contained oiling systems, but still require that the driver check the level every now and again to prevent the engine from tearing itself up. These molecules prevent heat-producing friction from destroying your engine in short order.
The hot crowd will argue that oil expands when hot, so the best time to check the oil is when the engine is warm. Pinch a rag around the dipstick as you draw it out of the engine to remove and catch any oil.
Typically, changing our oil is something we take care of every three to six rides (hopefully), but often forget how much is necessary when we actually put forth our oil changing endeavors. One of the most important things we do for our car is get it’s oil changed every 5,000 miles. Unbelievably BMW lists the capacity of the window washer system as 5.9 quarts but not a mention about how much oil to put in the dip- stickless motor. Once the door is open it will expose the 17mm six sided drain plug that opens towards the passengers side front tire.

For about 50% cheaper and just 30 minutes, you can change your oil by yourself, or train your kid to do it for you in exchange for a box of animal crackers.
Place out of the way.  With the splash guard off, it’s a good idea to take a quick look around for any signs of leaks or any other potential mechanical issues. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, and there is NO need to use a strap wrench or any other device other than your hand. The oil warning light should be on when you first start the car, but then go dark within 10 seconds of the car starting. They won't pay you for it, even though you just bought a gallon of oil for about $20 not more than two hours ago. If you live and park on a steep hill then check your oil at the gas station when the engine is warm. Thankfully, though, you have TransWorld Motocross to help you fill in the blanks when you’re in doubt.
She’s been very good to us over the past 9 years and we have so many great memories in this car. I usually coordinate my oil change with my shopping trip to Walmart because they can change the oil in my car while I shop. Next seat the new oil filter in the black housing and install the whole assembly back into the motor. Assuming there are no leaks, add 6 quarts of oil and then check the oil level on the dipstick. If the oil warning light is still on after 20 seconds, turn off the engine and check your work, checking to see that the oil is really in the car's engine. Add oil if the level is too low, but if you followed the owner's manual, it should be right on the money.
Then let go and immediately press it again and hold it a few moments, until the maintenance warning light resets to zero.
Since the dipstick only reads how much oil is in the pan itself there are a few rules to follow when checking your oil. Engine oil filler caps are usually labeled with the word OIL and often include a pictogram of what looks like Aladdin’s lamp. That motor in the Starion would look even more beautiful with a valve cover that has Mitsubishi script along with the diamond star right on the rear center .
We’ve put together all the information you need to know when you’re changing the oil in your thumper. I wanted a brand new vehicle that I would drive for years to come, and that’s exactly what happened. Like driving my babies home from the hospital, taking our first road trip and dropping my kids off for their first day of school. The oil filter removal doesn’t have to be first, you could drain the oil first, this is just the order I like to do it. Fortunately, Bavarian Autosport sells the Special Oil filter housing cap for $15 and it comes with a 17 mm six sided hex head on the top, which interestingly is the same size as the oil drain plug.
The 25 Nm torque spec for the oil filter housing is thankfully marked on top of the oil filter housing. If it is below the operating range (indicated by the marks on the dipstick) add enough oil to meet the indicated range, being careful to not overfill.
For those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you should remove the residual oil in the oil filter housing.
Your engine can be destroyed in three minutes, and car insurance probably won't cover the damage.
I also like to get my oil changed at Walmart because they carry Pennzoil. All Pennzoil products help clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind.

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