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Changing your motor oil is perhaps the most important thing that you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle. This question isn’t as straightforward as many would have you believe, but the truth is easy enough to find. Most manufacturer’s recommend somewhere between every 5,000 and 10,000 miles depending on driving and running conditions.
Keep in mind, if you have an extended vehicle warranty, it may require you to get your oil changed even more frequently to maintain the warranty. Unlike the human body, your car doesn’t have a natural way to replace its oil over time, that’s where it relies on you.
Many AMSOIL users find the extended-service capabilities of AMSOIL products very attractive and have used AMSOIL products accordingly for many years. The performance qualities of base oils have a marked impact on the performance qualities of the finished product. Most lubricating oils have other chemicals added to improve the overall performance of the fluid.
Anti-wear Agents chemically react to form a film barrier that prevents metal-to-metal contact and wear. Drivers can have confidence knowing that AMSOIL motor oils provide maximum performance and protection. AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil may be used for the drain interval given in vehicle ownersmanuals. As a Preferred Customer, you will not have to pay the retail pricing and there's no limits on orders.
Fill in this form for more information about becoming a dealer or Preferred customer Via email. Hi Tim, I am John's mum, (your school mate), thank you so much for the excellent service, I now have extra spending money on my holiday tomorrow!!!
Tim Marsh is hands down the best service provider I have met in the motor vehicle sales industry. One of the most well-known maxims about cars (one that we all know by heart by now) is the one that relates to changing the car’s oil every 4,800 km. Certainly, in the days of less complex engine technologies and less sophisticated oil mixtures 4,800 km was a good benchmark. Of course, oil change shops and dealer service departments would love to keep that rumor afloat – after all, more frequent oil changes mean more frequent payments going into their pockets.
First off, any car that’s over 10 years old will likely benefit from an oil change every 4,800 km.
BMWs use synthetic oil, which does not need to be changed as frequently as the oil in many other vehicles.
The manufacturer’s “basic scheduled maintenance” literature states that oil should be changed every 6000 kms. Lexus recommends scheduled maintenance “every 8,000 kms or 6 months, depending on circumstances and driving habits”. Mercedes recommends oil change intervals of 16,000 kms or 12 months, whichever comes first. Nissan has two different maintenance schedules that cover both “severe” and “less severe” operating conditions. VW recommends an oil change every 16,000 kms for all of its 2013 offerings except for the Routan, which requires an oil change every 12,900 kms. As you may have noticed, some manufacturers make provisions for those who drive in severe conditions – the oil change distance for cars in severe conditions is shorter than those driven in more moderate conditions. To get started simply fill in the following form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. That said, it wasn't until after Tim made the sale, he really impressed me the most, with exceptional post sales service.
Want to know when the dealer discount & manufacturer bonus is at its highest for your vehicle? Selling your car privately is often more financially rewarding than trading it through the dealership especially with some of the unfair values a dealer will offer. Most drivers on the road have grown up with the traditionally advertised oil change recommendation of 3,000 miles, but the truth is that interval is no longer really necessary. In the 1970s, typical cars used 10W-40 oil, which tended to wear out within about 3,000 miles. A recent survey by CalRecycle indicates that almost 10 million Californians change their motor oil every 3,000 miles or more often, using more than 114 million gallons of motor oil each year – enough oil to fill 173 Olympic-sized swimming pools†. If you are an extremely low-mileage driver you should change your vehicle’s engine oil at least once a year. One of the keys to keeping your car in good condition is staying up-to-date on oil changes. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. Generations of guys used to take pride in performing minor routine maintenance on the family car. Changing the oil every 3000 miles or 4800 kms was the norm for most vehicles for generations and many people continue to change their oil that frequently.
Modern motor oils are made from higher quality base stock than they used to be and they contain a number of new additives. When it’s time for your next oil change bring it in to Kelowna Infiniti Nissan and have your vehicle inspected by a trained technician at the same time. Not only does the oil filter start to deteriorate the longer it’s been in the engine, but so does the oil. Many manufacturers are now suggesting that you service your vehicle once a year; however, there is a difference between servicing and performing oil changes.
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How often should we change gear oil?This is a discussion on How often should we change gear oil? Originally Posted by auto_enthusiast Can anyone update the Gear oil change interval for the Figo TDCi?

Originally Posted by M124 I changed the gear oil in my sx4 yesterday with Total 80w90 transtec.
Also, you will notice as the summer sets in, the gearshifts with your current gearbox oil will be smoother in 1st as it gets heated faster. Originally Posted by heysac I used Shell Spirax 80W90 in my Swift K-Series even though 75W90 was recommended since it was not available. Originally Posted by Raccoon I too ended up using Spirax 80W90 after giving up the futile search for the Maruti recommended 75W90.
Originally Posted by Raccoon Whatever it is, something foul is at work, for sure, and somebody is making a killing at the expense of our transmission systems.
Originally Posted by a4anurag I was too tired searching for the Gear oil but went to MGP store in Hyderabad and asked for it. I feel they just top up and Don't replace the oil hence you got that roughness initially but now since you changed the oil it is smooth. Does anyone know about any stores in Pune from where we can get a <5L pack of 75W90 gear oil? Originally Posted by Aston Singh Does anyone know about any stores in Pune from where we can get a <5L pack of 75W90 gear oil?
Originally Posted by Aston Singh I took my car for servicing two days back and the car is almost due for a gear oil change. If your car is older, or if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, then you may want to stay on lower end of that mileage spectrum. If you were to skip the oil change process, your oil would start to tear apart your engine from the inside out. You may not have to change that oil every 3,000 miles, but you should still change it frequently, and keep your engine healthy.
We have built our facilities in Appleton, WI and Oshkosh, WI so that you can find a car for yourself regardless of your credit situation.
We have built our facilities in Oshkosh, WI and Appleton, WI so that you can find a car for yourself regardless of your credit situation.
He spent time during his weekend to ensure the private sale of our old car happened getting us an extra $2000. Our parents, friends, and mechanics have drilled it into us that terrible things will happen to our vehicles if we’re so much as a hundred kms over that magic number. However, both of those factors have come a long way in the last several decades and the truth of the matter is that you may not have to change your oil nearly as often as you think.
But consumers would do well to find out how long their vehicles can run before requiring service – and the answer may surprise them! However, if your car is newer than that, it is to your advantage to check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s preferred oil change mileage.
The manufacturer also provides a “2013 Scheduled Maintenance Intervals” information, which recommends drivers get their first oil change at 8,000 km followed by service at 16,000 km intervals (24,000, 40,000, 56000, and so on). The manufacturer says that BMWs can go up to 24,000 kms between oil changes; however, experts believe that 24,000 km intervals can damage the engine in the long run. Check the owner’s manual for your specific model for more detailed information about oil change scheduling. Severe operating conditions include repeated short trips of 16-32 kms, stop-and-go traffic or low-speed driving for long distances, driving in dusty, muddy, rough, or salt-spread roads, and towing a trailer or camper. If the manufacturer does not list recommendations for severe conditions, you should speak with a service technician to determine the appropriate oil change recommendations for you.
My clients are time poor, so he handles the test drives, trade ins and delivery of the vehicles, to the door for my clients. If you do drive in any one of these conditions in a typical week, you are driving in severe conditions, and may need to change your oil more often. Now cars have become so complicated that checking the oil periodically has become the only hands-on maintenance performed by many drivers.It sounds like a cliche, but oil really is the lifeblood for your car’s engine.
However, today’s motor oils are not the same as the ones that your father poured into his 1977 Datsun 510 and cars are designed to run a lot longer between oil changes than they did in the past.
If you mainly use your vehicle for short trips – driving the kids to school or making runs to the grocery store, you should get your oil changed more frequently. When a car burns fuel, water is a byproduct of the combustion (you may have noticed water dripping from a car’s exhaust pipe).
We know that the best way to stay in business is to have our own customers recommend us, and we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction! Got it changed in frong of me, and trust me, I never thought chaging transmission oil could make so much difference! Got the same in a 5L pack though I used the whole thing up during the whole 1 lakh kms life of my Ritz VDi.
Some say 3,000 miles, some say three months, but how often should you change your oil really? When your engine fails, it can often total your car, or at least put a serious dent in your wallet.
Not only will this cause expensive components in your engine to fail, but it could also cause your engine to seize. Whenever you go to have your oil changed, you’re likely to see a sticker in the corner of the windshield indicating that you should bring it back in another 4,800 km for another oil change. BMWs also have a “Oil Change Due” light that indicate when the driver should change their oil.
Those who drive in severe operating conditions should have their oil changed every 6,000 kms. Additionally, if you have any further questions regarding scheduled maintenance, you are encouraged to contact the manufacturer or a qualified service technician who can answer any questions you may have. So, when and how often should you change engine oil?A car user’s manual recommends regular service and engine oil change intervals.
TrueCar shows you what other people paid for a new car by make, model and options in the last 30 days, giving you an idea what is a fair market price for any particular new car. How often you should get it changed is one of the most hotly debated and confusing topics in car care.
While you’re not going to damage your motor, changing the oil more frequently than necessary is a waste of money and oil.
If the engine is running at its proper temperature, that water turns to vapor and is vented out of the engine by the crankcase ventilation or the exhaust pipe.

If you use your car mostly for quick trips to the school, the store, or work, you might want to get it changed more frequently – between 5000 and 8000 kms. I specifically asked them to replace transmission oil (as mentioned in manual), which Service centre guys (MASS) did. They don't have any 1L, 5L packs for gear oil, they can only change and refill from their barrels. When you think of your engine, you may think of the gas that you put into it, but that’s just food, something that is used up and spit out, the oil is the blood of your engine. The recommendation for those driving in less severe operating conditions is an oil change every 12,000 kms or 6 months, whichever comes first. Not only does Tim save my clients money, but more importantly, he adds a level of service to "car buying" that you just don’t get from normal dealers. Since 2003, General Motors has equipped nearly its entire North American lineup with the GM Oil Life System; in fact, since the 2010 model year, nearly half of American carmakers now offer Oil Life Monitoring Systems to tell drivers when their car actually needs its oil changed, including Acura, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini.
Consult your owner’s manual, your auto manufacturer’s official website, or authorized dealer for more information.
TrueCar can also connect you with a nationwide network of trusted dealers who offer a fast and hassle-free car buying experience.
That means it burns cleaner so it takes longer for oil to get contaminated with combustion byproducts. When a car doesn’t reach a proper operating temperature, the water produced by combustion doesn’t vaporize so it stays inside the engine and the exhaust system. If your car is equipped with an oil sensing system that tells you when it’s time to change your oil, listen to your car. The manual that has the maintenance plan doesn't give any more information about the change interval. I seriously suspect that the service centers either use spurious oil, or just mix old oil with new or maybe just top up the old oil without draining the old oil at all and. I realize other genuine oils like Total may give similar results, but don't have the time to experiment.
And this is what makes me a little hesitant cause we have no idea if it's the real deal or are they trying to adulterate the oils (which shouldn't be the case, but these days you just can't be sure about anything!). Engine oil becomes thinner over time and loses its lubrication ability, necessitating an oil change. Under normal driving conditions, cutting back to the automaker’s recommended intervals will not affect your car’s engine, its performance, or your warranty.
These Oil Life Monitoring systems automatically monitor engine characteristics, driving habits, cold starts, short-distance trips, and the climate in which the vehicle is operated, and then notify the driver when it is time to get an engine oil change. Even older vehicles that were manufactured during the era of 3000 mile oil changes can go longer between oil changes, thanks to higher quality motor oils. That water can trickle down into the oil pan, diluting the oil and reducing its ability to keep engine parts well lubricated.
In these cases, the oil in your car should be changed every six months; once in the summer and once in the winter. GSCaltex sells in bigg packs and I asked them to consider selling smaller packs since there is a vaccum in the market. What is more, they charge higher retail price of the Spirax bottles, though they get their shitty oil in wholesale.
The gear oil in the Chevy Cruze should be changed at 60,000km or at the max 80,000 by which time the gearbox becomes very notchy with a lot of gear grinding when changing gears. They have gone through divorces, foreclosures, bankruptcies, tough medical situations, repossessions, student loans, and layoffs, and now, even though they may have recovered, their credit score has not.
Most new car makers now recommend that you have your oil changed every 5000 – 7000 miles or 8000 – 12,000 km.
Since you posted this in December ( peak of winter) even though you are in Mumbai, the climate is a bit cooler than the normal Mumbai heat, hence the hard gear shift in the 1st gear when its cold.
Whatever it is, something foul is at work, for sure., and somebody is making a killing at the expense of our transmission systems.
The synthetic costs a bomb but worth every rupee with butter smooth gears once the oil is changed.
Now when you need a car your credit score or even your lack of a credit score may bar your access to the transportation you need. Changing engine oil is an absolute must if you are starting a vehicle after a long interval, if you’ve travelled long distances at high speeds or gone mud-plugging.
I would advice you to change your gear box oil to 75-90 and the hard gear shift will be gone. Will be going to MGP on Monday so will find out if they have one in 1L or 5L pack in stock. My car is at 1,39,000km with the original clutch assembly to this day but the gear oil changed at 80,000km and which will be changed again at 1,60,000km.
If a car has not been used for over two months, the engine oil collects in the sump and loses viscosity due to lack of circulation and a cold engine. As a rule of thumb for the old model Cruze change the gear oil with every timing belt change at 60,000km.
We can allow you to finance a vehicle without a bank's approval or without even a bank at all. At Car Credit Center you can get the used car that you deserve and that you can feel proud to drive. During high speed driving, there is more stress on the engine and the engine oil has to work harder for ideal lubrication which causes it to become thinner and necessitates replacement.Synthetic engine oil has a better grade and can work in extreme conditions.
You don't even have to think about the banks because at Car Credit Center you buy here and pay here. From our locations in Appleton and Oshkosh we work with people in Green Bay, Neenah, Menasha, Fond du Lac, Chilton, Stevens Point, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Rapids, and hundreds of other communities in the Fox Valley area. We will help you rebuild your credit, and we will make sure that you get a vehicle that you can rely on.

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