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Gut bacteria – those useful, good little guys that live inside and on you — have the capacity to change how your mind works!
The human body works in concert with its gut microbiota that assists it in processes like digestion and protection from infections. A growing body of research is indicating that the microorganisms living in our alimentary canal might be modifying the way our brains work. The studies are increasingly asking the resounding question: can our gut bacteria change your mood?
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If your organisation is looking at management training in the workplace then call us on 01273 906828. Written on May 8, 2012 by Mark Walsh in non violent communication0 Comments - Leave a comment! This brings a new question to our attention: can we make use of these bacteria to boost the capacity of the brain, thereby becoming relevant to mental health?
It appears that gut bacteria are able to synthesise those chemicals that are used by brain cells for communication purposes. However, they do suggest that working with the right type of bacteria might positively affect one’s one, and perhaps, this might also be exploited to relieve patients of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. I assure you that a lot of adults have the same response as they learned 30-40 or even 60 years ago.
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What will complicate matters further will be the different individual requirements: there might not be one recipe for all, rather, the ingredients will possibly differ from person to person.

This will allow you to better understand your behavior and to see more things in your everyday life. If you don't have any good way to manage it, not only you will never reach the level of what you are really capable of, but also your life will be more painful than it could be.
Also, when bacteria obtained from depressed people (called melancholic microbes) were inoculated into rats, they displayed signs of depression. Yet another obstacle is the lack of knowledge concerning the interactions between the brain and gut bacteria.
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If mind thinks a thought "car" it is unconsciously making an anti-category of everything that is not a car. Our world view determines what we think in any situation, what we think determines how we react in any situation (emotions), and emotions determine our behavior. And that we can do by being more aware, by changing how and what we think and by developing emotion managing skills.

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