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Assertiveness Training Handbook: The Best Book Guide On How To Be Assertive In Life With Smart Facts On What Is Assertiveness, Understanding Assertive Communication, Assertiveness Training Ideas Plus Tips On Being Assertive And Confident! Looking after ageing parents, enduring an unhappy marriage because of the children, suffering intolerable treatment at work, treated like a doormat by family or friends. The Get Confidence, Get Assertiveness workshop covers practical ideas to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. To find out more about our upcoming dates, register for a workshop or to request a workshop in your area, please contact us. With women having demolished almost all professional male bastions, gender barriers at the workplace are fast becoming a thing of the past. In fact, an increasing number of over-achieving women are proving that when it comes to making the right business moves and keeping their best foot forward in the world of high finance, they have more than just a pretty face to show. Take, for example, Seema Luthra, the newly designated President and Chief Executive Officer of Galileo India, one of the world's leading providers of electronic global distribution services that connect 46,000 travel agencies to 683 airlines and 52,000 hotels.
Seema, who is responsible for all aspects of her company's business in India, says her 16 years of airline sales and marketing experience has helped her spearhead Galileo's efforts to drive value in and costs out of the travel distribution business.
An economics graduate from St Xavier's College, Mumbai, Shruti did her MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. For Latika Thukral, Business Head, Citibank's Auto-Associates Citifinancial Services, empowerment is a critical constituent for building managers and future leaders.
As chief commissioner she has taken new initiatives that include promotion of inclusive education, ensuring employment and creating a barrier free environment for the disabled. Indeed the millennium has heralded the era of the upwardly mobile women who are occupying important positions.
Shruti of HBO feels that women have the tenacity to balance both personal and professional pressures, which men grossly lack. She attributes the success of corporate high flyers to the ambitious goals they set for themselves. However, Jyoti of Barista feels that the reason why more and more women are opting for gruelling schedules and demanding careers is that families have now begun to accept working women and, therefore, they have started exploring job options and emerging successful. But aren't there any heartburns, no envy when sometimes the wife's pay cheque is bigger than the husband's? Says Citibank's Latika, "My husband has been extremely supportive and has encouraged me to continue working. Once considered a problem of men, stress from such high-powered jobs is becoming second nature to some of these high fliers. For Nalini of South African Airways, the perfect de-stresser is a dip in a pool, dancing and yoga.

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They have a confident air about themselves that has been acquired after years of hard work.
What drives them on — just the will to make big money or are there other motivating factors as well? The Director, Marketing, HBO South Asia, has been involved with the TV channel since its launch and is responsible for conceptualising, devising and implementing marketing programmes. Nalini Gupta has been the General Manager (India) for South African Airways for the last three years. On the contrary, she says, whenever there's a woman leader the team becomes more cohesive and goal-oriented.
Today's professional woman is confident and assertive in whatever field she chooses for herself," says Jyoti, who started her career as a Management Trainee with Tata Infomedia (then called Tata Press). Though not in the private sector, she is independent India's first non-IAS person to be appointed as Chief Commissioner — one of the most coveted posts, which is usually reserved for the cr?me-de-la-cr?me of the bureaucracy.
Both Seema and Shruti say there is no secret formula for professional success — it's commitment, consistent performance and God's grace. Management expert Sanjeeb Dasgupta says most of the women who rapidly ascend the corporate ladder are usually the smartest brains in the workplace who work to specific targets. With more and more women taking up top end jobs the War of the Roses has receded to the background. A 12-14 hour working day, inadequate relaxation and constant travelling leaves them little time for themselves. Hence, whatever time I get away from my professional life, is spent with my children and revolves around their activities. Our workshops help you to create deeper understanding and self-awareness in a warm and friendly environment.
Make a head count and you'll probably find the number of senior women managers swelling — thoroughbred professionals who palm-pilot their careers with battle plan exactitude. They are totally committed and it can be safely said that their professional lives and their work are all just an extension of their personalities.
I see myself as a responsible leader and stay focused on my task, which is to maximise shareholder value," says the woman, who, in her last two assignments, has headed the sales and marketing functions for Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS) and United Airlines respectively. After graduating from Sydenham, she completed her Masters in Marketing Management and then joined Air India where she spent the first 20 years of her career. Over the years, I've never felt being a woman I was given extra or less," says the executive who started out with a two-year Management program with ITC's Welcomgroup.

She later moved on to Escorts, then Star India and from there she became a part of the founder team of Barista. But in April 2001, the Indian Government specially chose Uma for the post of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, New Delhi.
She is also the founder of Amarjyoti Charitable Trust, a voluntary organisation working for the rehabilitation of the orthopaedically handicapped. This year, she has been instrumental in holding the Abilympics for the first time in India.
Why are more and more women getting into professional colleges and then picking up prized jobs at salaries ordinary mortals can just dream about?
Then there's the corporate realisation that a woman manager is sensitive, caring and committed. The last few years have seen an increase in the levels of education, confidence and most importantly, ambition in women, who are going all out to claim their rightful place in the corporate landscape. When my elder son started playing golf, I too took golfing lessons so that I could be with him. Personally the only thing that stresses me is the family pressure to do something with my life and settle down. You will be working towards a common goal with people in similar circumstances to yourself and receive practical advice that will positively impact your life forever. The only difference is that each woman has a distinct work identity, a different personality, a different work style, and even a different interpretation of the word success. The last World Cup Cricket in South Africa brought out the best in her organisational skills, as it served to highlight the destination in the Indian market and bring in big business for her organisation. She has changed the way she used to look at herself, and this has changed the way the world looks at her. In order to get more of what we want, we have to make sure that we use our voice and get what we need done.Getting to be assertive is not always easy.
This manual will help you become a person of character, a fulfilled individual and a happy soul by teaching you on how to be more assertive with the different aspects of life.You will be provide with smart facts and strategies to guide and help you become assertive and confident so that you could reach your goals and dreams successfully!

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