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Since I have drawn a lot of cool things in the past, I thought I would show you guys "how to draw a cool tiger", step by step. Draw in the ears, then draw the marking lines around the muzzle which will be for the lighter shade on his face.
Before drawing and coloring in the stripes you will need to erase the mistakes you made as well as the guidelines. I'm pretty amazed that I never did this tutorial before, but now that I thought of the idea, here it is. Here you will draw out the actual head shape like you see here, and leave a little lip or loose piece at the top of the head like you see here. You will draw out the marking lines around the eyes which is just eyes from his head mask that he wears. Draw out the entire shape of Pikachu's head and face using the shape you made in the previous step. Lastly, draw the markings on the ears and cheeks, then color in some eyes, make the triangular shape of his nose, then draw the mouth line.
You can see this cool graffiti with platinum, cadet grey, silver, grey, dim grey, color combination.

There are some terms like: draw, dawnhow, step, rose, heart, characters, anime, kids, shape, cartoon, start, love, drawing, leaves, thorned. The tiger I made has these awesome tribal looking stripes, a mean looking face, and a very boxy tail. When that is done you will also need to draw in the actual shape of the nose, as well as draw in the brows for the eyes.
Now all you have to do is pick out the two colors that you want to use when coloring in your big cat.
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When that is done draw the stitching details on the suit, then draw detailing to both the sword and gun. The build of the tiger's body is very masculine which means he could probably take on others if need be. I have made so many different drawing on Pikachu, so when it comes time to talk about him I don't really know what to say.
You will then draw the actual shape of Pikachu's head and face structure like so, then draw the ears. I love the contrast I used for the two shades when I colored in this beast, but you can go with your own colors if that's what you want. I really love the way he came out because even though he is in his baby form, he still looks like his bad ass self.

Next, add the marks on the tips of the ears then color in the circles for his eyes and nose. Anyways, there is also some helpful tips on drawing and coloring in some of the background like the leaves and grass. The coloring process is the best part because Pikachu is so bright and his character design only has three colors, yellow, red, and black.
You will then draw Pikachu's mouth which is in a very excited expressive form, then draw the circles on his cheeks where the lightning omits from. Have fun folks and be sure to let me know if there are more characters and or people you would like to see in easy form.
Once you clean up your mistakes, you will end up with the face of Pikachu you see at the bottom of the sheet. I will be back later with some more fun for you all so try to either stay tuned in, or come back manana (tomorrow) for more drawing fun.

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