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4 Bettas are tropical freshwater fish and shouldn’t be mixed with cool water fish like, goldfish. If you’re considering adding other fish, be sure to check the tank size requirements for the total fish load and have proper filtration and aeration in place. There is always a risk when you introduce a new tank mate to your betta that they won’t get along. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged beautiful actress, beautiful girl, beautiful girls, beautiful people, Beautiful world, big girls, most beautiful, most beautiful girl. Free Download Natural Scenery Picture – Ripe Wheats Under the Cloudy and Misty Sky, Is a Rain Around the Corner? You should research the behavior and requirements of each species before you add them to your tank.

There are hundreds of commonly kept freshwater aquarium fish so I won’t go into which are good and which are bad, but here are some general rules of thumb.
Don’t place bettas with other brightly colored fish or fish with large flashy fins like guppies or mollies.
For more information about the pros and cons of common betta fish tankmates, check out our articles below. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!
Additionally, males and females also should not be housed together unless you are planning to spawn them, which should never be attempted by novice aquarists. They occasionally react to them as though they are another betta and sometimes show aggression toward those fish.

Anabantidaes are fish that possess a labyrinth organ allowing them to breathe air from the water’s surface when dissolved oxygen levels are low.
Nipped betta fins can become infected or generally stress out your betta leaving him open to other ailments.
Some fish that usually work well with bettas are, small catfish like Otocinclus and Corydoras, Snails, ghost shrimp, and Neon Tetras.

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