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Girls brought their phones to their faces and stared at Nash through blinking iPhone cameras, as if gazing directly at his highlighter-blue eyes might be as dangerous as gaping at the sun.
If you think One Direction might be a rehab clinic, chances are you’ve never heard of Nash.
A little over a year ago, Nash, a rising junior from the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, used his iPhone to do what millions of American teenagers have done: He joined Vine, a social media site launched by Twitter to share looping videos that are up to six seconds long. Nash's Vines have rough edges that make them look as though they’ve been shot by a bunch of high schoolers messing around.
Like chugging a Red Bull laced with Pixy Stix, the videos hit female adolescents with the emotional equivalent of a sugar high. His 9 million followers have earned him the top spot on Vine, ahead of bigger names like Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres and yes, even Bieber. Nash has reached those heights in spite of several major controversies that have already plagued his short career.
Those uploads, whether they reflect Nash's beliefs or are merely the thoughtless mumblings of an immature teen, run counter to the "clear-eyes-full-hearts" image Nash tries to foster. Earlier generations of celebrities grew their fame exuding an aura of glamorous inaccessibility. The whole boy-next-door persona can seem contrived among celebrities of a certain stature, but Nash genuinely gives off the impression of someone who’s still more 16-year-old kid than groomed child star. Nash is, after all, only the latest in a string of nobodies who’ve become sponsorable online somebodies by bypassing agents and taking their talents directly to the web.
Like other Vine sensations, Nash hopes six seconds of fame will be the gateway to something more lasting than 15-minute stardom. A year into his Vine venture, Nash has nixed his college plans and dropped lacrosse, which he once counted on as his ticket to a school like Princeton or Penn.
Nash recently landed a deal to appear in a yet-to-be-specified movie produced by Dreamworks-owned AwesomenessTV and the director of Varsity Blues. Depending on how you look at it, these milestones could be harbingers of future success — or evidence of how precarious six-second celebrity really is.
On Friday, the group's first day in Missouri, Nash showed up half an hour late to a radio interview. Nash has a collection of catchphrases — including "Nashty," "or nah" and "zayummm" — that his fans repeat themselves and sport on T-shirts. When he does open up, Nash can sound like a male Miley Cyrus who’s spent too much time with televangelist Joel Osteen.
Nash's controversial HIV Vine from April 2013, which has since been deleted from his account. The upbeat teen Nash plays on smartphone screens diverges so sharply from the kid who lashed out against "homos" that it can be hard to shake the sense his online image is at least in part a carefully constructed fiction — one more staged than his casual candids might suggest. Nash's father said his son wants to use his platform to "communicate positive messages and to support positive causes" — and not, presumably, to spread misinformation, as in the HIV vine.
Nash scrutinized the techniques of Vine stars like Marcus Johns, a college student with several million fans, for clues about what would draw the largest audience. While Facebook can feel like the Wal-Mart of social networks — the brightly-lit social media superstore teeming with parents — Vine can evoke a basement rec room on a Friday night — young, frenetic and full of inside jokes. Nash realized from his study of Vine that the blockbuster formula had two ingredients: He had to be funny, and he had to be clean. Behind the apparent spontaneity of Nash’s videos is a shrewd creator who knows just what to feed social media.
The artistry of Nash’s self-promotion sometimes seems to outshine the substance of the videos themselves. Nash has a tendency to fixate on the things he’s passionate about, at times to the exclusion of just about anything else. As Nash describes it, it’s not that he suffers from a short attention span, so much as he’s driven to pursue anything that’s hard to get. This General Forum is for general discussions from daily chitchat to more serious discussions among Somalinet Forums members. The ideas are almost endless for Mother’s Day gifts, but gold or diamond jewelry would be our first choice of course.
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The sideways cross necklace has become extremely popular with celebrities in Hollywood.  These come in 14k yellow , white or pink gold. One time in Iceland, a single tweet about his whereabouts brought 5,000 girls to a shopping center in search of Nash and his sidekick, Jerome Jarre. Among smartphone-carrying girls from 12 to 20, however, he’s already being compared to Bieber. He started posting bite-sized clips filmed in his bedroom, or, for something truly exotic, the local Wal-Mart.

They’re carefully-edited, six-second jolts of humor that are big on action, short on subtlety and long on relatability. He’s hilarious, at least according to the teens watching him, who happen to be among the most wired people on the planet. Nash, however, has built his on distilling the utterly unremarkable into blink-and-you-missed-it clips, starring a seemingly available kid as matinee idol. He favors Vans sneakers, enjoys crossing hallways by skateboard and has little overt interest in humoring reporters who might have flown in from New York to follow him around for a weekend. In its short life, Vine has spawned a suite of homegrown celebrities who are creeping toward six-figure salaries thanks to an exceptional — and exceptionally strange — talent that until now had little marketable value: the ability to capture attention with six-second bursts of humor or skill. He “isn’t really monetizing right now,” according to Alan Spiegel, one of Nash’s three managers including his father.
His new dream, he said, is to be “the first, like, George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio who starts from the Internet.” According to the logic of a plucky teen who’s excelled at most of the things to which he’s set his mind, going Hollywood is, despite its risks, purely the most logical career route. This spring, Nash also moved out to Los Angeles with Cam, a Vine star and aspiring actor Nash met through the social media site, so the two teens could be closer to their agents at William Morris Endeavor.
Louis to enjoy another new perk of fame that had come only recently: the ability to charge people to meet him in person. Nash discusses "filth" in terms that hint he may consider it imprudent for business reasons: "You don't want to come off as stupid.
His decision matters: Audiences are so devoted to these online sensations that they're likely to be influenced by whatever sentiments come through their screens. This time around, his first video, “How to wake up like a thug,” got him 1,000 likes and 4,000 followers after it was shared by another Viner with a large following. Currently, the 12 most popular Viners are each variations on the same formula: They are all comedians, they are almost all men and many of them are God-fearing Christians who bleep f-bombs and steer clear of sex. There are pretty girls filming staged sleepovers in one corner, someone belting out John Mayer somewhere else and everywhere, the attractive fraternities of male Viners who film “collabs” (collaborations) they use to help each other get more fans. He'll film his clips over and over again until nothing feels rushed, or spend hours on editing.
He saves them for after 3:00 in the afternoon — just as teens are streaming out of school and pulling out their phones. Other Vine stars might spend days perfecting their uploads, devising elaborate sets or creating ingenious stop-motion animations. Nash worked toward a dream of becoming a "Super Bowl MVP NFL quarterback" by setting up drills for himself in the backyard, his father said.
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One minute, 16-year-old Nash, his 14-year-old brother, Hayes, and his 19-year-old best friend, Cameron “Cam” Dallas, were jostling each other through a sleepy mall that looked one “for lease” sign away from closing.
These mini-movies, with titles like “When you can't find your phone in your pockets…" trade on the mundane minutiae of high school life, and they drive girls wild. Startups, salivating after Nash’s devoted audience, have offered the teen shares of their companies in exchange for a retweet, according to his managers. Nash apologized for the HIV clip, claiming he'd been "in a bad place" when he posted the video, since deleted, in April of last year.
And for a certain class of adolescent, if you tried to design the world’s most viral human, you couldn’t do better than Nash.
He’ll stay up late having a pillow fight in his hotel room, and get excited when he sees posters emblazoned with his name.
As he ducked away from the screaming throngs at the mall, leaving them with nothing more of himself than the same digital images, an uncomfortable truth became clear: The closer you get to Nash, the farther you feel from him.
They include Viners like "KingBach," a 26-year-old actor who has landed a role on Showtime's House of Lies, and "BatDad," a father whose Batman alter ego helped him land a lucrative gig pimping laundry detergent for Tide. Instead, having conquered the smartphone, Nash is going after larger screens that can put distance between an idol and his fans. He, Hayes and Cam — Vine sensations with a few million followers each — were making their first appearance at Wizard World, a fan convention that seats its talent behind bouncers. When Shawn Mendes, another teenage Vine star, launched his debut album and asked fans to "get this bad boy to No.
Then he deleted it along with every other social media app and canceled his phone’s data plan — a purge meant to help him focus on sports. Nash has an instinct for crafting short skits that go down easy in the din of the school bus or cafeteria, where his teenage fans inhale his videos.

He was flicking through his phone in the backseat and grumbling about how an obscure rap song he discovered on YouTube had hit iTunes’ top 10 list after he’d featured it in a Vine. Nash would force himself to run laps around the family’s two-acre property, or sprint through old tires he arranged on the lawn. Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, that's a big risk for a kid who’s making videos on the Internet,’” said the teen, who's taking his high school courses online. The two versions that have been so extremely popular are the Gold Sideways Cross and the Sterling Silver Sideways Cross. Whatever the reason for the holiday, it’s nice that a day still exists to give everyone a reminder to be grateful to have someone they love in their lives. Her diamond wedding ring must be amazing like the ones you can buy on our site at Jewelry Megastore. No one really knows what’s going on between them, but they sure are in the news a lot. Women around the country can’t get the gold crosses fast enough and they come with the 14k gold chains already assembled to the piece. The next moment, flocks of teenage girls, summoned by some unspoken signal, descended in a swarm of outstretched arms to gawk at three Internet celebrities they’d only ever seen on cell phone screens.
In that particular clip, Nash rummages through his pockets for his phone, finds nothing and hurls the pillows off a sofa.
His most popular Vine, which has 1.3 million “likes,” is a selfie filmed in his parents’ SUV. Nash's team also confirmed that major brands will pay the star between $25,000 to $100,000 to plug their products in a six-second clip and share it with his fans.
Yet that "bad place" seems to have been more than a few-month phase: He's also purged multiple pejorative tweets about "homos" or being a "damn queer" that once littered his Twitter feed, as well as a post from May 2012 that read, “Gay rights? And he’s mastered the art of “authenticity” — that combination of staged closeness, strategic imperfection and calculated self-deprecation that’s the key to charming the web. And, if they have a smartphone or an Internet connection, they can feel like Nash is their pal.
On Vine, Nash can post a single video and make millions feel he’s talking directly to them.
For $150 plus tax, “VIPs” would get a photo with the guys, an autographed headshot and entry to a Q&A panel with the three Viners. Julia had set up the talk radio appearance by messaging Nash's father on every one of his social media accounts.
There is no filler or downtime, only punchlines and story climaxes in continuously looping six-second doses. And now, Nash says he's "trying to steer away from being called a Viner." He's prioritized YouTube videos and auditions in Los Angeles as he works to reinvent himself as a Hollywood star.
Usually an arts and crafts project makes everyone smile and a homemade card is really special.
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You want an audience that [includes] anyone from 2 years old to 50 years old," Nash said in an interview, before his controversial Vine had resurfaced.
He used to be the person to perform weddings for soldiers that were not allowed to be married during the Roman Empire.
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At someone’s urging, they turned around to pose for the obligatory photo, then settled themselves in a small circle with their backs to their fan.
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