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Men’s haircuts are never as complicated as those for women, but that doesn’t mean that everything is random here, or that any hairdo will do. One of the most interesting and masculine haircuts worn by men this year is the Prohibition High-and-Tight. Fortunately, there are always short haircuts for men that also attract attention, dramatic styles if you want, like the Mainstream Hipster.
If the previous short haircuts for men didn’t appeal to you and they seemed too difficult to achieve, then perhaps you will like The James Dean hairstyle better, because it is both masculine and sexy. The good news is that there are some things that you can do—whether you’re the boss or the subordinate—that can help make this working relationship more enjoyable and a bit easier to manage on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to the folks at Dale Carnegie Training of Birmingham Alabama, here are five simple suggestions for how you may be able to create a better working relationship with your boss. Be Positive.  Nobody likes a Debbie Downer and it’s harder and harder these days to find employees that are positive, upbeat and going to maintain a pleasant attitude at the workplace. As with all relationships we have in our personal and professional lives, our working relationships with our bosses always take time, patience and communication.  They never seem to come automatically, but the more you can learn about how your boss works and how to make him or her happy, the better you will feel about coming into the office each day—which there is no better way to be!
This entry was posted on July 5, 2012 at 6:26 am and is filed under Leadership Development, Team Member Engagement. Now in this article I am going to share some pictures of amazing and stylish spiky hairstyles for men. Many sports persons, actors like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Abraham, Aamir Khan, Imran Khan loves spikes a lot.

Today we’re going to see what the trendiest short haircuts for men are and who can sport them with success.
If your hair stylist doesn’t know what that haircut is, show them a picture and they’ll get it, because it is not difficult to accomplish.
This is a very modern hairstyle, and it works better with straight to slightly wavy hair of fine or medium texture. Previously I have shared a tutorial on spiky hairstyles for men in which I have explained all the things you have to do to make spiky hairstyles that will look sexy and funky.
Many of this year’s hairstyles are inspired from Prohibition era styles, vintage-inspired haircuts or even celebrity special styles. To begin with, this hairstyle only looks good with straight hair, even if it’s fine or thick.
This haircut has shorter sides as well, but they can be of medium length, whereas the top of the head needs to be at least 3 inches long, so you can lift it and have volume.
The sides are shorter here too, and the top should be at least twice that length and blended. First of all it look good on every shape of face whether it is oval, triangular, square etc.
I have shown you some stylish and amazing spiky hairstyles for men now you have to choose among them. The shag has become very popular these past years and it seems to be maintaining its popularity.

However, take into account that these hairstyles don’t always work for every type of hair, so it’s best to find something that suits you. You may have seen this haircut lately, as many Hollywood celebrities kept wearing it after playing 1920s bootleggers or gangsters, like Tom Hardy did in the movie Lawless. The front bump should be directed a bit to one side, and you should use product to keep it lifted. It is easy to make spiky hairstyles in minutes and third you do not have to worry about getting it spoiled.
Now take a look at some of stylish spiky hairstyles for men.  I am sure you all will love them. Tell me which one you liked the most by commenting below or send me your pictures of Spiky Hairstyles. The way this haircut works is that the sides are very short, fading down into the nape of the neck, whereas the top is at least one inch and a half long, with blunt edges.

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