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Here we look at the Top 10 Global companies or brands that are not a rock star, movie star or a musician.
Starbucks has pursued a focused social media and digital marketing strategy including making broadband wireless free in its stores and also adding value by providing digital content free. You will notice that Facebook is often used for promoting competitions as Starbucks, Skittles and Converse display on their pages below. They are not the top ranked Facebook page for not following best practice Facebook strategies and so this page  includes a call to action (see, join and send), asking to engage with their fans and integrating and linking other social media channels in their Facebook page.
Making heroes of your fans is always a good Facebook strategy and Oreo displays this with its major banner on the left with a Fan displayed from Georgia, USA (Catherine M).
Engagement here is encouraged by the Facebook page asking you to join the Conga line so it is good to see the call to action being implemented, again no other social media links in evidence or even a website. Images are vital to fashion so strong fun photos are an important part of ZARA’s Facebook page.
Have you seen any reports or case studies that tracks the “best practices” and results of using Facebook as a services firm? I think, engagement and brand personality strategic indicator is important, not amount of fans.
New at this but can a fan page engage the reader into greater interaction with the page content stimulating further hits? No wonder I get lost on what I want to find out and how I would like to present and present interconnected landing pages! Skittles viral videos are excellent and I’m sure a large proportion of their fans joined after watching one or more of them. That’s really true that these are the top 10 companies of Facebook and they are working hard to do that.
Cute its really very cute, and i think its a very unique and interesting fashion also, ladies can enjoy this fashion, i like it much.

A valuable aspect of the digital reading experience is the ability to not only record which quotes and passages strike a chord with you, but to see how those quotes and passages fit in with the rest of the reading community.
246,273 new quotes were added to Goodreads this year, and over 10 million likes were given to quotes, but some received more attention than others.
Like Twitter the top ranked on Facebook are celebrities who attract passionate fans to their sites. Red Bull with its action and sport focus also provides a Tab to take you to its athletes page.
Converse put together an online tool that allows you to make a cool and maybe strange profile.
Its Facebook design doesn’t seem to  match its design finesse that we have come to see on its products. This is very exciting to see that the page is not linked to the company’s website and Twitter account. I really like reading on this subject Could you tell me more on that… I love to explore. I learned more effective strategies for finding and promoting effective keywords than on any other site I researched. Ford has announced that it will be spending 25% of its marketing on digital which is 100% more than the market average of 12% according to Reuters and is concentrating a lot of dollars in social media competitions due to its success with its Ford Fiesta Movement campaign.
Images and video have always been a strong part of Coca Colas traditional marketing and this brand marketing is maintained on its Facebook page. Bland but obviously a successful Facebook page by making the top 10 company and brands globally.
And even the concept of showcasing fans and followers on its top-ranked fan page is very innovative and attractive.
19.Sports only presence in this Top 20 list isthe Football Star, Cristiano Ronaldo whosneeks in at No.

Texas Holda€™em Poker: (25,886,703Fans)The creator and owner of the worlds mostpopular knows how to spread its separatebrands on social media with it holdingdown the number one spot.
You will noticeit has multiple call to actions with a€?PLAYNOWa€? with a large strong image at centerstage. Facebook owns thisspace so it should know what it is doing.You will notice it does two things at thetop of the page. Michael Jackson: (22,690,496 Fans)Again calls to action are very evident withthe goal here to sell more product withthe invitation to a€?Check out the New MJDVD Box set coming in Novembera€?. Lady Gaga: (21,646,439 Fans)This singer is all about controversy andcutting through the noise on the WEb andmainstream media and her primary imageis consistent with her brand. Eminem: ( 18,473,414 Fans)No missing what this page is about withhis latest record front and center but callto action is not very evident. Vin Diesel: 17,649,964 FansVina€™s Facebook consultants and agency aredoing something right here obviously withthis being the number one Facebook pagefor an actor. Call to action to startengaging is not strong with no videos ortrailers of his movies on his main pagethough.
The Twilight Saga: 16,562,819 FansThis has become a very strong brand thatstarted with a series of book that myteenage daughter loved that became a TVseries and finally a movie.
Call to action isgood with the latest update asking you toengage in an online competition to promotethe latest product.

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