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The single biggest obstacle that stops quiet, sensitive women like us from loving our lives and rocking our dreams is usually mindset. Shyness, fear, self-consciousness and doubt can keep us frozen to the spot and hiding in the shadows, when in our hearts we know we have the vision and potential to get out there and change the world.
Facing down those fears and stepping up to claim your voice can be a long and complex journey. The good news is that there are some simple, practical techniques you can use to set yourself firmly back on your path to empowerment. They’ll only take you a few minutes a day – so no matter how busy you get, you’ll always be able to fit in a quick, revitalising boost to your flagging self-confidence. Every morning, before I even get out of bed, I say out loud three things that I’m grateful for. When you shift into a ‘power pose,’ sitting or standing with your arms wide, you not only open up your chest and get more oxygen into your body, you also lower your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, so you feel both more energised and more relaxed. I do this whenever I’m getting ready for an important call or an interview, preparing for difficult conversation, or just need an energy boost, and it has an instant impact on my confidence. So if you feel your doubts crowding in and your confidence taking a dive, take a sneak peek on YouTube at your favourite cat funnies, and give yourself a good medicinal giggle. Last thing at night, grab a pen and write down everything you’ve achieved during that day – personal and professional. This last one is an awesome tip I picked up from heart-centric visionary Marijke Kershaw during our fascinating interview for the Empowered Women Show.
Listening to it for just 5 minutes every day has had a profound impact on her confidence and self-belief. Share small business news, blogs and social media tips with Project Eve’s community of small business owners and entrepreneurs today. Boost Your Self Esteem includes a free bonus of over 200, consecutively listed, Power Affirmations! Self-esteem is a core and significant concept that can nurture a person’s life and can pave the way for better present and lead to an even better future. We often look upon ourselves by our own perspective and it becomes the reason of our success or failure because how you think about yourself is very significant. Dreaming is the sign of life and it brings positivity in our lifestyle if it is set under realistic expectations. These are some things that can help you in building bright and positive image and fade out dark and negative sight of yourself. Sip coffee – Studies show that just a little coffee increases alertness, energy and confidence.

Sweat –  Exercise gets endorphins flowing and increases serotonin which makes us feel good. This entry was posted in Encouragement and tagged 10 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence, believe in yourself, confidence, encouragement, feminism, healthy-living, inspiration, motivation, self-confidence, success, ways to be more confident on January 14, 2014 by Brit. DisclaimerThis website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
And if you’re a parent and want to make sure your child grows up with high self-esteem, try getting them involved in artistic activities and focus on helping them solve problems on their own.
A Healthier Michigan is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, a nonprofit independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. And wherever you are along that path, there are times when the self-doubt and nagging, critical voice can creep back in and stop you dead in your tracks. But changing your posture for just 2 minutes promotes chemical reactions in your body that can have a powerful influence on your mood and the way you feel about yourself.
It stretches muscles, boosts your heart rate, and increases the speed of your breathing – sending more oxygen whizzing around your body.
And there’s nothing quite so affirming as seeing yourself making tangible progress towards your goals. You can download the app for free, record your own statement and start putting your faith in a wiser voice than that narky inner critic of yours.
Our contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds; so whether you are a small business owner, social media strategist, financial adviser, serial entrepreneur, or write an amateur blog we urge you to contribute a blog to our 500,000+ community today. In this ‘Boost Your Self Esteem’ ebook, Stephen Richards, the foremost authority on mind power, has exerted a great deal of his expertise in helping you build and boost your self-esteem. By the word ‘self esteem’ we mean to create personal image and personal worth of a person in his own eyes. Building positive image of yourself is as important as to live a life, however, at this point, it’s also vital to avoid over confidence. Now it’s totally up to us that how much we get into this character and make it a successful and memorable one. Whenever you feel devastated or a person full of failures and hardships, at this point, you need to remind yourself your positive traits.
So try to indulge in work and make a schedule of things which you want to do before starting your day. Starting as a struggler and reaching to the top is sometimes possible if set in realistic situation.
It will nourish your mind in free time and give you a way to enhance your positive self-image.

Swedish researchers found that the more time someone spends on Facebook, the lower his or her self-esteem. Volunteer at a local charity or help clean up your neighborhood and you’ll feel better about yourself. It can be tough to lift your spirits if you are around friends and family members who tear you down. It’s a way of seeing how you look at your features in the mirror including noticeable or subtle, positives or negatives, light or dark and physical or behavioral. A person with low self esteem lacks confidence and courage to pursue his dreams due to constant fear of failure. But unrealistic thinking can bring misery and trouble to your life due to overbearing yourself with burden of extra necessities. A study that came out this year from Concordia University showed that keeping self-esteem high throughout your life can help reduce your risk for health problems as you get older. And an Australian study this year showed that you get another blow to your self-worth if you post something and nobody likes it or comments on it. Sitting up straight in your chair makes you likelier to believe positive thoughts about yourself, according to research from Ohio State University.
You’ll know you’ve made a difference and will feel a sense of accomplishment, two things that will give you some much-needed self-worth. Certainly you can skip through the book, but if you value yourself then you will find the worksheets and the ‘TO DO’ plans will help you plan your rise to high self-esteem.
It turns out that low self-esteem is connected to higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which can result in physical health issues. This is not a quick read, it is quite interactive and will require some serious insight into yourself, and you may relate fully to the new you at the end of it.
This is a serious book from former BAC (British Association of Counsellors) counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist turned self-help guru Stephen Richards.
He has helped over quarter of a million people turn their lives around, now it is your chance to secure self-worth and the self-esteem you so richly deserve. Self-esteem can really be far-reaching in that every aspect of our lives may at one point be affected by it.

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