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You've probably seen the dynamic executive who manages to be commanding even though he has a slight lisp or a bald spot the size of Miami, or the woman who isn't all that attractive but still manages to exude a kind of self-assurance that makes her seem much more alluring than she actually is. Self-confidence is a powerful characteristic to cultivate, but when your hands sweat every time you have to speak up during the Monday morning meeting or walk into a crowded room, it can be difficult to control your racing thoughts, much less your breathing or your two left feet. Of the many qualities good leaders possess, perhaps the most important attribute is having self-confidence. Whether you’re a leader in accounting, finance, IT, or any other profession, the most effective leaders usually have the ability to successfully combine confidence, positivity and humility. Brilliant offers hundreds of job opportunities for accounting, finance and IT professionals in the greater Chicago and south Florida markets. Do you shy away from celebrating your victories because you’re afraid people will think you’re full of yourself? After that call, I thought long and hard about how to elevate my own energy more consistently. Tweet: When we authentically hold space for someone else’s breakthrough, we receive the warm glow with them. Check out my Crazy Sexy Love Notes card deck for 52 gorgeous reminders to care for and appreciate yourself at the deepest level. For years I was caught up in the comparison trap, and I’ve thankfully reached a place where I am so happy with my life that I can truly be happy for others when amazing things happen to them.
I’ve always had in the back of my mind to write a book but just never put anything down on paper. Quick question for you Kris…would you be willing to read our book and provide a quote for the back cover. I really love all your articles, this time I have to comment as well, recently I finished my second marathon I ran in Cracow two weeks ago and as I visualized and planned things, finished up in the time I was expecting and had proposed to myself….
I brag that I spent the weekend in NYC in Mama Gena’s mastery class and we graduate next month. I brag that afterward a sister goddess and I went to her NYC apartment and had wine and chocolate on her rooftop deck overlooking a beautiful unobstructed 360 degree view of the city. The first time I heard of healthy bragging was form Mama Gina and I must say that I have embraced the practice wholeheartedly! I love, love, love working with visionaries and women who want to awaken their (intuitive) leaders within to create a thriving business AND an extraordinary life. Thanks for the opportunity to brag Kris but most of all, to get inspired by everyone else’s brags! I recently took the time to try out GarageBand on my computer and recorded a beautiful song for my friend who has been going through the loss of a child. Truly being there for the long haul for someone who has lost a child is the work of angels.
I recently gave up drinking double double coffee and have starting drinking it black on my vegan exploration. Further, if you do not exude a sense of confidence, other people will not have confidence in you.
Many times, you’ll find that as you are writing you will discover that a lot of your doubts seem silly. As I like to say, nervousness is often just your brain’s way of telling you that your fears will feel great to conquer.
Matt Maresca is a motivational entertainer who aims to inspire others to take their lives to the next level of personal happiness through self improvement. These are both examples of mind over matter, where individuals have managed to turn their nervous energy and drive into a personal magnetism that influences others.
On the next pages, we'll take a look at five ways you can bulk up your mental muscles to meet the challenges inherent in many common social interactions. Whether you're looking to hire or looking to get hired, Brilliant™ CEO Jim Wong, CPA (inactive) has the insight you want—and need. In my years of experience, I’ve seen leaders who are highly confident – taking risks and facing their fears head on, while I’ve also witnessed leaders who are not as confident and struggle to make sound decisions or believe in themselves.
Even the most confident leaders, though, know it’s unrealistic to have complete self-confidence at all times.
Giving my girlfriend the opportunity to have a good healthy brag session helped me realized that I don’t give it to myself enough. Align yourself with people who lift you up, not tear you down or want to bond through wallowing. I used to be so competitive but I’ve definitely adopted that mantra and it’s changed my life!
I really believe that you should put all the good that you are doing out there so others like me, especially other latinas, can be inspired.

I have also made the decision to create my own wellness practice that brings together mind, body, spirit and life coaching is an element to it as well. All the hard work that has been accomplished over the last 15 months while her son battled cancer was very important. I am finally giving myself the long overdue self-love that I truly need and deserve to be healthy and happy.
I’m super inspired by what you wrote, so your brags could actually help someone else too. It was written by Matt Maresca and shares some great tips regarding self-confidence and believing in yourself.
Once you’ve discovered your special talents, it is up to you to do something special and meaningful with them.
There may be some factors beyond your control when it comes to the confidence game, but you're in the driver's seat, holding the keys to your public persona. It may not be as powerful as charisma, but self-confidence helps build a bridge between you and those around you. If the idea that almost everyone gets nervous in some social setting isn't much of a comfort, these tips are for you. Visit Jim's weekly blog as he empowers job seekers with the latest resources, and partners with employers on the best ways for finding top talent in the accounting, finance and IT professions. Therefore, it’s important to know there are helpful tools to help develop your self-confidence along the way.
It may seem shallow, but your appearance is important when it comes to your professional reputation. In order to become a leader in the accounting, finance or IT professions to begin with, you had to have displayed some sort of excellence in your craft. Within a few days it was climbing the charts on Amazon and by the end of the week, she had landed herself a traditional book deal. So in the spirit of walking my talk, allow me to brag (it’s not headline worthy, but it means something to me)… A few weekends ago I learned how to use a wood chipper in order to help my husband clear our field. In her book, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, my friend Regena Thomashauer, (the Queen of teaching women how to have a healthy brag) says that “Bragging about the goodness in your life, especially your pleasurable accomplishments, unearths your desires and fans the flames of desire in other women.
And as it has been said by many runners, its not only your physical training that plays a big role but also your mental training, the mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.
There aren’t enough positive representations of women with similar cultural backgrounds. My goal is to specifically focus on working with women and men who have experience sexual trauma.
I like to listen to it and think about all of the awesome and generous ways I have helped her family in the last 15 months.
But being there for her now after everyone else fads away back into their lives is the sign of a true friend. I faced it myself about 18 months ago – chemo and a double mastectomy without reconstruction. She decided to hold off telling people until she reached her 2nd trimester because she was worried about a miscarriage and if something did happen, she didn’t want to have to explain that to the world.
When you smile, you are accentuating the positive; you are exuding happiness and contentment. This is because your strengths may lie below your doubts in your brain’s hierarchy right now.
You are not used to operating out of your comfort zone, but realize that it will only make you a stronger, more confident person. Instead of getting overwhelmed by a major project or task, start small and work on a project that you know you can achieve – whether that means delegating or completing the tasks by yourself. Listening to the folks on your team will help you better understand their needs and will allow you to further develop your leadership skills. In addition to being well dressed, smiling, good posture and maintaining eye contact are all surefire ways to show others that you have self-confidence, even if you don’t feel it inside.
But remember, manifesting our deepest desires is about having gratitude for what we have, the bravery to admit what we want, and the ability to hold optimistic space for all possibilities–even the ones we don’t have in focus.
I couldn’t be more excited and it’s really one more step to seeing my dreams become reality!
The first time I listened to the song focusing on my good deeds the song ended before the list of things I had done!
Kris Carr helped and encouraged and motivated me with her awesome movie and books and green juice recipes. We never thought it would happen that quick given our age and that I’ve been on Birth Control for 10 years, but it did!

I, on the other hand, don’t think the same way, so I told a handful of close people and family within a week of finding out. Once you dump your doubts from your brain, you will find out what actually you like about yourself. Just because you can’t throw a baseball 90mph or solve quantum physics problems doesn’t mean you aren’t gifted. Then, when you or your team finish the small project, you’ll see how effective you really were — even if you didn’t realize it before. Everyone likes when leadership cares, and when colleagues know that their boss is listening to them, chances are your relationship will become stronger. Therefore, putting on your favorite outfit, along with flashing a happy smile, can be the difference between others seeing your confidence, or others seeing uncertainty. Instead of thinking the worst, change your attitude and start thinking about the positives. And it all happened because she was willing to do the work and put her courageous (and wise) self out there. If you win your personal super bowl (this can be a huge goal like launching your own business or something as simple as knitting a scarf), that’s damn exciting and share-worthy. The next time your pals, co-workers or mastermind groups want to gather for a bitch fest, opt-out. I have so much more confidence now and always surround myself with positive as well as only share the positive.
There is a little something special when you can relate to someone who probably grew up eating arroz con pollo & platanos maduros. It makes me feel right in my soul about being a person that I would like to see more of in this world. She started telling me that she’s hearing more people know about my pregnancy than hers. Even if your special talents aren’t readily apparent to the layperson, this doesn’t mean they aren’t important.
Having that type of trust will definitely make a leader feel more confident in their abilities.
As the old saying goes, positivity breeds success and when you start thinking good things, you’ll see good things happen to you. Think I’m a pompous jerk?” Those questions would make anyone draw inside the lines (carefully). Rather than getting jealous, or feeling inferior, allow others’ success to remind you that everything is possible.
In fact I haven’t allowed myself credit for going threw 16 weeks of chemotherapy and then a double mastectomy.
She doesn’t want us to be the crazy pregnant ladies and that maybe I should keep it on the DL for a while and that I should be careful. What happens when you do something you really love is you don’t worry about not doing it well.
Do this on a regular basis and the things that used to scare you will give you some of your happiest moments. I have my hard copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen right here, the recipes that I have tried are delicious and you did such a good job on the design of it! Thankfully my limbs stayed attached to my body and at the end of the day, I felt like a badass, capable, sexy beast.
Be present, hold space for the other person, and for the love of God, stop checking your cell phone and listen. While I think her concern is legitamate and she is a more private person than I am, that doesn’t mean I have to follow the same rule of thumb!
My confidence grew the moment I decided to accept my flaws instead of victimizing myself.Flaws make you human because no human being is perfect.
Never attach confidence to compliments.You know what happens when you attach your confidence to compliments? Your confidence takes a nose dive, then crashes and burns.Real confidence starts at the core, and is built up from the core. I've been featured in the top 100 personal development blogs of 2016, and I'm committed to making a difference, leaving a legacy and leading the way for the next generation.

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