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Have you found yourself riding on the emotional tidal wave when you stumbled upon an interesting idea for several days only to end up flirting with another idea that intrigued your mind with the touch of magic?
I’m ceaselessly amazed to witness the brightest people with the highest IQs living mediocre lives at best while those with an IQ of 75 achieve things beyond our wildest imagination.
If I have to think of a role model to prove the fallacy of IQ when it comes to human achievement, Forrest Gump leads the pack.
Often with our higher IQ, we tend to subvert our focus and attention by engaging in the mindless game called – “Analysis of paralysis” After all, our smartness has to rein in its power, even if that ends up stealing our passion. Obsessive thoughts of ego nurturing elevate your own imaginary woes to decimate your self confidence. My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where the go, where they’ve been. Those who believe that they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something.
Nothing can be as effective and as magical in improving your self-confidence as positive thinking.
Once a leader has built the beginning of a strong team around him his task is to then shepherd that group through the process of team-building towards success. One potential issue that a leader may need to face is that of team members who are unsure of their own capabilities and hesitant to act or to move boldly forward when required. First, a leader who is confident in the judgment of his team members will show that by his actions. You should also make it clear that your own door is open for questions, and when possible, try to impart your own considerable knowledge to your team members.
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Nothing can be as effective and as magical in improving your self-confidence as positive thinking. It’s a maelstrom in our own mind that can reduce our mighty ambition to a measly hallucination.
He received the Congressional Medal of Honor, became the world ping-pong champion, got President Nixon impeached, built a national shrimping empire — made a fortune with his investment in Apple Computers, and, last but not least, taught Elvis how to dance!
He achieved these feats by his mastery of self-confidence — his yearning for the positive outcome and his ability to defy the failures by his willingness to persist and try harder. Most people don’t achieve greatness not because they are less smart or less intellectual than those who achieve greatness — they simply give less than the best of their untapped energy to whatever they pursue in life. I’ve worn lots of shoes, I bet if I think about it real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes. The natural act of running breeds a great sense of positivity in our attitude and the way we view our life.
Once we place a high value on our self-confidence, others will surely bid our value even higher.
Appreciate them and try to figure out the strategies you used and other things that helped you achieve success in that endeavor. This may be easier said than done, as even the most gifted and capable of individuals come to the table with their own set of quirks and issues, often based on past experiences in the workplace, that need to be taken into account. Certainly, on a team consensus is often what’s needed, yet the capable team member will recognize when it’s necessary to make a decision to move a process forward, and will do so without hesitation.

It can be tricky to do so in a way that’s not seen as hovering, which is why it’s also important to build a sense of team camaraderie through activities outside of the office, where you show your team members that their thoughts and contributions are truly valued, even in these difficult economic times. Have you changed jobs or businesses often in the vain hope of striking the passion of you life?
It is the awesome power of our own mind working against us by throwing us into the whirling depths of watery self-doubt and self-sabotage to achieve a fraction of what we are born to achieve. With the IQ unworthy to possess smartness, Forrest Gump could do what he loved to do without analyzing the finest details of his actions. It is more destructive than our worst foe by constantly dragging us into the pit of negativity. Our positivity transcends our own woes and transforms our attitude to one filled with passion and self confidence. Regardless of the fate of the outcome, the way you really feel about yourself matters most in life. Even those who add a little pep in their walk feel a jolt of positive feelings by creating an impression that they are on an exciting journey — to learn and to achieve more in life.
Can you even do a simple task of writing or driving if you are not confident about yourself? By doing this, you can know on which areas of your personality you need to concentrate and improve.
When you assess yourself and point out your shortcomings, try and improve that part of your personality instead of simply criticizing yourself. A leader who’s hovering over each member to “check in” or asking questions incessantly couldn’t be clearer in broadcasting that he feels he needs to be supervising everything his team is doing to make sure it’s done properly. A capable leader will then help to instill confidence by assigning tasks that show that he is assured of each member’s capabilities.
When we are excited about our work and give it our best, everyone around us feels positive vibes from us. When was the last time you felt great about the fact that you are unique; that there was never anyone like you before and that there will never be anyone like you ever again? Looking at yourself from another person’s perspective can be fatal to your self-confidence because everyone might not have something good to say about you.
Learn more valuable ways to manage and improve confidence in your team.  Do you have some tried and true confidence builders?  Come post on the PMCAMPUS Project Management Facebook page- we’d love to hear your suggestions! Looking at yourself from another person’s perspective can be fatal to your self-confidence because everyone might not have something good to say about you. We tend to harbor a creature of our mind called “self-doubt.” Often we feel paralyzed by this overwhelming sense of defeat that derails our visualization wagon.
As paradoxical as it sounds, by giving – we receive from others the act of kindness with interest.
When Forrest Gump ran three times across the nation, he found loyal followers running behind him. When you do not like what you are doing, then you might not be able to give your best to it. Considering someone’s derogatory view about you will surely be dangerous for your confidence level. While it’s certainly the easier route to assign tasks to people who’ve done them before, this will also not help those team members learn the new skills they’ll need to move forward and to take their capabilities to the next level of their career.

Considering someone’s derogatory view about you will surely be dangerous for your confidence level. He caught boots and license plates instead of shrimp but that didn’t shake his determination. If we constantly undermine ourselves with negative self-talk, soon it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are destined to climb the mountains of our life with an abundance of self-confidence if we help others while they are “dangling” from their own tree of life. Forrest Gump could have replied to the comment of the sergeant in a lackluster way with the gentle reply, “Yes Sir”.
Forrest Gump made Bubba his partner posthumously and made sure to share the profit with his family when he built a successful Bubba Gump shrimp empire. Amazingly enough, when he stopped, they stopped to hear the words of wisdom from a guy with an IQ of 75.
While you don’t want to assign someone tasks that are completely out of left field, do assign them jobs or projects that are within their scope yet that you know will require them to stretch their skills. And when you don’t give your best to your undertaking, then you do not achieve the best and this surely affects your self-confidence. With his limited power of imagination, he was boundless in his pursuit to keep working at his skill in catching shrimp.
Guard your mind with your strong suits or accomplishments when the influx of negative waves sweeps through your mind.
He never forgot the fact that it was his friend Bubba who inspired him to go into the shrimp business. This might mean giving an accounting person a task that’s more financial investment in nature, rather than pure debits and credits. When we bite every chocolate of opportunity that comes our way without thinking about its taste, we learn to immerse the best of our ability with boundless energy that knows no defeat. Success comes to those who have an attitude to keep doing what they love and to do it long and hard enough.
Try this form of attitude for several days in your personal and professional life and see for yourself the astounding results it produces. Whatever it is, make sure they understand that you’ve assigned them that task not in order to set them up for failure, but to help them succeed. The universe takes care of its part by delivering success to reverberate the power of our self-confidence. We can double up our self confidence simply by reminding ourselves what we can do rather than throwing ourselves into a bull pit of self-pity. Then act on that by assigning a mentor as well, someone they can turn to if they have questions.

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