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Today, I want to talk about the off-the-road tire industry as it relates to the construction and the mining industries.
Because of these separate events, the OTR tires around the world were in very, very short supply. The shortages were significant and had the ability to halt production and hurt our customers. Over a period of three to five years, operational cost at the mines during this time of growth caused some operations to have high cost increases, as high as 400%, and just let me give you an example. This same gold mine last year, their cost of production to get a ton of ore out of the ground was over $1,100 a ton. Similar to the mining industry, the construction industry went through a phase of massive spending for 10 plus years from 1995 to 2005.
Since that point in 2007, construction has had a long, slow period of consolidations and lackluster growth until now. With all that was going on with the customers, tire dealers were faced with a whole different set of challenges, as you all know. Raw material costs were skyrocketing and manufacturers needed to increase prices during this time.
New second and third tier products entered the market that customers were forced to use in order to keep their customers up and running.
I talked a lot about where we came from in this industry, which inevitably has lead us to where we are today. Procurement offices, and I’m sure many of you have run into some new procurement people, have been increasingly involved in the business at individual mine sites.
The situation today in construction does look a little bit different than the mining industry.
However, until this transition moves more into roads and bridges and commercial construction, OTR sales will not go back to the old levels. With the expected rise of construction in North America, it can be expected to bring new interest to the markets. The last five years have seen a decline in government spending on major construction projects.
Hearing Tim Easter’s forecast yesterday on government public works projects and electricity utility spending was also discouraging. From where we’ve been in the past to where we are today in the off-the-road tire industry, one thing is very certain – our customers changed. So to summarize, we in this room need to look around us and tailor our value propositions to serve our customers, because those customers need some change. The customers are looking for more information on service and on how you can either help them to either reduce their operating costs or improve their efficiency. Does your service technician or manufacturing representative add the value that represents your company’s brand and allows you to be best in class to the total service provider?
Does your end-user look forward to you coming to visit them to help them solve a problem, or are you viewed as just another vendor who is taking up their time? The question is, are you training your older and new employees to be successful in this changing world? This is a great meeting but it’s a very, very short time for us to get together and look at our industry to discuss the industry. The future does look different, and it can look bright for all of us if we accept the challenge.
Thank you for your time today, and if you’re a past, current or future customer at Bridgestone, thank you for your business. The Refrigerant Revolutionby Chris Crowell - May 2, 2016¦2016 EditionsThe new R-1234yf refrigerant is more than just a new jumble of numbers and letters on a label. Subscribe to Tire Review's World Tire Report, a daily newsletter delivered to your inbox every morning, featuring breaking news, industry analysis and must-know trends. Texas regulates dozens of occupations, but none is more fiercely protective of its job title than engineers. Driving back and forth to work a couple of years ago, Mike Schultz took only a passing interest in the construction along FM 1092 south of Houston. Use the four primary methods of note taking: lists, outlines, concept maps, and the Cornell method. There are various forms of taking notes, and which one you choose depends on both your personal style and the instructor’s approach to the material. The outline method places most important ideas along the left margin, which are numbered with roman numerals. When designing a concept map, place a central idea in the center of the page and then add lines and new circles in the page for new ideas. The Cornell method can include any of the methods above and provides a useful format for calling out key concepts, prioritizing ideas, and organizing review work. The list method is usually not the best choice because it is focused exclusively on capturing as much of what the instructor says as possible, not on processing the information. If you’re using your laptop computer for taking notes, a basic word processing application (like Microsoft Word or Works) is very effective. After class be sure to review your notes and then summarize the class in one or two short paragraphs using your own words.
This is a very graphic method of note-taking that is especially good at capturing the relationships among ideas. To develop a concept map, start by using your syllabus to rank the ideas you will listen to by level of detail (from high-level or abstract ideas to detailed facts). As with all note-taking methods, you should summarize the chart in one or two paragraphs of your own words after class. The Cornell methodA classic method of taking organized class notes using a two-column approach that highlights key ideas.
The Cornell method follows a very specific format that consists of four boxes: a header, two columns, and a footer.
You will have noticed that all methods end with the same step: reviewing your notes as soon as possible after class.
Some instructors hand out or post their notes or their PowerPoint slides from their lectures. When using a laptop, position it such that you can see the instructor and white board right over your screen. Use some method for identifying your own thoughts and questions to keep them separate from what the instructor or textbook author is saying. Clearly the best way to learn class material is to be at the class and to take your own notes. If the instructor posts his or her lectures as a podcast, listen to the lecture online and take notes. If none of these options is available for you, use the course syllabus to determine what was covered in the class, then write a short paper (two pages or so) on the material using the class readings and reliable online sources. Class is over, and you have a beautiful set of notes in your spiral notebook or saved in your laptop.
If you have had a quiz or test on the unit, add it to your binder, too, but be sure to write out the correct answer for any item you missed.
Use this opportunity to write “notes on your notes.” Review your summary to see if it still is valid in light of your notes on the reading and any handouts you may have added to your notes package. If the course you took is a prerequisite for another course, or when the course is part of a standard progression of courses that build upon each other (this is very common in math and science courses), you should keep them as a reference and review for the follow-up course.
If you are very interested in the course subject and would like to get into the material through a more advanced course, independent study, or even research, keep your notes as a prep tool for further work. After effective listening, good note taking is the most important skill for academic success. Choose among effective note-taking styles for what works best for you and modify it to meet the needs of a specific class or instructor.
The Cornell method is effective for calling out key concepts and organizing notes for review. Instructor handouts and PowerPoint presentations help with—but do not replace the need for—personal note taking. Keep your notes organized in a way that makes it easy to study for tests and other uses in the future.
More than 250 visitors attended ASA Automotive Systems’ 17th annual InfoExpo Conference in Austin, Texas.
The conference featured keynote speaker Ross Shafer, a six-time Emmy Award winning comedian, writer and T.V. The 2014 InfoExpo also featured select ASA technology partners as well as social and networking events.
Every year the InfoExpo Conference brings together tire dealers to learn new insights about how they can stay more competitive by optimizing their business management software systems, ASA said. Toyo Continues as Official Tire of Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucksby Tire Review Staff - May 6, 2016¦NewsToyo Tire USA Corp.
Titan Names New Senior VP, Interim CFOby Carley Hull - May 6, 2016¦NewsJohn Hrudicka is transition from his current role as chief financial officer at Titan International Inc.
The original Neo-Mythic® Knight of Hope and Change is an oil painting on linen by Cheryl Yambrach Rose. As I stood today (5th April 2009) nine rows back from the podium at Prague Castle, from which President Barack Obama delivered his historic speech on his vision for dealing with the global nuclear situation, I realized I was truly looking at the "Knight of Hope and Change".
After his speech, Barack looked over the crowd of thousands, obviously emotionally moved by their reaction, respect and attentiveness.
At bottom between the teleprompters: Cheryl in white hat with Toby holding up postcard of Knight of Hope and Change. The OTR tire industry has gone through a tremendous amount of change over the last several years, as we all know in this room.
First, I want to talk about where have our customers come from in the past, some of the challenges they have gone through, and how did we as an industry respond.
I think everybody in this room has been in the industry for 10, 20, 30 and some of you 40 years, and maybe one or two of you maybe even more than 40, so you already know the past, but I’m going to cover that real briefly. People were scouring the world for giant OTR tires, and the people in this room were either looking for tires, repairing tires, or retreading tires.
Some mines in Canada were even transporting people across the country on planes just to work in the mines. Even though the mining and construction customers were frustrated with lack of supply, there was no alternative. Aggregate companies, construction companies and small mining companies were all preyed upon by the large, and the large got larger.

Companies have been forced to cut cost and focus on maintaining cash flow and watching expenses. Many of these rates could not be passed on due to the long-term contracts that many of the manufacturers had with the mine customers. Many of these new entrants had poor quality and low performance, but the customer had to have tires on the equipment that they had ordered.
Fundamentally our customers in the mining industry have started to look for a different type of management team to lead them. A significant challenge that has increased over the last several years in our industry is increased regulatory efforts. MSHA has added many inspectors the past five years, so more frequent inspections are happening at the mines, as well as the mine contractors. The industry as a whole is starting to be more optimistic about seeing light at the end of the tunnel for construction. Those large companies that got big, there’s not a lot of small ones out there, so we are expecting some smaller ones to come into the market. The current administration has spent billions of dollars on bank bailouts and financial institutions but has not spent much on infrastructure improvements.
Until Congress passes the roads and bridges bill on infrastructure, government spending will still be limited in construction.
It’s our job in this room to make sure that we help the customers thrive and survive in the future. Are you up on the latest tools and technology, and can you provide this information and services on a global basis? Basic tire services, mounting, dismounting, change-outs are entry-level services and will get you in the door sometimes. A great product with a great service and solution will give the customer more value than just product or service alone.
Many baby boomers, and we have many boomers in this room, are getting close to retirement in both the mining and the construction industries. Are you mentoring your new employees with your older employees in order to get that key operational knowledge, and are you training your older employees in computers and tech presentations? We are continuing to invest heavily in future products, services and solutions that will help you exceed the needs of the customers.
We heard great updates from industry experts on OTR and products, services, safety and training. Does your dealership or business truly reflect what the customers want tomorrow, not today?
Dealers, manufacturers and customers, we don’t exist without each other, and we all have to make money.
Courtesy photo.?“Who expects a professional engineer to change their tires?” said Austin attorney Peter Kennedy, a free speech expert who said the state’s case against Tire Engineers raises serious First Amendment concerns. Michael Douglas, the company’s lawyer, said all but Texas have said the company may use its name. But if you take a close look, many who are claiming to take notes on their laptops are actually surfing the Web, and paper notebooks are filled with doodles interrupted by a couple of random words with an asterisk next to them reminding you that “This is important!” In college, these approaches will not work. This method typically requires a lot of writing, and you may find that you are not keeping up with the professor. The left column takes up no more than a third of the page and is often referred to as the “cue” or “recall” column. Most students who have not learned effective study skills use this method, because it’s easy to think that this is what note taking is all about. Key ideas are written to the left of the page, subordinate ideas are then indented, and details of the subordinate ideas can be indented further. This summary will significantly affect your recall and will help you prepare for the next class. Concept maps harness your visual sense to understand complex material “at a glance.” They also give you the flexibility to move from one idea to another and back easily (so they are helpful if your instructor moves freely through the material).
Select an overriding idea (high level or abstract) from the instructor’s lecture and place it in a circle in the middle of the page. Now that I’m using the Cornell system, my notes are complete and organized in much less time. Any review of your notes is helpful (reading them, copying them into your computer, or even recasting them using another note-taking method). This will keep the instructor in your field of vision even if you have to glance at your screen or keyboard from time to time. Which ones you use is up to you, but be consistent so you will know exactly what you mean by “att.” when you review your notes. Make a conscious effort to use the Cornell method with either the outline or concept map method for taking your notes.
If the instructor uses PowerPoint slides, request a copy (or download them if posted) and review them carefully, jotting down your own notes and questions. See your instructor during office hours to review your key findings and to answer any questions you still may have. You may not realize it now that they may have future value when you study similar topics or even the same topics in more depth. Along with over 20,000 other people from all over the world we experienced a powerful living testament for Hope and Change.
The situations of our customers have changed, and we need to work together to consider how we’re going to meet the needs of the future. Companies were investing in new equipment to improve productivity, and as commodities in all sectors rose, the mines needed to get the ore out of the ground faster, no matter what the cost. In many cases these large companies paid far more for the properties than the transactional evaluation for these properties were worth, and that once again was because the ore prices continued to rise. Let’s think for a bit about the customers of today and how the tire business is changing.
A number of very high profile mining CEOs have been let go from their positions over the past 18 months.
Mines are hiring financial experts, operational efficiency experts, professional negotiators and downsizing consultants, such as Proudfoot. OSHA continues to monitor and improve the safety of our construction customers and our dealerships. A lot of businesses failed during this time and were unable to overcome the critical issues that faced them, and they just didn’t survive.
New interest may come from non-traditional owners that will have different ways of doing business. Let’s take a look at a very short illustration and think about how our value proposition needs to look to these customers, moving forward. The newer generation is smart, they’re efficient, and they definitely require a different approach. Are your people changing the way of dealing with the customers, or are they doing the same things they’ve always done? If you think it is painful today by yourself, imagine doing it tomorrow without your partner. I challenge each of you and every one of you to build from the past, bring the best forward, and bring the most value for the customer.
Visit us and sign in to update your profile, receive the latest news and keep up to date with mobile alerts. No specific type is good for all students and all situations, so we recommend that you develop your own style, but you should also be ready to modify it to fit the needs of a specific class or instructor. Under each of these ideas, further detail can be added, designated with an Arabic number, a lowercase letter, and so forth. The right column (about two-thirds of the page) is used for taking notes using any of the methods described above or a combination of them. Even if you are skilled in some form of shorthand, you should probably also learn one of the other methods described here, because they are all better at helping you process and remember the material. To further organize your ideas, you can use the typical outlining numbering scheme (starting with roman numerals for key ideas, moving to capital letters on the first subordinate level, Arabic numbers for the next level, and lowercase letters following.) At first you may have trouble identifying when the instructor moves from one idea to another. Use the increase or decrease indent buttons to navigate the level of importance you want to give each item. Then create branches off that circle to record the more detailed information, creating additional limbs as you need them. Underneath the header are two columns: a narrow one on the left (no more than one-third of the page) and a wide one on the right. They are a very useful complement and will help you confirm the accuracy of your notes, but they do not involve you in the process of learning as well as your own notes do.
Make sure you can recognize the instructor’s emphasis cues and write down all ideas and keywords the instructor emphasizes. Later you can ask a classmate or the professor to help you fill in what you missed, or you can find it in your textbook.
Shafer, who has written and produced several human resource training films, addressed the concept of “running with the herd,” during his speech. Cheryl Kervin and Summer Meents accepted the DOTY award on behalf of Boulevard Tire Center.
However, this cost was ignored because the ore value continued to rise and the mines were making tremendous profits. The mines, which were growing, wanted to grow as fast as possible because cash was rolling in. This also put more pressure on construction companies to be leaner and more efficient in the construction industry. Dealers were experts at finding the right products for most of their critical customers when they needed them to keep those customers up and running.
Although multiple price increases did happen, raw material prices were rising faster than the manufacturers could pass on the increases. This new management CEO is usually MBA-educated and is focused on expense control in a down market, and working smarter, spending money more wisely in an operationally efficient manner. These new procurement personnel want to understand how a tire dealer and a manufacturer can work together in order to reduce their cost and increase their operational efficiency.
These new interests may be small but will compete heavily on price and also look to get their foot in the door on slim margins. Some projects in limited space have started to pick up, but as it stands now, predicting the rise in government-funded projects and how quickly this will turn is somewhat of a wildcard.
Does your service and solutions give our customers the added value that they’re looking for today?

There has to be a blend of acquired day-to-day knowledge and the newer tech-savvy knowledge. Both construction and mining companies want to know how you are changing the way you do business in an environmentally friendly way, and this is value-added in the new world. With 30 years in the tire and automotive industries, Jim's communications experience included stints as a newspaper reporter and editor, a public relations manager and a variety of creative and management roles with a B2B marketing communications agency. To be effective, all of these methods require you to listen actively and to think; merely jotting down words the instructor is saying will be of little use to you. After class or completing the reading, review your notes and write the key ideas and concepts or questions in the left column.
You may want to take notes in class using the list method, but transcribe your notes to an outline or concept map method after class as a part of your review process.
This method is simple to use for capturing notes, is helpful for defining priorities, and is a very helpful study tool.
The wide column, called the “notes” column, takes up most of the page and is used to capture your notes using any of the methods outlined earlier. After class, review your notes with highlighter in hand and mark keywords and ideas in your notes.
Also be sure to have your pen (as well as a spare) and perhaps a pen with different colored ink to use for emphasis. A word of caution about laptops for note taking: use them if you are very adept at keyboarding, but remember that not all note-taking methods work well on laptops because they do not easily allow you to draw diagrams and use special notations (scientific and math formulas, for example).
When you borrow notes from a classmate, you should photocopy them and then review them carefully and mark your copy with your own notes and questions. Projects that affected multiple industries and construction were being built, such as the Denver airport.
The end-user customers really appreciated what the dealers in this room did to locate the product when they needed it. The manufacturers did listen, and plans on expansions to meet these needs were implemented and put into place. Eastern Appalachian coal companies have struggled mightily with higher costs, lower coal prices, and regulation and permitting issues with our government entities.
The focus is not to get the ore out of the ground fast but to increase profits and shareholder value as they remove the ore. More legal personnel are also being hired by the mines in order to set up and work with contract negotiations. CSA has also brought new tougher regulations for all construction companies and mine companies that have employees traveling over the highway system in the U.S. So if you have not done an environmental presentation to your customers, you need to rethink on how you go and present to your customers. Do you perform jobsite evaluations and look for opportunities to save them money, or are you just selling them a product? A Kent State University journalism major, Jim served as editor for a number of community newspapers in Northeast Ohio before joining Modern Tire Dealer in 1984. School board members had tapped into a nearby gas line to save money on heating.The law is intended to protect the public from unqualified professionals performing the precise and crucial work of engineering. You may also include a summary box at the bottom of the page, in which to write a summary of the class or reading in your own words. It is always important to review your notes as soon as possible after class and write a summary of the class in your own words.
In the early stages you should use your syllabus to determine what key ideas the instructor plans to present.
The left column, known as the “cue” or “recall” column, is used to jot down main ideas, keywords, questions, clarifications, and other notes.
When you review your notes, think about questions you still have and determine how you will get the answers. Group all notes from a class or unit together in a section; this includes class notes, reading notes, and instructor handouts. Housing booms such as in Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, and many others were going on. The mining companies in the world were in a race to see who could get the ore out of the ground the fastest.
You could name your price if you could provide any of the products that were in great demand and in short supply. We’re all in this together as part of this industry, and this is part of our history. A total of 151 coal mines were idle the first half of 2013, according to the mining safety and health records in the U.S. They knew how to get the product out of the ground very, very fast and very, very efficient.
Housing prices are rising in areas that declined years ago, such as Phoenix, Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Ft.
This will continue in both construction and the mining industries, and this is not being driven by the manufacturers, it is being driven by the customers. The customer, also, the ones that are going global, are comparing global services to your local services. If you are investing in your people, growing with your customers, becoming best in class in services and solutions and offering services that your competitors do not, your chance of survival is very, very high. After four years in brand and corporate public relations roles with Bridgestone Americas, Jim joined Nashville's Stumpf Bartels Advertising in 1992. Lance Kinney, the engineering board’s executive director, said the agency was simply applying the law, but declined to comment further on the case, citing the continuing litigation.On paper, the dispute is a technical legal argument over literally one word. As written, however, the statute also declares a virtual monopoly on public use of the word. After learning to listen, note taking is the most important skill to ensure your success in a class. Your reading assignments before class can also give you guidance in identifying the key ideas. Finally, schedule a study session with the person who gave you the notes to review the material and confirm your understanding.
You might also want to copy the instructor’s syllabus for the unit on the first page of the section.
The mortgage industry, the housing market and confidence in our banks were at an all-time low. There was no way to meet the rapid expansion of the construction industry, the mining industry and the massive growth of China and other rapidly expanding BRICS countries. Because of the aggressive nature of MSHA, a number of new companies have sprung up to monitor the mine and mine contractor safety. They’re here to stay and will move into the future with more confidence from lessons learned in the last several years.
He wants best in class and additional services that prove that you’re adding value to his or her business. Do you offer retreading, repairs, foam fill and other services to your customers that add value to the end-user and also to the products that you sell? Businesses that don’t employ a state-licensed professional are prohibited from using the term ‘engineer,’ ‘engineering,’ or ‘engineered,’ as well as most any abbreviation or variation of the words.Over the years, legislators have permitted exceptions. When you study, the cards become flash cards with questions on one side and answers on the other.
Microsoft Word works very well for outline notes, but you might find taking notes in Excel to work best if you are working within the Cornell method.
Jim was honored with the Ed Wagner Tire Industry Leadership Award by the Tire Industry Association in November 2014. Train engineers may continue advertising their job title without fear of regulatory reprisal; so can fire department engineers, who drive and operate pumper and tanker trucks. For example, an arrow may be used to illustrate cause or effect, a double-pointed arrow to illustrate dependence, or a dotted arrow to illustrate impact or effect. This will help you make sense of your notes in the future and is a valuable tool to aid with recall and studying. Write a summary of the class on a separate card and place it on the top of the deck as an introduction to what was covered in the class.
Looking up material in your text or on the net?) Examine how the material applies to the course; make connections with notes from other class sessions, with material in your text, and with concepts covered in class discussions. How about a truly differentiated and superior service that only you have versus your competitors? One is by the repair quality of your tires, quality of your new tires, retreads, wheels and rims, on-site service, intelligent tire tags or tire tracking, heat studies, weight studies, road studies, run-out information.
So, what makes your dealership or your service different than the competitor’s when you call on your customers? Most focus on whether a licensee’s work falls within the scope of practice, rather than his or her title, said Susan Stanford, a spokeswoman for the Department of of Licensing and Regulation, which oversees more than 30 regulated occupations. Consider this both at the very strategic level (as in “What does this material mean to me in relation to what I want to do with my life?”) as well as at a very mundane level (as in “Is there anything cool here I can work into a conversation with my friends?”). Even “The use of the term ‘doctor’ in business names or trademarks outside of health care is not the concern of the Medical Board,” said spokesman Jarrett Schneider.(One exception is architecture, which is similarly protective of its words. One result has been a series of bruising clashes between Texas architects and engineers over the years over where to draw the line separating each other’s work.)The engineers’ language policing has guaranteed the licensing board plenty of work.
Kinney said the agency receives an alert every time the Secretary of State’s office records a new business with the word “engineer” in it. Over the past five years his staff has responded to more than 800 instances in which a business had registered using the a variation of “engineering” in its name without the licensing board having corresponding information that the company employed a professional engineer.Last year, the Board of Professional Engineers forced a Houston company to remove the phrase “welding engineering” from its website. Literally.”Occupational regulators have pressed similar wording disputes in the past without any evidence of public confusion. In 2006, Arizona’s attorney general warned a Tempe restaurant whose waitresses dressed as naughty nurses that only licensed RNs could use the professional title. The agency dropped the matter when the owner agreed to add small print to his website disclosing that his staff did not have medical training.Three years ago, Kentucky demanded a syndicated advice columnist withdraw his column from the state’s newspapers because he was illegally providing psychological treatment — even though he was a licensed clinician in another state.
A federal judge ruled regulators were improperly using occupational licensing laws to curtail free speech.Constitutional lawyers said Texas faces a similarly uphill battle to force Tire Engineers to wipe “engineer” off its signs.

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