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First things first, when you hear that distinct “thump thump thump” of a flat tire, calmly pull over to the side of the road. Find your vehicle’s spare tire, jack and tire iron.  The compact spare is usually in the trunk under the floor mat, or in a SUV, a full-size spare tire is usually mounted on the back of the tailgate or underneath the vehicle. Before you go through the trouble of changing your tire, make sure your spare tire is filled to the correct air pressure. Now that your car is secure and you have your tools handy, you can begin changing your tire. Take the spare tire and line it up over the wheel studs, you’ll have to hold up the tire and try to line up the holes in the wheel.
Nothing can be more frustrating than having a flat tire when you’re on the way to something important.

If there is a nearby parking lot maneuver into it, but try not to drive far on your flat tire or you could damage your rims. If you are driving an automatic transmission put your car in park, for a manual put the car in gear. The jack and tire iron are usually near the spare tire, or in a handy compartment on the side of the trunk or behind the rear seat. Often focusing on the top wheel stud allows you to slide the tire on with a little jiggling and adjusting. We suggest using the star pattern, this means tightening one lug and then choosing the lug opposite to tighten next.  This allows the tire to tighten evenly on the wheel. Your safety is most important, so if there isn’t a flat surface to change your tire on or ample room on a busy highway, consider waiting for assistance.

They are generally very tight, so you might want to position the tire iron so you can step on it to use your body weight. Another option is to balance the tire on your foot while you move it into position.   Once done, the lugs should screw on easily. If you change the tire on your own, you might just be able to make that important event, be it a child’s play or a job interview.

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