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The guys at Google have decided there are too many of logins and systems in Google and have merged everything in to one. Some data in pictures below has been erased or censored as they contain sensitive information. 6) We visited the only available troubleshooting  it explored subject to it deepest parts ;-).
Of course we did all possible research to try and out find who used this email account to setup Google Account and we found there is no such a person :-). Circle started and continues – we can not change email because Google says Google Accounts for this email exists this is not true as it was never setup but we host our email with Google Apps (we only made assumption this could be a problem which Google overlooked). We reckon after recent change Google has some  problems with Accounts unless we simply missing something.

We simply looking in to solution from Google for our problem and we will appreciate all comments from people who had had similar problem we just wonder if we are the only ones. I’ll just add now before anyone suggests it using gmail for logins is not an option for us as it will create management chaos no different from the current one.
This entry was posted in Our News and tagged google accounts unification, google apps trouble on July 26, 2011 by Web Marketing. Essentially all services need to be transferred one by one which can be done with frustration. Please note that it is recommended to turn JavaScript on for proper working of the Netwrix website. To change the current Primary email address,Then Add one or more email Address on Facebook Account setting.

After Adding a new email on Facebook Account setting.To confirm this setting enter your current password. After this confirmation you can change your primary email Address to get notification from Facebook. If you using more then one email Address in your Facebook Account setting as a primary email Address from that you can get email notification.
We had one of our accounts already forced to do it and we would be glad to find out how we can get back to our corporate email on this account but that’s a different story.

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