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When you do not have time to complete your work or when you finish your work, you can save and close your file. In Microsoft Word, you can copy information from one area of a document and place the information you copied anywhere in the same or another document. As you cut or copy, Word can store the information you have cut or copied on the Clipboard in a hierarchy. Place the cursor between the period in the sentence you just typed and the paragraph marker (¶). Note: If the word is misspelled in several places, click Change All to correct all misspellings. Note: If a word appears in several places in the document, click Ignore All so you are not prompted to correct the spelling for each occurrence.
If you need to find a particular word or phrase in your document, you can use the Find command.
After you find the word or phrase you are searching for, you can replace it with new text by executing the Replace command. You can also change the size of your font by clicking the Grow Font and Shrink Font buttons.

Ever watched a recorded TV programme and wished you could see what the reaction was on Twitter?
I received an email this week from someone who was having problems with a Windows dialog box. As a result, when users make their default Windows fonts larger (their Windows font, not their default web browser font), they can end up moving stuff from the dialog box into the invisible, unusable portion of the dialog box. That was so similar to the problem in a recent newsletter article that I wanted to forward that article to her. This Microsoft Word lesson teaches you how to open a file, cut, copy, paste, use AutoText, use spell check, use Find and Replace, and change fonts.
In other words, after you type information into a document, if you want to place the same information somewhere else, you do not have to retype the information. Then each time you cut or copy, the data you just cut or copied moves to the top of the Clipboard hierarchy and the data previously at the top moves down one level.
You can click the Options button to set the Clipboard options described in the following table. If you frequently use a word not found in the dictionary, you might want to add that word to the dictionary by clicking the Add to Dictionary button.

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All of these features either make your work easier or make your document more attractive. When you choose Paste, the item at the top of the hierarchy is the item Word pastes into your document.
In Word 2007, you can use the Review tab's Spelling & Grammar button to initiate a spell and grammar check of your document. If you want to limit your search to a selected area, select that area and then execute the Find command. You can paste any item on the Clipboard into your document by placing your cursor at the insertion point, displaying the Clipboard pane, and then clicking the item.

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