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There are several ways to change the font size of the displayed web page text in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.
Changing font sizes in both Internet Explorer and Firefox using the scroll wheel on the mouse is definitely quick and easy, especially when you don't want or don't like to tinker around with browser menu options or keyboard shortcuts.
By the way, Internet Explorer 6.xx (under Windows) has an issue with web sites on which the font sizes have been set with the px unit of measurement. Another way to change font sizes of text on web pages in Internet Explorer and Firefox is through the View menu. From the View menu, choose Text Size and then select whether you want to increase or decrease the font size. The keyboard shortcuts for changing the font size of text on web pages in Firefox are much simpler than Internet Explorer. You may also be interested in how to change the font size in Windows Live Mail, the latest email program from Microsoft. Page contents: Different methods for changing the font size of web page text under Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers to increase readability. Ever watched a recorded TV programme and wished you could see what the reaction was on Twitter? How change font internet explorer - articles, Level difficulty: easy changing settings view menu microsoft internet explorer reconfiguring internet settings control panel.
Change webpage text font size internet explorer® 10, This video show simple steps change text size font size webpage internet explorer® 10 windows® 8 based pc. How change font internet explorer - articles, Level of difficulty: easy by changing the settings in the view menu on microsoft internet explorer and reconfiguring the internet settings in the control panel.

Change webpage text font size internet explorer® 10, This video will show you simple steps to change text size or font size of a webpage in internet explorer® 10 on windows® 8 based pc.
3 ways change font size browser - wikihow, Edit article how to change the font size in a browser. How change internet explorer font address, How change internet explorer font address bar. If you are having a hard time reading emails, calendar entries and notes on the iPad, you may want to consider increasing the font size on your iPad to make reading a bit easier on the eyes. Next time you open an email message, a contact, note, or calendar entry you will notice that the content for each of these items will appear in the text size you selected. This helps us better serve you by allowing us to keep track of unanswered questions that are usually hidden in long comment threads. If you are looking for a quick, easy and FREE method to convert your favorite movies and TV shows to a format you can take with you anywhere, you need to check out BDlot Video Converter. Now, move the scroll wheel and see what happens - scrolling the wheel away from your hand will decrease the font size while if you scroll it towards your hand, the font size will increase.
Internet Explorer will let you resize the fonts to 5 sizes - Largest, Larger, Medium (the default), Smaller and Smallest.
You can now change the text to one of the five sizes - Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller and Smallest. Keeping the CONTROL key pressed, click on the "+" key to increase the font size and "-" key to decrease the font size. Unfortunately the change in font size is limited to text found in email messages, calendar entries and your contacts list.

Whether we are playing games or working on office documents, PCs have become an integral and important part of our day to day lives.
The problem however is that by default, Control Center can be accessed even if your iPhone or iPad is unlocked. When away from his bike and iPad, he is busy writing technology how-to's from his home-office in Miami, Florida on the latest programs and gadgets he can get his hands on. Firefox, however, has a wider range and lets you decrease the font size till it becomes illegible or enlarges it so much that you see only one word on the screen (I've done this).
I don't think this is a bug because the very idea of putting text in px units is not to let visitors change the font sizes.
I know I couldn't resist the temptation myself, but don't play around much with this feature else you can get a splitting headache. Other applications may have font size options, but those need to be accessed via the specific application in question. In this guide I will show you how to increase the font size on your iPad.
For this reason, any sluggishness in system performance can dreadfully impact our approaching deadlines and productivity. You can now use the up and down arrow keys and finally click on "Enter" once you have made your selection. Since Firefox allows you to change text sizes across a wider range than Internet Explorer, I suggest you use the keyboard shortcuts on this browser.

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