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While this font is very readable, Outlook lets you change the font inside an email, and customize which font should be used for all emails. In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the font settings of the current email, and how to configure Outlook 2007 to use custom font settings for all email messages. To check your text formatting and font settings, go to Tools > Options, and click on the Mail Format tab.

This has drawbacks with both message file size and compatibility with some other email programs.
The plethora of text formatting tools available under the Text Formatting tab are more reminiscent of a full-fledged text editor like Word 2007 than a mere email application like Outlook 2007.
If you absolutely want a certain font to be used, the best option is either to insert an image in the email, or to attach a file to the email (like a PDF, with fonts embedded - which guarantees that everyone will see the fonts you intended to use, and not substitutes).Change default font settings for Outlook 2007We will now show you how to change the email font for all emails you create in the future (new emails, replies, and forwards).

To test that your new font settings have been applied, just compose a new email: it should reflect the new font family, font size, text color, etc.

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