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You need to update your instructions…this info is 4 years old and not applicable to El Capitan. The default font size in the Mail app for Mac OS X is size 12 for emails and messages that are lacking styling, which tends to be most communications that are sent by email. While we’re going to focus on changing the actual font size, it should be noted that users can also easily change the font family or face as well. This can be used to adjust the font sizes in Mail app either down or up, and the process is the same regardless of which version of OS X is installed on the Mac. While that may look too large for some users, it may be perfect for others, it really depends on user preference, and the screen size of the display in use. I follow the directions, several times, but the font does not change in the preference window. I can adjust by zooming in for each message, but I want to be able to set a prefered font size for all my messages and have it stick. The default subtitle text size for video playback can be fairly small in OS X, and while it may be tolerable on a smaller screened device, once you send the Macs display it to a larger screen like a TV, it can be difficult to read. For some quick clarity, subtitles are sometimes called Closed Captioning elsewhere in iOS and OS X (like in iTunes), so either term may be used, and don’t be surprised if some apps use one term where other apps use another.
Keep in mind that even though closed caption controls are contained within the Accessibility panel, they have use beyond individuals with hearing difficulties.
If you want to make reading a web page a bit easier on the Mac with Safari, you can issue some simple keyboard shortcuts to change the displayed font and text size on a page. To increase the Safari web browsers readable text size, hit the Command key and + key (plus key, it’s located next to the delete key on a Mac keyboard), it will instantly make the font size larger. These keyboard shortcuts apply changes to page text and fonts instantly, and they also apply incrementally. I use these keyboard shortcuts all the time when I encounter a website with text that is far too small to be readable by any human without superpower eyesight, which frankly is not me. The font size for all existing notes will change, and each new note will use the same font size. If for any reason the font size does not change, try editing the file again; your changes might not have been saved properly the last time. How do I do this if the DefaultFonts.plist file is locked and I cannot unlock it because the unlock option under Get Info is ghosted? AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
The Mac Messages app has long had the ability to change the text size and font of your messages and conversations, but the adjustment functions have changed a bit in OS X El Capitan and Yosemite. Fortunately, changing the size of the messages text is really easy, so if you think the default choice of text is too small or too big, you can very quickly adjust the text size of conversations within the Messages app using either a slider or keyboard shortcuts. Note that both the text size slider and keyboard shortcuts will hit the same maximum font size and minimum font size limitation. Changing the text size can be helpful if you find the Messages text size to be too small or too big to read comfortably by default. A similar trick can be used on the iOS side of things if you find the iPhone messages font to be too small or too large as well. I’d really love help in figuring out if there is any way to enlarge ALL the text on the screen itself.
I too agree OS X needs a global setting to increase font size, especially as we move to Retina screens and larger monitors. I’m 57, do wear glasses, don’t have a retina iMac, and I really don’t have any problem with reading the fonts onscreen.
You can change the font face in Messages on Yosemite now, as well as the specific size, but you can’t seem to change the weight.
What I really miss is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to change the style of any word or sentence in the text message (bold, underline, italic). The font size of mail messages can appear really small on the iPhone and iPod touch screens, but the default setting can be adjusted and increased substantially if the text size just looks too small. Try a few different options out, and ultimately it will depend on the quality of your eyesight as to what you’re most comfortable with.

This is nice because it gives you a live preview of what the text size will end up looking like in mail app and elsewhere. Many Mac users may like to adjust the font size of file names, folders, and other text found in the Finder of OS X.
For reference, the default text size for Finder items is size 12, and user options to change Finder text size range from size 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or font size 16 as the largest. In the example shown here we are changing the font size of Finder items shown in List view, but it works the same in Icon view, List view, Column view, and Cover Flow. Going further, you can also increase the size of Mac icons on the desktop and in Finder windows, as well as change the Finder sidebar text size in Mac OS X to better suit your preferences as well.
If you don’t see the option, you either have it off screen from a small resolution, the window is off screen,, or you are not following the instructions that are articulated in the tutorial above. Yes I use size 14 on MacBook Pro retina I had to after Yosemite and El Capitan came out with the new hard to read fonts. All that you have previously changed will not be changed with the directions above (I think, but I am not sure because I did not try). It says pretty clearly that it works in List View, Icon View, and I just tried it in Column view and it works fine to increase the finder text size of all items in Column View too. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you find that font size to be too small, or even too big, you’ll be pleased to know that changing the text size of email messages is quite simple.
From a readability standpoint, it’s the font size that most users may find improves their Mail app experience. This is specific to the actual Mail app in OS X, meaning if your default email client is set to something else, or even to webmail, you’d need to adjust those settings separately. This has been a problem from the first release of Mavericks and hasn’t improved with the various upgrades. For example I would like to use Helvetica, default, but the default type of the font are restricted, Helvetica is not among.
Before that was done, I was able to select (darken) the email text and then from the format bar choose and create different font sizes for the message without having to go to the mail menu, preferences and fonts and colors. Fortunately, OS X provides a lot of customization for subtitles, letting you change the font size, shadows, colors, and perhaps most important, the actual size of the captioned text. Not doing so may make a movie control the font and size, which can use sizes all over the place. Watching foreign language videos with bundled captions will trigger subtitles in your default system language, and many users who want to watch movies in silence or at low volume choose to use subtitles to keep things quiet.
Or to make the font size on pages smaller, use the Command and the – (minus) key to make text smaller. Every once in a while you find a page with text that is too big as well, and this trick is equally as useful there.
Remember that and you should be able to change the text sizes to your liking regardless of what you’re using. This is one of the things I dislike about Safari; having to re-set the font every time I visit. The app offers a reasonable number features that any ordinary note-taking app would have, and a few customization options that allow you to change the color and type of the font in a particular note. In order to view the Contents folder though, you’ll have to right-click the Notes app and select ‘Show Package Content’ first. This in no way interferes with the option to make selected text in a note larger or smaller, which should still work as expected. If the Default Font is still selected when you launch Notes after making the changes and saving the file, it means the change were not saved correctly.
If you find the default font too small for your comfort or too large for your small screen, you can increase or decrease it. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In Messages under OS X, you now have the option to increase or decrease the size of the San Francisco or Helvetica Neue system font used in conversations, but there is no longer an ability to change the actual font face or font weight.

Tap each repeatedly to go to the maximum size text, or the minimum size text, respectively.
The minimum size looks to be about size 6, whereas the maximum font size appears to be around size 18. Another tweak which may help some users without a retina display is to change the font smoothing anti-aliasing setting in OS X Yosemite too. Starting with the signin on my computer (new Mini, older asus monitor), it’s all just too small.
Adjusting all font sizes is an Accessibility feature that is sorely needed in OS X, but Apple has long ignored it for whatever reason. So, OS X needs a similar overwhelming feedback (outrage) campaign otherwise nothing will be done regarding the inadequate font and text accessibility in OS X. I have fairly decent eyesight but wear corrective glasses, and find that increasing the size a little bit is enough for me.
Extra Large and Giant are accurate descriptions of their accompanying text sizes, you will want to take a look at just how big they are before using them as primary settings. You can put the AA in your Toolbar by going to View>Customize Toolbar and increase the website text using it without Reader.
This is particularly helpful if you find the default text size of Finder fonts to be small and challenging to read when navigating in the Mac file system, where increasing the font size makes a notable difference in legibility, but it can also be used the other direction to decrease the text size of Finder items as well, thereby fitting more items on screen in list view. Changing the text size alone will have no impact on icon size, which can be changed separately.
Not only can you change the font size for the email content itself, but also for other components of an email message, including the sender, recipients, subject line, and even the message list. For web mail users like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, simply increasing the browsers text size with a zoom keystroke is typically sufficient. Crikey i own a windows for personal use and am made to use a mac for work but i have never had so many problems ever before.. We’re going to focus on the latter, since the text size is usually what impacts readability of closed captioning the most. It’s also common for educators to enable video closed captioning for use with students, since it can aid in reading and comprehension. Likewise, continuously hitting Command and – will make the pages fonts smaller and smaller. Simply increase or decrease it to your liking, save the changes to the file, and quit Notes if it is running. It’s worth noting that setting Increased Contrast makes no difference on the messages conversation appearance, though it will impact how user interface elements appear within the Messages window, and will prevent the transparent effect of the message window and sidebar. This has been highly desired by many users but they have not voiced their opinion adequately and directly to Apple to be heard. Whether you watch a lot of foreign films with subtitles, just want the text to be included with a video, or you use captioning for accessibility reasons, you’ll probably appreciate this change.
You can use this to your advantage, but hitting it too much can also take fonts and page text elements to truly ridiculous levels if you want to.
Launch Notes again and in the Format menu, go to Font>Default Font and choose a default font. To do it, I had to follow the instructions above, only where it says to change the size, do that if you want the size to be different, but also put your cursor after the fonts actual name (Helvetica for instance) and backspace it out of there and enter in the name of the actual font you want to appear in Notes default options.
All it takes to change the default font size, is a little change in the app’s DefaultFonts.plist file. I tried to add an additional string so that four fonts would appear under the options, but it only prevented the Notes app from opening.

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