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Now, when you will open Google Chrome browser, you will see the website that you set as your startup page.
Hope you enjoyed our guide, and now you know how to set new homepage and startup page.
Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every week with all the latest Y4PCTECH news. The Second reason is by installing toolbars in your browser, these toolbars are installed with software or any other ways. The third way reason is by installing the games, even if you install the freeware of paid games, There also you see those options like “make bing as homepage ” then for a computer beginner  or moderate user they don’t observe this options they keep on press the NEXT button. Open the Firefox browser and on the top-left corner, you will see a name called “Firefox ” click on it. In the right Top-Right corner in the Safari browser, you will see a Gear Icon, click on it.
In the Safari browser, you don’t have to save it because it will be automatically changed to Google.
So the fourth browser is Internet Explorer (IE), So every window OS machine, the Internet explore, will be pre-installed.

So we have seen the all the process of making google as homepage in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) even if you follow the process the Babylon search engine won’t change as homepage in your browser. The solution to Uninstall, remove Babylon search engine and adware from your computer is by installing a software called Adware cleaner software. Here is the Ultimate Guide to make Google My homepage in different browsers and It’s your turn to drop the inputs from you. Glad to see you here, Yea is regarding the Babylon search engine it’s one of the crap adware i have ever seen . If you’re using a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), then you must be facing a situation like your homepage on your browser is changed to some other site or crap site. But there are some toolbars likeBabylon  which is very well-known toolbar and it won’t let you change the homepage in your browser at all. Finally, the homepage is changed to some other in a web This post will be your ultimate guide to making Google your homepage. Once you have installed the chrome browser then Open the browser and follow the simple steps below. Safari browser is similar to other browser, but it still  needs a little learning curve to accomplish this task.

The adware cleaner software works really perfect and scans the entire computer and removes all adware from the computer.
It won’t be deleted from the computer very easily and we need to use antivirus, Adware removal tools to remove completely from the computer.
And if you have trouble in setting up google as homepage then do drop those questions in the comment section below.
But upon installing other software like Bit Torrent or any video converter, Babylon search engine tool is installed automatically.
Usually we get choices during installation whether or not install toolbar or change homepage link.

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