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This very short tutorial will show you how to change the Firefox 12.0 new tab homepage to something more useful. Changing the new tab homepage from the blank white screen is a question that I am always asked about yet before the current version this was difficult to do without add-ons. You can simply change the new tab homepage when you press new tab via some advance settings in Firefox. It should be noted that you really don`t want to mess around in these settings unless you know what you are doing as you can cause your browser to become very unstable. This security message is just to confirm that what you are about to do can be damaging if you change any settings that you should not.
If you follow the instructions what we are doing should not affect the performance of the browser. The funmoods search toolbar is a PUP (Potentially unwanted program) that ingrains itself in the browser. Very happy thanks for the help it works a charm, I was getting some random search site rather than the blank page bu tthis fixed it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I have just removed the Recent Videos slider feature from the homepage and I’ll tell you why. If this turns out to seem like a step backward instead of forward, please feel free to comment and I’ll revisit the change. WordPress recently changed the way blog posts are composed such that a video may be easily inserted anywhere in a blog post.
As of a few days ago I started composing posts with videos by inserting the video at the optimal point in the post. A side benefit is that the screen real estate formerly occupied by the Video slider is now available to start the column of blog posts higher on the page. Mapping is not only a tool to investigate and capture place-making practices but is itself a means to produce spaces and social relations.
This only works in versions of Firefox 12.0 and after before doing this please update your version of Firefox. When you press new tab in Firefox you are presented with a pretty useless blank page as your new tab homepage and most of us would like it to open on something useful.
Changing this setting means no more white screen, instead you get whatever page you want whether it be Google (like me), another search engine or some other site.

I am suprised it has not been made an option in the latest version as so many people have asked me how to go about doing it. I thought I might have to install an add-on and grateful that you posted the means to modify Firefox itself. All of these Featured videos automatically were placed at the top of the post by WordPress.  This often resulted in viewers watching the video and then reading what I intended as background information that should be read first. Hence, as maps and territories co-construct one another, we ask to what extent can mapping, as a political tool, be a means to contest and re-shape the unjust distribution of resources and opportunities in cities? What are the lessons and practical applications that can be drawn from its use in various disciplines?This research seeks to refine the conceptual and methodological approach vis a vis mapping and develop a heuristic path through an interdisciplinary dialogue. It first sparks of with a literature review on contemporary theories and uses of mapping for place-making. It is then followed by the production of a discussion paper, enriched by a series of workshops with scholars working in the field from UCL, the Politecnico di Milano and the Megawra (Built Environment Collective).

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