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Dan tri Google m?i day da trinh lang phien b?n ti?p theo c?a trinh duy?t Chrome, v?i nhi?u tinh nang m?i, n?i b?t trong s? do la tinh nang nh?p d? li?u b?ng gi?ng noi. V?i m?c dich th? hi?n s? don gi?n c?a trinh duy?t web Chrome, Google da quy?t d?nh thay d?i bi?u tu?ng cho trinh duy?t c?a minh.
V?i giao di?n du?c cach di?u hoa va don gi?n hon, b? di cac hi?u ?ng mau s?c cung nhu d? bong, thay d?i t? phong cach 3D xu?ng con 2D, bi?u tu?ng m?i c?a Chrome trong kha gi?ng v?i cac bi?u tu?ng c?a cac ?ng d?ng da t?ng xu?t hi?n cach day… vai ch?c nam.
Tuy nhien, s? thay d?i nay c?a Google l?i don nh?n du?c s? chao don t? phia c?ng d?ng ngu?i dung. Ngoai s? thay d?i v? bi?u tu?ng, phien b?n Beta 11 c?a Chrome da du?c xu?t hi?n, v?i nhi?u tinh nang m?i. Bi?u tu?ng m?i c?a Chrome b?t d?u ap d?ng t? phien b?n 11, b?n co th? download phien b?n nay t?i day. A recent software installation changed my Home Page and default Search Engine also changed without my permission.
In the pop up window, you will have the list of default search engines including the one that recently changed in your browser.
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Just a warning though, I'd suggest not deleting the stock-ish theme from the list as I do not know what will happen! Last update, I can use themes from LG Smartworld as well now, it just takes some convoluted steps!

First, I dropped the shadows that are present in the old design, and started brightening up the colours to a more iOS 7 style.
As I mentioned yesterday, you can now use the LiteIcon 3.0 beta to change your application and system icons in Mavericks.
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D?c bi?t, v?i s?c m?nh c?a HTML5, gi? day, Chrome da cho phep ngu?i dung co th? nh?p n?i dung vao trinh duy?t b?ng… gi?ng noi. Sau khi h?p tac v?i nhom phat tri?n HTML Speech Incubartor Group, chung toi da API (giao di?n l?p trinh ?ng d?ng), h? tr? nh?p d? li?u b?ng gi?ng noi thong qua HTML5” – Satish Sampath, k? su ph?n m?m c?a Google vi?t tren blog chinh th?c c?a Chrome. Khi m?t trang web s? d?ng tinh nang nay, ngu?i dung co th? di?u khi?n b?ng cach noi vao microphone. Trong tuong lai, tinh nang nay co th? thay th? chu?t va ban phim nhu cach th?c d? di?u khi?n va nh?p d? li?u tren trinh duy?t” – Sampath cho bi?t them. Usually a software asks permission before changing the settings, but unfortunately there are softwares which dont follow these basic rules.
Choose that option and you'll get a shortcut on your home screen that lets you change the theme(You'll have to install some first the phone only comes with the one default theme). It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.
The icon was actually quite a strange one to create; the original Chrome icon in itself is very simple, and at first glance the icon looks pretty flat.

The shape has remained the same, of course, as it’s already a very straightforward design. Am thanh ghi du?c s? g?i d?n server d? gi?i ma, sau do van b?n s? du?c t? d?ng go tren trang web”. If this happened to you, follow these steps to change home page and default search engine in Google Chrome.
My expertise are in Operating Systems, mainly Windows and Computer security which comes from my experience, working as Tech Support and Trainer for Microsoft, Symantec and McAfee. If you get a menu with no options make sure you have chosen the right Theme option(my phone had two different Theme listings but the subtext was different only one says LGThemeChooserActivity).
I was in two minds about the finished icon, unsure whether to add a white outline similar to the other circular icons in the project (like Safari and iTunes), and in the end I created both so you can choose which one you like best below. Loves blogging about Technical Troubleshooting, discussing latest Gadgets, Games and doing Reviews.

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