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The change is immediate for unopened apps, but if you have an active online game open like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans and you just switched over to Settings through multitasking, you’ll probably want to quit out of it and re-open the app again to be certain the nickname change carries over.
I would love to know if I change my Game Centre username does the old one become available to other players and if so when?
I have changed my nickname at the Game Center several times hoping it’s gonna change my nickname when playing Hearts, but it never does. This is particularly useful if you accidentally placed an event or appointment into the wrong calendar (say, in Home when it should be filed under Work) which is easy to do when creating events and reminders through Siri commands since Siri will automatically choose the default calendar option for any new event. Wondering if there may be a scheduling conflict with a particular date and time mentioned in an email?
These two tricks are incredibly useful, use them both and you will be more efficient with Calendar app and email.
Rather than launching Calendar app and adding a new event, why not turn to Siri to create the appointment for you?

Using Siri also provides the wonderful benefit of being able to set appointments largely hands-free and with spending minimal time looking at the screen, which is really useful for situations where your hands are busy doing other things. When signing up for Game Center for the first time, plenty of us chose a nickname or username that was either our real names, an online nickname, or perhaps some oddball nickname, not really thinking much of the naming choice.
This basically forces the game in question to re-login to the Game Center servers where the change will be appear.
This just prevents the profile (and nickname) from being visible to everyone, and instead only those in your Game Center friends list can see what games you’re playing and the scores. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I was stuck with my Mum and Dad’s name but then I saw that my friend’s names had changed so I searched it up! We update our iPhone wallpapers and iPod Touch wallpapers daily so be sure to check back often.

I’ve had a really awful GameCenter username since the days of iOS 4 and I guess I never really looked into changing it! Log in, log out, turn the iPad off, turn it on, change the name, choose another one, delete the game, install it again,… Nothing works. You’ll learn to quickly move appointment and event times, change the calendar associated with a specific event, create new events and appointments faster, quickly check for schedule conflicts, and to navigate around all of your Calendars faster than you thought possible.

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