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If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe to my RSS feed, so you won’t miss any updates! A new dissection of Apple's latest tablet shows an iPad mini-like construction and several parts shared with the iPhone 5s. Also going on a diet, the device's 9.7-inch LG-manufactured Retina display has reportedly lost 20 percent of its thickness. In addition to the similar construction, the iPad Air also gains a mini-like stereo speaker arrangement.

The iPad Air gains the nano SIM introduced with the iPhone 5, and swaps out the formerly Murata-made Wi-Fi module for a USI part, likely thanks to the tablet's new use of MIMO technology.
Lastly, the iPad Air carries a slightly different model of Apple's A7 processor than the one found in the iPhone 5s. Reinhold Penner from AlohaSoft has created Aqwoah Battery, which enables you to see a percentage indicator on your iPhone when it charges. The iPad Air maintains its impressive battery life despite the lower charge capacity thanks to efficiency improvements in iOS and the new A7 processor, according to Apple.

The speakers contain no manufacturers identification, making it likely that they are a custom part.

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