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Watch Netflix on the Apple TV 2 – How to unblock 2012 Netflix on the Apple TV 2 with a VPN service?
Apple offered a preview of the device in September 2006 and began shipping it the following March.
Its massive collection of DVD, movies, latest songs, with the famous on demand provider Netflix, allow US user to benefit from a powerful TV with many entertainment abilities.
Fortunately for expats and foreigners, there is still a way to unblock Netflix on the Apple TV outside the US. It connects your computer to a VPN server by creating a secure tunnel in which all your datas are encrypted. Thus to circumvent the restriction on Netflix in Saudi Arabia, choose a provider with US server location and connect to a server inside the USA.
ITUNES MOVIES NOT SHOWING UP ON APPLE TVWhole world of memory when you might have considered.

It initially shipped with a 40 GB hard disk; a 160 GB version was introduced two months later and the earlier model was ultimately discontinued. A Virtual Private Network (VPN)  enables to appear as an American and thus to circumvent the georestriction. Its encryption process ensures you an increased privacy and anonymity by preventing you from any security breach and data loss. The service stands as the world’s leading Internet subscription service for movies and TV shows. Nevertheless the service is unavailable outside a specific area: the USA, Latin America, UK and Ireland.
The VPN is a simple software which enables you to choose another country location for your IP.
Whereas the VPN establishes a connection to a server that provides a new IP according to its own location.

It also provides a secured connection to your provider’s server and guarantees your online privacy and anonymity.
Half the folks are betting it’s an iPad3 while the other halves are putting their money on an Apple TV 3. I’m splitting the difference; I think they’re going to release an iPad3 with a higher screen resolution so iPad can play 1080p video. However, if that’s really Apple’s solution, why bother with AirPlay, the technology that allows us to stream audio and video from an iOS device to an Apple TV? Whether a new iPad is unveiled or an Apple TV 3 or a combination, tomorrow you may find the VPN solution that currently works will be obsolete.

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